Talking simpsons clock 18.00

Talking simpsons clock 18.00

Found 16th Mar 2011
next cheapest i could find was £25

not the bargain of the century but thought this product looked good and was worth the novelty factor!!

There are days when we all need a little pick me up now and then. We here at gadgetshop HQ have strived to provide you with these little pick me ups. You can for example purchase our fine Chococlock which will deliver you a sugary sweet on the hour. And now behold the Simpsons Talking Clock which bestows an entirely different treat on the hour, every hour. When the minute hand on the brightly coloured Duff clock points to 12, Homer Simpson himself emerges from the tavern door with a pronounced 'Woo Hoo!' And that's not all - the amount of Woo-Hoos correspond to the time i.e. nine Woo-Hoos at 9 o'clock. So Homer renders himself uncharacteristically useful by lifting your mood with his upbeat outburst AND letting you know the time. And he's decidedly considerate too, as the clock has an advanced light sensor. When dark, Homer will remain quietly in the tavern, not appearing again until it's light when he'll enrich your day once more with his catchy catchphrase.

Woo Hoo' each and every hour as Springfield's favourite citizen is 'ejected' from Moe's Bar
Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)

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hubby got this a few years back, its total rubbish made by wesco. dont waste your money guys, it wont keep time, homer gets stuck in the door, and the chime doenst go when it should, this is the 3rd hes had
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