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TalkTalk is one of the UK’s largest communications companies, serving millions of home internet users. Along with internet access, the company offers mobile phone, pay TV and landline packages, enabling customers to cover all their communications needs. All of these packages are regularly the subject of discounts and the latest TalkTalk reductions can be found at their HotUKDeals listings. Read more

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TalkTalk Broadband Faster Fibre with Speed Boost (up to 76 Mbps) for £26 / 18 Months -  (+£110 Quidco)
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
Just signed up so thought it's a good deal after browsing around for the speed of up to 76 Mbps. Been in the past with TalkTalk and didn't have issues with them. Base price is 26 … Read more

TalkTalk have poor customer service. After fault unresolved during first month of contract terminated contract and switched then billed for almost £400.


Sadly the new TalkTalk WiFi Hub router doesn’t have a modem only mode :(


Talk Talk was voted the best WiFi router by which. But I would always buy a better router (Asus for example) and put the free one in modem mode so it just routes the internet to your good router


I'm of exactly the same opinion. I was considering the Tenda deal, but with Sky's attitude prefer to give another ISP a go - plus TT worked out cheaper than Sky. I'm strongly of the opinion the wifi range will be much better with this router though. -


Thanks, Ive placed an order for talktalk today. I've been with Vodafone for for a while and their Router is terrible. If this doesn't solve problem with coverage in my house then I will try the Tenda mesh system.

TalkTalk - Free UK Anytime Calls for New Broadband Customers
247° Expired
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
TalkTalk offering free UK landline and mobile anytime calls for 18 months. Deal is for new customers, however as an existing customer I managed to get this deal added to my accoun… Read more

Yes has expired now. Changed to expired. It is £7.50 per month from £10 but no longer a free add-on.


Seems to be expired. I did see it a few days ago but missed the boat


How much was the fibre broadband please


Can’t get both as far as I’m aware


how do you get the deal and get cashback?

TalkTalk Bundles - Sky Sports Now Half Price (£17pm)
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Variety of TalkTalk bundles now have Sky Sports included costing £17pm rather than their standard £34pm.
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£17 offer only for 6 months and if you don't already pay for TalkTalk TV that's another £4 a month on top of the sky sports boost.


Probably a good year to get it then as I guess will show more prem mathces than Championship ones next year :)


Spoke to an agent about this deal and it’s half price for 6 months. According to the agent the offer ends 29 August. However, they are increasing their prices from the 1st August meaning after this date it will be £18 a month for 6 months, then going up to £36 after that if you don’t cancel


Anything from talk talk is a cold from me.


You have to have a sense of humour if you are in the Toon army, and not forgetting that muppet of a owner who calls himself a supporter.

Talktalk redemption deal 18m contract Fibre + International Calls
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
A friend of mine was on £26.50 a month for fibre broadband with talktalk and 6£ a month for international add-on. At the end of contract I contacted talktalk to get a better deal.… Read more
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Be aware Talktalk are now charging 2p per 1571 call as from 1st August. Don't know how I missed it from my July bill, but noticed it this month. If you have an answermachine phone you'll be fine, but it is a bit of a silly charge. Live Chat say there's no way they can offer it free.


It all depends on area where you live. Bt or talktalk in my are have same speeds. It runs on bt cables so if you have old copper cables and leave faaaaaaar away from the exchange you will lose 1mb per every 100metres average. I live 400metres away from the exchange so i get 35 to 36 meg...and not 40...that is why it says" Up to." This is the negatives of old fashion tech.


Agree. Them and Plusnet are complete crap


Best thing I done was left talktalk never again after 30 years of slow internet


Tis true... TT are fine IF yer don't have a problem, but if you need an engineer (a call out) best to arrange it via live chat (on-line) so you can print off a transcript confirming you WON'T be charged, as even after yer told (on the phone) yer won't be, expect them to do it, then deny you weren't gonna be...something they can't do if you have a transcript. (y)

TalkTalk Faster Fibre Broadband £22.45 a month for 24 Months (Potential £105 Quidco)
120° Expired
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
I've been looking round for fibre broadband deals and this is the best i've found. £105 quidco too. Faster Fibre Broadband UK’s lowest fixed price Fibre Sale £22.45a month… Read more
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Incredibly, it just got even better when they phoned to say they couldn’t actually provide the deal I agreed via online chat. Would it be OK if they put me onto another identical package for £3pm less? Not a difficult question! So £21pm for Faster Fibre with 24/7 free UK landline and mobile calls throughout the 18 months. Beat that, BT.


