talking makka pakka back in stock at mothercare! 07/12

talking makka pakka back in stock at mothercare! 07/12

Found 7th Dec 2007
makka pakka back in stock and exclusive to mothercare-24.99, as with the others they go for stupid money at ebay! so be quick if you want one id get in there fast!! you also get a mini upsy daisy and iggle piggle too!! cheers to the poster who posted the others, reminded me to have a wee look as my friends after one!!


I got one of these a while ago before they were constantly out of stock, but I put it on ebay! Don't tell my little one will you LOL! Wicked mother or what.

She doesn't really like Makka Pakka, and when we got her last months ITNG magazine with the free makka hand puppet she cried her eyes out and can't even look at it. She loves Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy, so she will be getting these instead and of course her Ninky Nonk.

Thanks anyway OP (they are hard to get hold of but these people that pay a fortune on ebay are mad!)

I was very dissappointed with the Ninky Nonk train toy - pretty poor to be honest. Everything else I've seen has been of a much higher quality.

this is in stock at The Entertainer in Reading.. they had a laod in today 15 quid. I bought one. Can't believe people are paying 30 on ebay..
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