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TalkTalk is one of the UK’s largest communications companies, serving millions of home internet users. Along with internet access, the company offers mobile phone, pay TV and landline packages, enabling customers to cover all their communications needs. All of these packages are regularly the subject of discounts and the latest TalkTalk reductions can be found at their HotUKDeals listings. Read more

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Standard broadband with free super router with talk talk and get a £60 voucher from giftcloud @ uswitch / giftcloud / talk talk
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Take out standard broadband with talk talk through uswitch, and get a £60 voucher off giftcloud. All very confusing Up to 17mbps Our brilliant Super Router Make more of your bro… Read more

Gone with Vodafone after 5 years being loyal customer to TT terrible service recently where internet disconnects constantly slow service even off peak time only chosen Vodafone cuz you can get your money back while Internet is slow or they haven’t fix the problem let’s see and watch the sp


Regarding ISPs it is still sadly local. BT when tbe opened their loop years ago tried to restrict upgrades and companies own kit going in. Now depending on how tour isp got in to your exchange, the area and inferstructute in the first place plus subsequent really decides your service.


I am having a terrible time at the moment with talktalk, I have had 5 engineers out over the last 5 weeks and nothing has been fixed yet, I am on talktalks fastest fibre 76mb download speeds, but I am only getting 0.01mb download speed at the moment = wtf, can I leave talktalk with out being charged I have 6 months left of my 18 month contract.


Is this the same "Super Router" that has had a serious flaw allowing people to bypass the WPS system since 2014?? I think I'll pass.


talktalk is excellent & best value for money isp in the uk

Standard Broadband and Unlimited Anytime Calls inc. mobiles £18.95 pm TalkTalk
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
If, like me you just want standard unlimited home broadband, but also need unlimited anytime calls to landlines and mobiles, I think this is a great deal. This includes line renta… Read more

Right because I was on live chat for about an hour and they completely refused to do this for me. They stated the best they could offer would be 18.95+5 for the call boost. ... So can you tell me why this is the case when you say I should be able to get the deal but they tell me no


they wont let me have this deal i have been on the phone an hour


they wont let me have this deal they said its not on the talk talk website


Thanks for this post - I called talktalk and said I wanted to leave - they put me through to the dept. in S.Africa who are much more efficient and it enabled me to get broadband and unlimited calls for £18.95 for 18 months. I've never had any problems with their broadband, but their 'chat' and customer service in Asia is pretty poor, but rarely need to contact them, so no big problem - I did try to get this deal via chat, but they wouldn't give it to me, so phoning was better option. My parents also managed to get faster fibre and unlimited calls for £25 for 18 months - after quoting this deal on 'compare the market' - as they will give existing customers the same deal as new customers


Both of our contracts were due to run out in a few weeks time, they advertise all offers are available to new and existing customers. My Uncle was paying £26 per month, he has now the same package on a 12 month contract for £18.95.

76MB Fibre + Anytime Calls + Line Rental - £25.00 Per month / 18 mths
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Just set this up for my parents and thought it was to good of a deal not to share. We are a new customer and got the following today. I got his deal over the phone so unsure if a… Read more
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We'll I'm with virgin and they're customer service is pretty much non-existent. I'd take online reviews with a pinch of salt or even angry customers. I agree, everyone has bad experiences with most if not all providers. I'm actually considering a change from my existing 200mb virgin line to either BT or Talktalk.


This offer was available at the end of February - though it was a 12 month contract I went with the 38MB/Anytime calls for £22.50 a month. Edit: I will say, however, watch your bills, they mucked my mum's up a few times when she took up this recent offer. As we share an Amazon Prime account (meaning, I watch her emails) and I told her about the TalkTalk offer, I was able to tell her to get in touch with them. I get the feeling she might not have noticed for a while!


TalkTalk have no interest in loyalty, customer service or price matching. They say they were hacked (twice), but in my opinion they probably sold their database to raise cash.


Hi preecyuk200, So sorry the team weren't able to help with this, please don't hestiate to get in touch over Twitter (@TalkTalk) or by using the link above if there's anything further you need at all. Thanks, Becky - TalkTalk Social Team


I did exactly that. The TalkTalk representative passed me through to the loyalty team where i was offered this deal for £34.50pm (2yr contract). Disappointing when so many people got this deal, including a family member, only a week ago.