Recently signed up for another unbeatable contract with TalkTalk. Nothing to touch them on price, and I'm now paying rather less than I was before the recent increase. Nice new router too.


I got out two years ago but then got tempted by the cheap Post Office broadband, which is run by talktalk. I'll be getting out again as soon as this contract ends. And the last friend to leave did so within the last year. Maybe everyone I know was unlucky - but I'm ging back to the provider I had last year, even if they do cost more.


TalkTalk have performed quite appallingly in moneysavingexpert's customer service poll. Better than before, but still the worst broadband supplier for customer service (of those companies where they could get high enough sample numbers). To add to the anecdotes though...we were with TalkTalk a couple of years ago and I have never encountered such a completely broken customer service model. Things might be ok if everything runs smoothly (unfortunately not the case for us), but you risk the Wild West of customer service if they don't.


And yet, despite the fact that it's fashionable to knock TalkTalk (even people who've never used it do it), there's a clear majority here saying it's just fine. And that's despite the general negativity on HUKD. You must have been really unlucky. Or maybe haven't used it for a while.

Cheapest Broadband in the UK? - TalkTalk - £17pm x 12 Months - £204 Total Cost (£12.42pm After Cashback)
-38° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Cheapest Broadband in the UK? - TalkTalk - £17pm x 12 Months - £204 Total Cost (£12.42pm After Cashback)
Great price for basic broadband - £12.42 per month. Broadband cost - £17/month Topcashback - £55 cashback Total cost - £149 over 12 months. Some people may need superfast broadban… Read more
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my log for the last 30 days - why would you ever use talktalk - come back o2 all is forgiven!! 29/04/19 Internet slow all day, unusable at lunchtime 16:00 it disconnects and reconnects 29/04/19 - 8pm disconnected 30/04/19 - 22:00 connection dropped, line down 02/05/19 - 06:50 internet connection down (red light on router) 02/05/19 - speedtest 2mb/sec 03/05/19 - 06:00 disconnections 04/05/19 - 06:00 disconnected 04/05/19 - 16:40 internet connection down (red light on router) 05/05/19 - 05:48 internet down, 06:58 upload speed 0.01 mbs 06/05/19 - 10:00PM, no internet connection 09/05/19 - 4pm internet resetting 13/05/19 - 8pm, no connection 15/05/19 - 6:30pm internet no connection 17/05/19 - 08:00 internet went off 19/05/19 - 5pm no internet 20/05/19 - 06:45 no internet - red, Alexa poor quality after (slow net) 20/05/19 - 7pm no internet 22/05/19 - 09:30 no internet red on the router Despite a formal complaint and 8 months of pain, they refused to let me go without a fee being paid so i told them im getting off the phone to them and straight onto They wont be around in 12 months time, so feel free to get a contract :D


Worst customer service ever!! Had total nightmare with them, even the simplest things like changing address are shocking .


Yeah, TT aren't the only ones. Plenty companies follow the same rules of 'get as much as you can for as little as you can give' combined with cheaping out on customer service. I actually would have renewed with TT but they won't do fibre in my postcode yet (even though it's available) - they told me they don't have the capacity here yet but are working on it - not many companies would tell the truth about that I reckon, most would take the money as cross their fingers. I'm switching to BT fibre, I don't want 9mbps broadband for another year.


How can a company get it so wrong, all the time?? I had problems with talktalk years ago.. fast forward i presume theyre still in business so.... NOPE! since taking the offer in september its been constant poor speed, poor equipement, dropouts all the time... Hateful. Cant wait to move back to Virgin media.. and theyre terrible!


Voted hot because personally I can't fault TT, but yes I also know someone who will never go back to them. Plusnet were the absolute pits for me, I was with them for 12 months before TT, yet many people say Plusnet are fantastic. Everyone has different experiences, and even if you only give your business to companies (ISPs, banks, energy, car marques etc.) who have the best customer service rating in their industry it doesn't guarantee you will not have an awful experience with them - they are all a gamble. BeThere were the best ISP I've ever had until Sky gobbled them up via O2 internet.

