Talking Apple Clock @ £5 Free P&P.

Talking Apple Clock @ £5 Free P&P.

Found 12th May 2010
This cool apple shaped alarm clock features a touch light, talking current time and temperature and 5 different types of alarm calls including a cockerel to wake even the sleepiest out of bed!

Available in Red, Green and White each fruit clock has a clear perspex front, matching silver effect stalk and clock rim.


Ah but that one is expired, no longer available at the quoted price ;-)…ule
saw this in maplins the other day, don't know how it compares to the one, but it's only £3 anyway.

Not free delivery though (free over £35)


I H8 This Clock :x


Good spot.. usual gimmick promo again.. Everything for £5 (on all those usual £4.99 items)

I warn you, I have this alarm clock and it is bloody annoying... You cannot turn the sound off, so every time you want to view the time you have to listen to the bloody thing shout at you what the time is


I H8 This Clock :x

Me too!!!


Not free delivery though (free over £35)

did i say £3 delivered?

now read this again,

I saw this IN maplins the other day.

Just to bring attention to ppl whom rather get it from a maplin store locally for £3.

I didn't intend to try and beat the OP's deal, only provided the information for any interested fellow hotukdealers.

Don't be such a condescending prat son, did I say it was not free delivery if you went to a store and bought one? No, I added the info to those who maybe have no Maplin locally (like myself) that if you need it delivered, it isn't free delivery like Play.

I doubt you'll get many fans on here with comments like "now read this again". Pillock.

I'm not on here to make fans, SON.

You obviously can't take a comment, and can't wait to contradict others. Pillock.

Ha ha
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