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TalkTalk - 38Mb Fibre + UK anytime calls £22.50p/m (12m contract) (or 76mb for £25p/m)
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
Deal via Moneysupermarket - use link below if get deal doesn't work.. Not used TalkTalk before but might be of some use to someone. As per title: 38mb for £22.50 p/m with any… Read more

I've had a similar experience, however started to realise it wasn't TalkTalk's fault. Openreach in my opinion are systematically sabotaging TalkTalk in favour of their sister company British Telecom. Smoke and mirrors, the whole system is corrupt TalkTalk have had too much bad press due to their data leak. BT/EE/Plusnet are using their Openreach outfit to completely destroy TalkTalk once and for all. They will then have the monopoly they once had. For the time being I'm taking advantage of TalkTalk's offers and have persevered to get the service as advertised. I hope they get back on their feet as I feel prices will only go up once they have destroyed the TalkTalk service!


Phoned the loyalty number and they said I'd get a call back within 15 mins. 25 mins later got a call from the Joining Support Team. She said she couldn't add 12 months, so instead they've added 18 months free UK landline and mobile calls to my account and I told me my 12 month existing contract still stands so I'm not tied up for a further 6 months Sorted (y)


Just checked my account online and its stating my Fibre discount ends 23 February 2019 which is correct as that is when I changed but its also saying: Free Unlimited UK Calls Boost Discount for 6 Months, saving you £8.50. This discount ends on 23 August 2018 Time to phone up this time rather go down the chat route. Why are things never easy with TalkTalk?! (horror)


Keep an eye on your latest bill - even though mum phoned the Loyalty Number (and the CS agent she got INSISTED she had to pay extra for UK calls), she phoned back and got the UK Unlimited Calls Boost (free) added. Yet her recent bill still had her paying for those calls! It's been removed - again. Just as well I watch her emails (we share a "family" Amazon Prime account).


This wasn't a loyalty offer. It was via a link on Moneysupermarket that also included anytime landline and mobile calls in the package.

TalkTalk retention deal on Chat £18.95/ month incl line rental, fast broadband, 18 months
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
Might help somebody, we don't get fibre here. '1. I would like to advise you that we are using the same line with BT. 2. I can help offer you Fast broadband package for £19.95 per… Read more
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I have been with talktalk 76mb fast fibre broadband since last month. I have ignored all the negative comments because of the deal was very competitive. Now I am really regret my stupid decision as I have been getting only 7mb speed. I never able to use any devices especially in the peak time. When every time I have complained them, they just updated speed up to 30mb, from next day speed drops again. After lots of complaints not resolved the problem completely. Previously I was with BT and getting around 45mb speed and no issues.


Hi there, If you're having any problems with your services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support teams. You can pop us a message here: If you'd like any further info, please see here: Thanks, Amanda - TalkTalk Social Team


if it's the same line you used with your previous provider my suggestion is contacting ofcom/ombudsman/trading standards, talk talk will do nothing but lie to customers


I'm currently in the same boat. My landline will stop working for a few hours (no dial tone) and then it'll be back up again. I've called them twice and they've sent out an engineer who couldn't even find the problem. Weird thing is that sometimes if I try calling the landline it'll go through and will work again lol.


My experience all the way to the Cheif Execs team - sociopaths.

Talktalk retention deal 76mb Fibre + Anytime calls 12month contract - £27.50pm - Total cost £330
LocalLocalFound 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Rang Talktalk up and asked what they offered me as my contract is finishing next month. They offered 76mb + Anytime calls for £33.50 per month. So I quoted an online price of £27.5… Read more

i was a out to leave talktalk for plusnet after years of issues, but i decided to ring plusnet first, to see how good their customer service was... after 30 mins on hold the call got disconected, so i upgraded to the 76meg fibrr on a rolling contract for £30 per month.. they do keep dropping the speed but its been very good since then, that was over a year ago!


I have been with TT since 2005 when they first started and I have had no problems


I normally take negative company reviews with a pinch of salt (after all, who actually leaves a positive review when they're happy with a service), but TalkTalk really are the absolute cowboys people make them out to be. Will never EVER deal with them again. They could be 50% cheaper than anyone else and I'd turn it down.


I'm sure it was the Huawei I had previously. The one they replaced it with is the D-Link DSL 3782 and touch wood that's been fine. Only thing I had to change was in the settings so that the connection was always on. This was to stop my Samsung TV losing the internet connection.


Same, although they gave me the 76mb Fibre Large.