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Talk talk broadband £17 pm and £90 Topcashback available (equivalent £9.50 pm)
-108° Expired
Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Talk talk broadband £17 pm and £90 Topcashback available (equivalent £9.50 pm)
I know this isn't for everyone but seen this good deal that works out £9.50pm on 12 month contract factoring in £90 tcb.

Anyone blaming this lot... yeah, their call centre can be almost completely useless. Get a cheapo deal then wait for the proper English first language sales team to call up. Or threaten to cancel and usually Mr English gets your transferred call. It's never any of these companies who are truly physically bad. OpenReach supply your internet. BT own them. Kelly Communications do a lot of "easy" jobs for them and only get paid a small amount to do so.. thus they'll do it as quick as possible to get as many jobs done as they can in one day. It's happened with so many different providers when I've changed address or been chasing a better deal. Took six call outs at the last house to get an actual OpenReach engineer out and when one finally came, the internet miraculously went at it's top line speed and downloaded better than it could have. Also try and replace their rj11 cables (phone line to router) with an rj45 cable that has the connection for it. Doesn't give any massive results but it can obliterate lag during gaming and is a much better way to process all that copper fibre they send from the cabinet to your house :-)


Thanks @Nicebob I checked and what BT estimate is a approximately quarter of what we actually get. BT say I must contact TalkTalk. Very frustrating. Cheers though!


Quick update. Still couldn't migrate my number, so cancelled and trying vodafone now. So far they have at least confirmed that they are going to attempt a number migration.


You can check online with Openreach to see what speed you are capable of recieving, you may find you are at your maximum speed, just in a bad location. Best I can receive is 8mbs download and .8 upload.


They're going to try to get it to work again tomorrow, not holding out much hope really. How any company can screw up a simple migration....

Talk Talk 'Faster Fibre Broadband' £19.95pm (effective £16.62 with cash-back or vouchers) (Amazon, Tesco etc) - 36Mb / 18 months - £359.10
222° Expired
Refreshed 6th MarRefreshed 6th Mar
Talk Talk 'Faster Fibre Broadband' £19.95pm (effective £16.62 with cash-back or vouchers) (Amazon, Tesco etc) - 36Mb / 18 months - £359.10
As above you can get Talk Talk Faster Fibre Broadband (36Mb) on an 18 month contract for an effective cost of £16.62. This can be had in one of two ways... Option-1: Using Quidco … Read more

I recently joined talk talk over the past two days it has been horrendously dropping out to the point it is unusable. Called talk talk who did some checks to no avail. Now they are sending an engineer as they suspect it could be a wiring fault which i disagree with totally and have said if a fault is found within the boundaries of my property they will charge me £65! Never had a problem like this before, I'm considering leaving still within the 30 day period


Is this offer still Live and is it applicable for existing customers? Was going to phone up about mum's Faster Fibre contract and this would be ideal (would prefer the Gift Card option, if it's still going). I think the £19.95 price was also an older promotion with MoneySupermarket for new customers. A few months ago, I managed to get it for £19.95 as an existing customer but it was like pulling teeth on the phone - on for over an hour.


Looks like I have an extra charge for faster fibre on my bill? I've been billed £21.26, not a lot but it's not a good sign.


