TalkTalk Customers - Talk2go Android app in back!

TalkTalk Customers - Talk2go Android app in back!

Found 23rd Aug 2016
About the Talk2Go App

Our free Talk2Go App is a great way to access your TalkTalk landline plan via your mobile phone, so you can enjoy great value calls in the UK and abroad.

All you need is a TalkTalk landline plan, an Android or Apple smartphone on any UK network and a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. Find out more about signing up.


How it works:

The app works by using your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to make calls on your mobile. These calls are then charged to your TalkTalk bill at the same great rates as your landline plan. To save even more, you can make use of any inclusive minutes or Boosts you may already have, and add extra Boosts if you wish too. 

The Talk2Go app also lets you call any of our top international destinations, making keeping in touch with friends & family abroad much cheaper.
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12:30pm - 12th August


We're pleased to announce that the Talk2Go app is now available for both iOS and Android phones and tablets on the App Store and Google Play store.

All you'll need to do is download the app and register your details, although do bear in mind that you'll only be able to register from inside the UK and the countries listed.

Once you've registered, you'll be able to use Talk2Go worldwide.

Remember, to Manage Members and change your Follow Me settings, you'll need to login to My Account from your computer.


Countries allowing registration

Hong Kong
New Zealand
United States

Talk Talk....the company that had the Massive Data Breach at the end of 2015.....The Same Company who's Chief Exec....then tried to Defend its breach...Talk Talk the Company that's been Featured in Saturdays Edition of The Guardian - Money Section Many Many Times on a recurring Customer Complaint...(go to the guardian website and read each article...) whereby their customers Accounts have been Compromised regularly .....Customer Account Details have been Obtained by various means(latest breach mentioned above end of last year) & every single Customer featured in Guardian Article(S) expressed the Lack of Response and Blame Shifting from them.....

So they've launched an App have they....Hmmm No Thanks!!


you can get calls from your home Line forward to your mobile free!
Talk talk charge extortionate rates for call to other countries on both their mobiles and land lines so can't see the advantage of this unless someone can illustrate otherwise
I have been with talktalk for more than 2 years & have had no issues. I didn't have a good experience with Plusnet & SKY, while had wonderful experience with Virgin but unfortunately they don't provide service in my area.
I had some issues with my broadband speed & talktalk even paid me to buy a Netgear Router, so can't grumble, so far no complaints.
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