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TalkTalk Fibre Broadband Unlimited 38Mbps for £25PM 18 months £450 -  PLUS £100 TCB - Effective cost £19.44PM - No setup fees, 18 months min. term, No price increase guaranteed for the entire length of your plan
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
Totally unlimited fibre with no price rises. Guaranteed. Faster Fibre Broadband UK’s lowest fixed price Fibre Over 25% off £25 a month (possible £100 from TCB brings down the … Read more

Yet you had TalkTalk for 12 years :/


Awful broadband would not recommend to anyone. Was with then for about 12 years. Slow internet and poor customer service. I was on a 38mbs deal but would constantly get 4mbs. Virgin or other broadbands are alot better so stay away from talktalk




Cold because it's Talk Talk. So sh1t they named it twice.


38mbps is the line speed for this package. Minimum and estimated speeds depend on your postcode and distance from exchange. Talk talk website should tell you the minimum speed they could offer for your phone line.

York's Ultra Fibre Optic £21.70 @ TalkTalk
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Very Limited but the price is really good value if your lucky enough to get it. £21.70 a month for 24 months, includes line rental and no set-up fee 1000Mb fibre optic broadba… Read more

If you raise a complaint, they have 30 days to sort out your issues, otherwise you can leave for free. Be warned though, document all phone calls, times, who you spoke to etc, try to get everything in writing, although this for me proved impossible, and be prepared to get demands for the remainder of the contract for months after you leave. I spent hours and hours on the phone to these crooks after I was allowed to leave. They are truly the worst company I've ever dealt with by some margin.


I have had this since October. I pay £29 a month for broadband + youview TV box. Regular download speed is about 250M but more if I use an ethernet cable. Sky broadband is woeful around here and virgin cable was £30pm for 50M fastest speed if you were lucky.


You don't need to buy out your contract they will let you leave without penalty if you have speed or other issues. Just open a complaint and then demand to leave.


How much cost after 24 months contract? How much it without line rental? Thanks.


Bought out at least once? Where did you get that from? To be be factually correct they split from Carphone Warehouse about 5-6 years to become an independent telco company. Still ultimately owned by the same majority shareholder though. Lets be frank and honest, they’re not the best ISP but certainly not the worst. Customer service has consistently improved over the last 3 years (other big ISPs perform worse in reputable surveys) and their network is a lot more stable. Less customer churn each year as well i believe. If you wanted the best then go to Zen Internet who have a limited footprint and charge more. Or - why don’t you just say you’ve had a bad experience which has left a bad taste so you want to stick the knife in!

TalkTalk TV Entertainment Boost Now £6 a Month For 18 Months @ TalkTalk
Found 6th Dec 2017Found 6th Dec 2017
I noticed it is £1 cheaper doing it through the website than through the box.
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I had the same problem , had to reboot router daily or reconnect devices, did some research and the general consensus was their carp router so bought a ASUS router and all problems solved, 20+ devices all linked thru it and not a glitch since ..


I did the same , very happy so far...... (highfive)


I had multiple issues with BT and I was paying over the odds compared to other providers. I switched to TalkTalk around 8 months ago and not had a single problem.


me too, so have my parents, friends and family all without issues. I had absolutely loads of problems with BT prior to that with overcharging and inability to contact anyone in customer services to help.


Been with them for years without issue

Talktalk Landline and Broadband for £19.95 12 months contract PLUS £100 CASHBACK £11 per month after cashback
Found 4th Dec 2017Found 4th Dec 2017
After a long search , I think this is the best 12 months deal , Why? - plz go thru topcashback to get this offer as talktalk website is more expensive. https://www.topcashback.c… Read more
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Yes mine is still on zero as well, I am hoping it will uplift to £100 when confirmed. I phoned Talktalk up to tell them I was staying with my existing supplier as they offered Fibre with line rental at £20 (they actually offered me it, at £24). The Talktalk lady said once my service goes live, ring them the next day to upgrade to Fibre at £25 a month, when they will also put a £90 credit on my account to cover the 18 months of £5. I assume it will be an 18 month contract with Fibre instead of the 12 with Broadband


Has this tracked for you yet? Mine is still at £0 ...


Damn think iv missed out? Has this expired?