Thanks Sphere, I checked my account and couldn't believe how they tried to justify adding Talk Talk TV without my consent. I would advise anyone with a Talk Talk account to check your bill very carefully. Here's the chat transcript. Trevashen: Good evening Mark. You are through to TalkTalk Customer Services and Billing, how may I assist you? Mark: Hi, Could you explain why TalkTalk TV was added to my account in February? Trevashen: I will be more than happy to assist you. Trevashen: Whilst I am accessing your account how is your evening Mark? Mark: great Trevashen: That's wonderful to hear. Trevashen: Looking into your account, I can confirm that you are paying £4.00 for TV service and this charge was implemented in January and you were notified of this charge being added to your package. Mark: What? I don't have talktalk tv, I haven't asked for talktalk tv and certainly didn't accept talktalk tv being added to my account. Mark: You can't simply notify somebody you've added a chargeable item to their account. Not that I even saw any notification. Trevashen: With the charge, you’ll continue to receive access to over 80 channels, to On Demand players and the ability to add and remove extra channels when you want to. To add to this, you’ll get a £5 voucher to redeem on your choice of film or TV show. Plus, for a one-off cost of the box and installation, you can access Multi-room. Trevashen: I’m sorry about this. However, it’s only the Broadband package that are part of the fixed price guarantee. The TV is an additional service that’s non-contractual, so unfortunately, it’s not part of that guarantee. Mark: Are you having a laugh at my expense here, I don't want now or ever want talk talk tv, you simply can't just start charging me for it then try tell me all about the benefits after the fact. this is illegal. Trevashen: I can offer you a free one month trial to experience our TV service. Mark: Are you not listening to me, I don't want talk talk tv, I never asked for talk talk tv, you have simply added it to my account and stolen the money from me. Trevashen: I will speak to my manager and remove the TV service for you. Trevashen: Please allow me 3-4 minutes to do so. Mark: and refund the charges I've been changed previously Trevashen: Thank you so much for your kind patience. Trevashen: I have successfully removed the £4.00 charge for you, you will continue to have TV service as normal and access to On Demand content. You wont have access to the £5.00 voucher and multi-room. Your monthly charge is £25.00 going forward as from the next bill. Trevashen: I have also credited your account with £6.31 the balance will automatically be credited on your next bill. Mark: how is that worked out? feb and march I've paid £29 rather than £25, so that £8.00 extra I've piad, not £6.31 Trevashen: I have also credited your account with £6.31 the balance will automatically be credited on your next bill. Trevashen: This is system calculated. Mark: I don't really care how it's calculated, talk talk have taken £8.00 extra illegally from my account over the last 2 months, I want that £8 refunding, not £6.31 Trevashen: I am unable to credit the full amount due to system restrictions but I have credited your account of £6.31 the balance will be credited on your next bill automatically. Mark: ok, I'll check and make sure it does. Trevashen: Aside from me assisting you with regards to your bill query is there anything else I can assist you with? Mark: no thank you,


exactly, every ISP's (poo) really, it's a post code lottery and you need to find out which works best in your area (y)

Fast Broadband £17 a month for 12 months. £0 setup fee ( £80.00 cashback ) = £10.33 per month (£123.96 pa), free router
64° Expired
Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
If you just want internet go via TOPCASHBACK and choose this option from TalkTalk which works out at £10.33 per month including line rental, no cost to set up and a free router. Th… Read more
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Hi, how did you get Openreach to confirm this please as I too am having problems with talk talk. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.


Now offering £90 cashback via Topcashback makes it under £10 month on 12 month contract


I went to the ombudsman, OPENREACH confirmed they were messing with the speed at their control, they got fined, had to remove it and I got £100 compensation. All you have to do is complain and they take their controller off.


The choices are BT or Virgin. All the rest use their lines.


The choices are BT or Virgin. All the rest use their lines.

TalkTalk - Faster Fibre with speed boost 18 months contract - Term £404.10
-214° Expired
Posted 11th FebPosted 11th Feb
TalkTalk - Faster Fibre with speed boost 18 months contract - Term £404.10
Totally unlimited Fibre with Speed Boost brings you speeds that are over 5x faster than standard broadband, on average. 18 months contract, no setup cost, free router, no calls in… Read more
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I wouldn't bother using telephone support. Instead, make a profile on their forum and enter your phone number in profile (not shown in public) so support can match the topic to an account. They don't work weekends, and it may take a day for a OCE to answer your topic. But it's a far more productive to get help via forum than relying on scripted replies via phone support.


People please help me I am looking for a new supplier was looking at talktalk. I need a good WiFi signal for upstairs and not being traffic managed/shaped


this is a GREAT deal , never really had issues with Talktalk . OPENREACH DONT get Me started lol, £19.95 36mb unlimited Fibre 18months is a great deal the Faster Fibre is even Better at £22 for upto 60mb+ unlimited best way tp talk to them is using chat on the website , easier to understand , because of the indian accent on the phone


Signed up back in November, the service is shoddy and customer service is inadequate.


