Talking Nev the Bear Plush / Soft Toy - Half price

Talking Nev the Bear Plush / Soft Toy - Half price

Found 11th Jan 2008
From the pure genius show 'Bear Behaving Badly' on CBBC here is the large version of Nev the bear with moving head and 10 different sayings.

If you haven't seen the show it is available for free on BBC iPlayer. Look on youtube for videos of the Nev toy in action.

This is half the price I have found him elsewhere - even on eBay he is £25+.

In-store pickup only. Extra stores only I think.
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- Features moving mouth and head with ten of his most famous phrases played at random including 'Fwightened', 'Can't Scare Me' and 'Jibadeeha'.
- Requires 3 x AA batteries (included).
He was useless on The Weakest Link.
tempted to get one for my grandad as he also has a chunk out of his ear like nev...
but might have to keep him myself as he is sooooo cute...:-D
Nev was FABULOUS on the Weakest Link! Soooo cute!
Deal expired BTW. Now available on:…spx
You can get this toy at toysrus and it is only £9.99 as my son got one yesterday

It is fab....
hi please can you tell me when you bought yr nev the bear? and where from
as i have been trying to get one i saw a few on ebay but thet are going for silly money thank you
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