I wouldn’t wish their service on my worst enemy avoid them like the plague!! Spent hours on the phone to them because my service was terrible. They waived my leaving costs after months and months of calls to India. Virgin have been the best suppliers i’ve used. Can’t put a price on reliability


Try maplin if you have one (you now know that you need a VDSL router). Sorry I wrote a whole long post & lost it when my connection dropped as I hit submit!

Talk Talk Deal - 76MB Unlimited Fibre Broadband with anytime calls to landline and mobiles just £27.50 pm x 18 months = £495
Found 30th Oct 2017Found 30th Oct 2017
Theres a great Broadband and Phone deal from TalkTalk at the moment if you go via the Comparethemarket website. It's £27.50pm fixed price for 18 months and includes 76MB Fibre Bro… Read more
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They denied the anytime calls included in the deal ever existed. Told them I want to cancel. Next guy on retentions then apologised and tried to add it into my account for £3. 50 a month which further infuriated me. So yes I cancelled my line after 19 days. Was getting half the speeds I was guaranteed when I signed up too which also swayed my decision to leave this joke of a company. Now I understand why all the hate towards TT


Anyone got a screenshot of the deal incase they get funny about it


Signed upto this 2 weeks ago. Checked my online account and have noticed they are charging me for landline calls even though I should be on the anytime package (fierce) (fierce) (fierce)


Still are including wait To get away.


grrr, wish this deal was still live. Just had notification from BT of price increase and i can get out of contract

Talk Talk Black Friday Broadband Deal. £19.95 P/M for 18 months (£359.10) Was £27. New and Existing customers.
Found 29th Oct 2017Found 29th Oct 2017
Just noticed advert for Talk Talk, offering over 25% off their broadband packages. Includes line rental. Standard at £19.95. Faster fibre (up to 38mb) £25. Faster fibre with speed … Read more

Yeah I noticed that, makes it a great deal.


For new customers go through comparethemarket and it appears you can get unlimited uk calls until 2nd November with this deal


Same here. People talk a load of boll***s about TalkTalk when in reality they know nothing at all about it. I've been through most ISPs at some point or other over the years and TalkTalk's no worse than any other. Infinitely better than BT too, and a lot cheaper.


Been with TT for over 2 years now on 76mb connection. ALways been good. Had an issue once with an internal phone extension putting noise on my line and profile got reduced - as would happen with any provider. I replaced the lead and called them, asked them to reset my profile and they did. Arranging that with BT would be a nightmare. Plusnet too, not as good as they once were before BT got involved. Not forgettng Plusnet shape traffic (naughty in this age).


And I can fly when I put my tin foil hat on...

TalkTalk Fibre Unlimited downloads and Unlimited FREE CALLS!  CarphoneWarehouse or Currys INSTORE only - £25pm
LocalLocalFound 21st Oct 2017Found 21st Oct 2017
When everyone in your home is streaming Netflix, Skyping friends and uploading snaps to Facebook, all at the same time, you need our Faster Fibre Broadband. It's stronger, more sta… Read more
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I'm with SSE broadband. 76mb download speed, around 20mb upload all for around £20 including line rental with unlimited downloads etc. The only problem with it is that SSE does throttle my connection during peak hours but this is easy avoidable using a VPN. So overall not bad.


I Took the time and went to Curry's today; Was going for it till I realised I was taking out an 18 month Contract and then I got cold feet, with all my troubles with Sky & BT this last three years when I was wronged and could not leave until the 12 months contract was up; I feel myself no matter who I go with they will stiff me somehow, but at least it will be for the 12 months only. This is a very good deal, all I am looking for but not for 18 months.


No deal is better than a bad deal :)


It's that a standard price or did you have a deal?


Plusnet 38mb download, only 2mb upload, rubbish.

Talk Talk Fast Broadband - £18.95 Per Month (+£90 TCB)
Found 21st Oct 2017Found 21st Oct 2017
Fibre broadband on 12month contract £11.45pm after cashaback (£18.95pm for 12 months less £90 cashback, £227.40-90=£137.40 per year)
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sorry not so sure I only know it roughly as I never on cable. Gentle_Giant reply have more details about cable/non-cable, it might depends on different case, I think the best to ask your provider (Virgin) or they might reduce a lot to keep you stay with them.


also see this comment from another talk talk thread


3 years of cutting signal which they insisted was a problem with the house, it hasnt occurred in over 10 years with BT though, they will just do anything to pass the blame one and insisted it would cost to send a technician to the house to check the line. I wasted hours with their customer service about the missing internet connection, it was impossible to download anything stably. their only suggestions for fixing were to spend more money, the only fix turned out to be finding a company that doesn't have the reputation of a pile of manure. if you need a stable connection at any time of day outside the hours of 5-6am then you need to go with a company not affiliated with talk talk, the cost of time wasted with customer service will never be worth any money you save.