Beware, I have been with them for 1.5 years and never got the promised minimum speeds, not even half. I was guaranteed 39 but the most I ever got was 18. They wouldn't let me cancel until the contract ended (up end of this month). I spent time over the last 2 months communicating between cs and the ceo office, all of whom were extremely unhelpful. Eventually filed with CISAS who awarded me compensation of £100 for the contract breach and let me out of the contract a month early. TalkTalk wanted me to give them another chance so I switched to this deal with the boost hoping to see a boost in speed, as they promised I would. However, still only getting 15 meg according to 6 diff speed checkers, when I was told "The estimated download speed on your line will be between 51.3Mb and 72.0Mb with a minimum guaranteed speed of 45.8Mb" Guaranteed speed of 45.8mb.......not even close, highest I've had is 17 even with a cable connected and only 1 device on, so it's actually even slower than before. I'm a week into the contract and will be switching supplier as speed is falsely advertised, their customer service can't even speak enough english to confirm my name and account number, and are very rude. Their scripts are long and repetitive and it's difficult to get past the front line of fobbers to speak to anyone than can do anything. If you sign up and are not getting the promised speed I suggest you cancel within the 20 day time limit otherwise you are locked in for 18 months with a service you've paid for but aren't getting, and talktalk will deny any responsibility and blame it on other factors. and after 4 hours on the phone still no assistance. Tried to get through to cancellations and told I can't be put through as they are 'too busy'....nice.

TalkTalk broadband £17.95 per month (£11.75 per month after £75 TopCashback) (until Monday 24th December)
-207° Expired
Posted 23rd Dec 2018Posted 23rd Dec 2018
TalkTalk broadband £17.95 per month (£11.75 per month after £75 TopCashback) (until Monday 24th December)
TalkTalk broadband £11.75 per month including £75 TopCashback (until Monday 24th December.) I think this is the cheapest deal around at the moment. Better than MSE's £15.90 a mon… Read more

Why are you surprised, if I have had a good experience with talktalk why wouldn't I? Also, are new members to HUKD not allowed to have an opinion, what does it matter if this is my first post? Which it isn't by the way. Merry Christmas,🎅


I am surprised that anyone would defend TT, even when everything works OK they throttle flow more than other providers. Providers are very different in dealing with problems some good some not so good but TT is in a league of their own. It is interesting that Nicebob has only been with UK Hot Deal a few days and this is a the posters first post??? (skeptical) (skeptical) (skeptical) I believe they make good money from enforcing their contract (charging the whole contract price if you leave early and you will) when they fail to supply, and a word of waring they will put the debt collectors onto you!!! :(


IRL never met anyone who signed up with them who didnt regret it.


Their service is hurrendous, we've had internet problems for months, so much so I went and got unlimited data on my phone instead.


Head and shoulder above the rest in the Crap stakes (poo) (poo)

TalkTalk Business Fibre Broadband £26.95pm (24m) £
-37° Expired
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
TalkTalk Business Fibre Broadband £26.95pm (24m) £
Talktalk business have a great deal on for fibre broadband, all calls and line rental @ £26.95 for 24 months

Exactly, and at that price you can’t go wrong. I called in using the number from the website it was a UK call centre very friendly staff and was done in no time. Couldn’t believe it.


Well done and thanks Mikey. FIO the down-voters, Business broadband usually has a lower "contention ratio" than domestic - in other words your connection is shared with fewer or no other households / businesses. Domestic contention ratio is often 50:1, commercial 25:1 or better. The lower your ratio, the more reliable your connection is...

Talk talk fibre 36mb talk talk tv and sky cinema £27.95 / 18m
-34° Expired
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Talk talk fibre 36mb talk talk tv and sky cinema £27.95 / 18m
£9.99 set up

Wouldn't go back to talk talk if they where paying me .

Talk Talk Fibre Broadband Deal Black Friday  Cancel within 30 days if not happy edit now £19.95
48° Expired
Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
Talk Talk Fibre Broadband Deal Black Friday Cancel within 30 days if not happy edit now £19.95
Save up to £164 v BT was £33.50 Award-winning fibre with no mid-contract price rises and our 30-Day Great Connection Guarantee Our award-winning Faster Fibre is totally unlimited… Read more

Mate tell a talk talk adviser that you only took the Talktalk deal as you were promised cashback from TCB and most the time they will give u the cashback themselves in your TT Account


I found this thread as I am having major problems getting cashback from talk talk after I signed up through a Topcashback link in August. 16 weeks later and no cashback confirmed - status is still pending. I had some help from a Talk talk community member called OCEArne but he's ignoring my posts and messages now. Anyone got any ideas how to push for the cashback, as it was the only reason I joined Talk talk due to Virgin price rises this autumn? Thanks


Promised me no price hikes and then started charging me for the free ( then £6 pcm) SIM I got with the original deal that I gave to my son. Tethering off my Virgin mobile data was better than there service as well.


this is standard ADSL, not fibre if you follow the link!



