Talking Mr Tumble 24cm, £4 (was £9.97) at Asda instore / Online

Talking Mr Tumble 24cm, £4 (was £9.97) at Asda instore / Online

Found 1st Nov 2014
Can't beat Mr Tumble, kids love him and £4 is a bargain.

Found in Asda Worcester.


can't understand why kids love this man, he freaks me out! Heat for the price though

Heat added, kids seem to love him?

Amazing price my lg loves him

I think he is a very talented man and does great for the kids. Majority of these kids programmes are computer generated and have IQ's of -10!

Great price! Heat

Hope they have this in my local my son loves mr tumble


heat added, great stocking filler !!

Its a day late for Halloween presents!

I'd buy this just to give it a good beating.

Drives me nuts too, but as you say, kids seem quite happy...heat.

Hopefully they are phasing mr tumble out

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It's a children's programme so who cares if adults don't like him?!

hope it's in my asda my 7month old niece loves Mr tumble

I work with children with severe learning difficulties who use the Makaton signing that Justin/Mr Tumble uses in his shows! When I was learning Makaton signing I did most of it through his show...amazing work!! kids will love this toy!!

Looks creepy...

got one in asda grimsby.. thanks! my son loves him.

9.99 in my local asda.

Grabbed last one in my local (Chelmsley wood)
Got a happy 2 year old!

thank you got one just in Walsall asda

Thank you just got last one in Walsall Asda :-)

No deal on in Stratford on Avon

Thanks, shows £9.97 on shelf but scans at £4 in Asda Barrow-in-Furness

Mr Tumble is awesome - but the toys are not

are they scanning at 4 everywhere? or are some still coming up at 10?

Its fab! My little girl loves him!

Just found these in the bolton store today, was just about to post.. Bargain at £4

£4 in Asda Bradford cemetery rd

Loads left

Back in stock online just got 3
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