Most ISPs charge a termination fee; and if you are not on a BT line (Sky, Virgin or LLU), and you switch to an ISP that uses BT lines, you will have to pay a connection fee as well; although many of the big 'n nasty ISPs absorb this cost to get your custom. if you are grumbling about £38, you wouldnt want my ISP; my average bill for phone, line and BB is £54; however I do get exemplary service; my average resolution time for a non physical fault is under an hour, and for a physical line fault 2 days. As an example, 2 years ago there was a lot of damage to local lines and cabinets due to storm damage; both mine and my neighbours lines were knocked out. Mine was fixed the day after I reported it by Open Reach; Talk Talk didnt INFORM O.R. of my neighbours fault for a further 10 days - spending the time giving her the run around on their support line. When I needed a new line strung (more storm damage), I got it in 10 days, against BT saying it was impossible in less than 6 weeks.


What sort of premium? If I was to go with Sky Id just have to pay what ever the monthly bill is lol

Talk Talk Fibre Unlimted £25 a month / 24 months £600 in total
Found 5th Sep 2017Found 5th Sep 2017
Unlimted fibre max including line rental only £25 a month! 24 month contract!! Upto £105 Quidco!
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I already get 17mb on ADSL with ee. There is no misinterpretaion on my behalf. I have a transcript of my conversation where I asked what it meant. TT - "We will try to do better , but if that`s all it ever gets to, then we have provided the service you require" ME - "I get more already?" TT - "You would still have to stay until the contract expired" Can you see why I didn`t sign up with them for £19.99 a month now? Talktalk and Sky both have a presence in my local exchange according to Sam Knows The last time BT were here with a Hawk machine it said 31 meters to the kerbside box and 191 meters to the exchange


I believe providers are obliged to state the minimum speed that can be reasonably expected to be achieved. As TT decline to provide a service less than 2Mbps, the default minimum speed provided by TT is 2Mbps. Suggest there is some ambiguity / misintepretation of service spec. TBH if you can see the exchange from your property and there are no bizarre cabling routes you should reasonably expect an ADSL sync speed somewhere near 20Mbps.


Thanks. My point is that the line achieves 17mb already and I can actually see the exchange from my house. To say that after switching over to them on ADSL, I should accept 2mb is laughable and never going to happen. As it is I `m switching to Vodafone 38mb where the guarantee is 35mb. I`m happy to sit waiting for them to achieve that as I won`t pay the bill if it doesn`t each month and I`llk actually be using our 75mb Virgin line for most of the interent. The only reason we started looking was because ee put our price up without even letting us know and even after giving them the chance to rectify the mistake of taking a customer for granted they didn`t want to help...I`m nothing if not fair and true to form after signing up for Vodafone, I receieved a call from ee asking if I was changing for any reason!!!!


its a fixed 24 month contarct i am with them and when they lower prices u can too


all the talk talk issues i have ever had on 3 lines at 3 diferent properties were caused by talk talk crappy router, all sorted and stable when replaced for fritzbox's and once an exchange issue took 2 days to fix

Talk Talk Sky Sports Package - £8.50 per month for 18 months - for existing customers (total cost £153)
Found 7th Aug 2017Found 7th Aug 2017
Existing customers can add on Sky Sports and Sky Cinema with discounts for 18 months. Plus you can cancel anytime!
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What speed do you need to watch sky sports on this deal,will it buffer,?


Yes and yes, you can record them with the TV Plus Box.


It's always the best way to get a discount (at least to have ANY hope of it) if yer able to show the retention dept you have options. It doesn't always work, but it's gotta be worth a try. ;)


If you click the box to upgrade you get the message: Great News! You can now record all channels from any of our TV Boosts as well as continuing to pause, skip backwards and forwards while watching your favourite channels in the TalkTalk Player I've just got the basic box, so now that I've upgraded to the Sky Sports package I'm going to contact them to ask if I'll get a new box to allow me to record. A bit of a issue for me is that Sky Sports News is not included in the Sky Sports package. I know it's not a premium channel, but to my mind it should be included. Just to add that I contact TalkTalk via live chat and they said I'd have to pay £25 extra for a TV Plus box to allow me to record programmes. I pointed out that I was shown a message that never mentioned an extra charge, but they would not budge.