TalkTalk Retention Deal Faster Fiber + Fibre Speed Boost Average download speeds of 63mb £19.95 / 12 months £239.40
57° Expired
Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
TalkTalk Retention Deal Faster Fiber + Fibre Speed Boost Average download speeds of 63mb £19.95 / 12 months £239.40
Alright, yes I know it's TalkTalk and they have not helped gain themselves a very good reputation, however, you get what you pay for. I've had the worst experience with Virgin Med… Read more

I moved from Plusnet to TalkTalk around 5 years ago and haven't looked back. My policy is to keep an eye open for the cheapest deal from them and go for it. Deals are available to all customers and they don't play it dirty like BT who I've also dealt with and love to just up their prices at their say so. It can be hard work and you have to expect to haggle and escalate but I've found that way you get the deal at the right price. To give an example I signed up for their unlimited usage with average download speeds of 36Mb at £22.50 pcm, then just over a month later I found Faster Fibre 36Mb at £19.99 a month with 18 months free calls to landlines and mobiles, signed up for it online, as an existing cutomerm to replace £22.50 contract and all went through, except didn't get the calls. Rang them up, provided evidence they'd taken my order with calls too at £19.99 and they sorted it (ok lots of repition and explaining again and again, but got there in the end). In terms of my service never had an issue its rock solid and running at 30Mb download and 10Mb upload. I see all the surveys and complaints, but as has been pointed out it really depends and varies. I may be lucky but its always been low priced and relaiable brodaband for me. Remember too if your moving contract from most of main suppliers you can switch contracts easily these days with the receiving provider sorting everything for you. 63mb at this price is a bargain deal, up to you if you're prepared to risk it. I'm surprised I'm writing this too, but as others have said TT do seem to be improving and that's coming through even on here as a few more people now including me actually come back now to say you know what they're not alway cr@p and that's not my experience. Personally I think BT are the worst and price wise a joke.


Thanks for posting. As an existing customer with my contract ('Faster Fibre' (FTTC 40/10)) and home phone service due to expire next month I went onto chat to see what could be done. I'd been paying £25 for 12 months (but with a £5 discount for the first 3). Initially they would only offer £24.50 to renew for the same services but when I mentioned their current Black Friday deals they agreed the mentioned £22.50 for 18 months. Wasn't able to get anymore off. Seems fair enough, most other providers seem to be at £25/month.


Pretty sure you don't need to call to give notice to leave now if its just phone and internet: That's what I've done, got this for £25 a month and tracked £85 cashback at Quidco.


agree upload speed is a big problem on virgin


I'm with Zen - I pay a little more but it's worth it.

£25 a month for fast broadband (58mb-80mb) @ Talk Talk Black Friday Event. 18 month contract = £450
-150° Expired
Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
£25 a month for fast broadband (58mb-80mb) @ Talk Talk Black Friday Event. 18 month contract = £450
Estimated broadband speed Download speed:58 - 80 Mb Upload speed:18 - 20 Mb 25 a month plus 75 £ !!! from top cashback I couldnt get virgin and this is next best offer i could … Read more
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Mine was good till i went on to fibre-thats when it all went wrong.


Lucky you, everyone I spoke to said the same thing. £30 and couldn't give it to me for free even with my problems. They did tests and said it was fine even tho it wasn't. They also tried charging me to send someone out so had no chance... Being delivered today anyway so I just hope it is better and sorts the problems out.


ISP can get better though. I think they've improved a lot this year.


They never charged me.


Mine's been excellent. Great fast speeds. Been with them 10 years.

Talk Talk Black Friday ADSL Broadband Deal £17.00 per month + £85.00 Cashback (Works out as £9.91 per month)
-92° Expired
Posted 19th Nov 2018Posted 19th Nov 2018
Talk Talk Black Friday ADSL Broadband Deal £17.00 per month + £85.00 Cashback (Works out as £9.91 per month)
Hi folks, I spotted a cheap ADSL broadband Black Friday deal for a low bandwidth users, that I would like to share. It will be also helpful for people, who live in the areas, wher… Read more



I found this thread as I am having major problems getting cashback from talk talk after I signed up through a Topcashback link in August. 16 weeks later and no cashback confirmed - status is still pending. I had some help from a Talk talk community member called OCEArne but he's ignoring my posts and messages now. Anyone got any ideas how to push for the cashback, as it was the only reason I joined Talk talk due to Virgin price rises this autumn? Thanks


I am looking for standard broadband for my mum. They all use the same openreach network so I would not expect performance issues. I personally have used talk talk before. The connection was fine but their customer services wasn't So Onestream are offering it at £9.99 at the mo Talk talk as above. BT.£24.99 with £70 cashback and possible £95 tcb?? Plusnet £18.99 with £75 cashback. Any thoughts on Onestream??


I am glad that the thread helped a few people, despite going cold.I will go for a fast fibre eventually, when it becomes available in may area. 850 kbps download (max) 300 kbps upload (max) is what I am getting in my area at the moment :( It feels like I traveled 20 years back in the past.


In the same situation, but no way would sky drop the price below £27 for fast fibre, so moved to the talktalk £19.95 black Friday fast fibre deal (30mbs minimum garrenteed) did this yesturday and tracking £90 Quidco cash back. Been with talktalk before and had no problems.

TalkTalk Black Friday Sale: Sky Movies £8 a Month @ TalkTalk
-133° Expired
Posted 18th Nov 2018Posted 18th Nov 2018
TalkTalk Black Friday Sale: Sky Movies £8 a Month @ TalkTalk
Worth it in our house for Sky Disney on demand
Avatardeleted646063Get dealGet deal

Last few months has been awful with them, £300 down the drain but they’re out of my life.




As a current TalkTalk broadband customer, my advice is don’t do it .... just don’t


Two horrible companies adds up the agony synnergestic


No but you can pause and watch at anytime :D .

TalkTalk ~70MB Super Fast Fibre Broadband inc. line rental & unlimted calls £30PM  18 months £540  (+ poss £85 quidco cashback)
-148° Expired
Posted 18th Nov 2018Posted 18th Nov 2018
TalkTalk ~70MB Super Fast Fibre Broadband inc. line rental & unlimted calls £30PM 18 months £540 (+ poss £85 quidco cashback)
18 month contract. I'm paying more for 15mb with sky so going to change over. £85 cashback on quidco (expires in 9 hours) decent price for 70mb internet and you can leave within 30… Read more
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Ping 19ms. Download 67, upload 16.


What's your ping like?


No buttons to push, just pick up the phone and call. I've been with TalkTalk for quite a few years so always push hard for a good deal.


Was that a deal or retention offer? trying to get the fibre boost included but dont know what buttons to push


Great deal poster, I was literally just about to post this myself but mark it at £26 per month after Cashback. I appreciate some people dont like Talk Talk however I think there is an opportunity here for people to haggle with their current supplier comparing talk talks prices with their current retention offer. I'm currently with Virgin with a contract thats about to expire and with the price almost doubling, I'm looking to haggle a new deal or switch to some else. (If I get no loyalty from them, then they'll get no loyalty from me)

TalkTalk Faster Fibre broadband with Speed Boost - Black Friday Deal - £19.95/month 18 month contract
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Posted 13th Nov 2018Posted 13th Nov 2018
TalkTalk Faster Fibre broadband with Speed Boost - Black Friday Deal - £19.95/month 18 month contract
Do more online, with more devices, at the same time Stream on multiple screens, download and video call Unlimited usage with average download speeds of 63Mb

thanks for sharing this. I went live today and went from 20mbps to 52mbps. was paying £42 with sky and went down to £22.45. happy days.


My line getting activated in a weeks time, returning after being away for 2+ years. Fingers crossed for talktalk having better service now than back then.


Had TT for about 3 years. Fairly painless so far tbh. Their customer service is diabolical though. I don't think i matters which ISP you go with, someone, somewhere will have had a nightmare with them.


Thank you. Just in case you thought I was having a pop I wasn't I thought the link may have disappeared/changed as sometimes happens on hukd.


The deal was simply faster fibre plus the speed boost for £19.95, I'm actually on TalkTalk at the moment and was going to ring them up and see if I could get the same deal - but before that I thought I'd submit to HotDeals. TalkTalk have edited the page and removed the £19.95 price(my submission was checked by moderators). The best TalkTalk deal at the moment(assume it's still on HotDeals) is probably faster fibre and free calls for £19.95(£24.95 with £5 speed boost).