Heres a mind blast. 'You can connect ANY router to a TalkTalk BB Line'

Talk Talk Broadband for only £18.95 a month - 12 Month Contract £227.40
Found 3rd Aug 2017Found 3rd Aug 2017
Taken from Facebook. Now with FREE set-up £18.95 a month For 12 months, includes line rental & free set-up Stream, shop, surf and download Price fixed for 12 m… Read more

BUT is the broadband speed determined by talktalk or is it determined by the original BT landline or the speed it is capable of doing via the landline system?


Agree with you, still one month to go. Never been blackmailed from company like that.


Never had a problem with talktalk. I have fibre broadband 28Mb/Plus TV/unlimited calls including to mobiles/Sky sports and entertainment package all for £46 per month and also have 3 sim cards 2 with unlimited txts/1000 mins/2gb data for £18 per month and 1 free sim with 200 mins/ 500 txts/ and 500mb data


Worst internet provider ever....


I've been with TalkTalk for years and have no criticism. I get 76Mb down and 18Mb up and it's been faultless.

Sky Sports + broadband & line, just £28/mth - £336 We can't remember a similar Sky Sports deal that's so cheap
Found 27th Jul 2017Found 27th Jul 2017
It is talk-talk but in time for the footy season! Through broadband choices and mse Sky Sports + broadband & line, just £28/mth We can't remember a similar Sky Sports deal tha… Read more

TT doesn't do skygo


You can get HD and sky go for £30 on talk talk?


Me too!


Managed to haggle with talktalk.. Got Fibre broadband and landline for £25 + skysports (£8.50) = £33.50 AND THEY GAVE ME UNLIMITED CALL PLAN FOR FREE WHICH IS USUALLY £7.50. They first offered it for £3.75 but haggled more and got it for free!


Well last time I checked to get sky sports in HD with sky you have to have ... Variety pack (36 quid), sports hd pack (6 quid) plus sky sports package itself (27.50) which equals about 70 quid. Even if you manage to get a 40% discount its > 40 quid a month. You're getting SD here but basically for free, so its an amazing deal. Nexus76, I'd been interested to hear how you get it for 30 quid with sky ....

Broadband + TV + Sky Sports + Sky Cinema Includes FREE set-up + FREE TV box £32 p/m for 12 months £389.40 @ Talk talk
Found 26th Jul 2017Found 26th Jul 2017 Broadband + TV + Sky Sports + Sky Cinema Includes FREE set-up + FREE TV box £32.45 a month Includes line rent… Read more
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What there not telling you is that the Sky Sports & Movies aren't broadcast in HD, they only have a few freeview HD channels..... spoke to them about it last night.


Do you have any further details as I can only see the offer for them separately with broadband but not combined like you suggested and if I add them separately it comes to £36 a month, thanks in advance


Talk talk are the worst company ever, customer service is shockingly shite that's when you can understand them!!!!!


I think they also make a separate charge for caller display @ £1.75. Most people assume it's in with the price (used to be with TalkTalk also) with BT competitors.


was with talk talk in my old property and had absolutely no problem whatsoever with them. they do however get the worst scores across the board for service / products etc. but I never once had a problem.

Found 18th Jul 2017Found 18th Jul 2017
TALKTALK OFFERING TV - SKY SPORTS FOR 8.50 A MONTH FOR 18 MONTHS Note that there is no contract, so you can cancel at any time. - LadyEleanor Best add it is a TalkTalk boost. I… Read more
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You cannot record them unless you already have a Youview+ box or you pay a one-off £25 fee and additional £5 per month for the TalkTalk plus box (which also adds 6 Sky channels (including Sky Sports News). The free lite box that you get for your £8.50 subscription doesn't record, it only pauses and rewinds live TV.


For info, if you already own a BT youview+ box, you can record your TalkTalk Sky Sports TV boost channels ok without the need to install TalkTalk's TV boxes. So unless you really need two boxes that can record, you could just opt for the free TalkTalk lite box with your TV boost.


Probably due to a mix of TalkTalk haters and envious Sky subscribers stuck in contracts and paying over the odds for their Sky packages just to get Sky sports.


Rubbish bt youview one is ten times better


What's people's experiences with the talktalk box?