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TalkTalk is one of the UK’s largest communications companies, serving millions of home internet users. Along with internet access, the company offers mobile phone, pay TV and landline packages, enabling customers to cover all their communications needs. All of these packages are regularly the subject of discounts and the latest TalkTalk reductions can be found at their HotUKDeals listings. Read more

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TalkTalk 'Faster Fibre' Broadband £25.50 - 18 months with 1 year free Amazon Prime Video & £100 Quidco
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Posted 20th AugPosted 20th Aug
Talktalks new deal - looks decent. £25.50 fixed for 18mo, includes their faster fibre (avg 38mbs), TalktalkTV (which is just freeview) and 1 year Amazon Prime free worth £79. Sor… Read more
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Doesn't seem a bad deal with calls (if you use your landline) I've been with them on and off through the years, and they've usually offered TV for free. I get the impression TV is a loss leader for them. Each installation represents an opportunity to sell additional (more profitable) paid TV services, over and above the base package.


Been with talktalk for years my current deal is £20.95 a month for line rental unlimited calls 24/7 faster fibre with boost & tv


You need to check what speed your router is syncing at (by logging into the configuration page). The back of your router will have the login details you need to do this. Unless you have changed it, the default username will be: admin The page can be accessed at


Just used Google to check internet speed


So how did you establish you download speed?

Talktalk 150mb Internet, TV and Prime £30 a month for 18 months - £540
256° Expired
Posted 15th AugPosted 15th Aug
145Mb/s average download speed TalkTalk TV (80+ channels, pause and rewind live TV) 1 year Amazon Prime for free (usually £79) £30 a month No price rises in contract (unlike sky … Read more

Won't touch TalkTalk with a barge pole ever again! Horrible experience with customer service. It worked while it worked. Then had issue (no internet), and they won't let me go. Dealing with their customer service was draining. After trying to involve ofcom, they did let me go, but after 2 months without broadband. (Unfortunately ofcom's new rules for compensation was not available that time)


Iv had a terrible time with talk talk. The customer service is so bad never get anything straightforward left to feeling drained after 3-4 hours talking to someone with bad English. And that’s a load of B.S THEY DO PRICE RISE MID CONTRACT . They’re all the same no company is genuine


I was with them for 6 years on up to 80Mbps service. Got 74.5Mbps. Never had a problem once in all the years I was with them. I then mistakenly moved to EE Home Broadband who bribed me with a £5 discount because i had my mobile with them. I spent the first month with barely no internet because apparently their router does not support more than 25 devices???. I had to spend £150 on a new ASUS router which did work, but I lost 10Mbps from the connection (now at 64.5Mbps) and the ping went from 9ms on TalkTalk to 19ms on EE!!!! My point here is we all have different experiences with different companies. You had a bad experience with TT, but I had a really good one, yet I have had a really bad experience with EE, but I'm sure there are lots of people who are loving EE. You just have to find the right company. I am in the middle of divorcing EE :-)


Really good if you can get it. Been with TT for years, never had any problem.


The pic I took was direct from the talk talk website. Clicked on service centre then speed to router option

TalkTalk Faster 150 Fibre Upgrade at £25 a month all in / 18 months
215° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
I have logged into my TalkTalk account to see when my contract is up and see what is available, I have 5 months left but spotted an upgrade deal for the Faster 150 fibre at £25 a m… Read more
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Speedtest (Ookla)


What website do you use for speed testing?


Had this installed yesterday. These are my speed results today. (y)


I might try the web chat route, I normally change provider every renewal to take advantage of one of the cashback offers, but I've been so impressed with talk talk that I would forfeit the cashback


RESULT! :D My contract (63Mb) with TT is up for renewal in early August and I called them yesterday and pushed for the ULTRAFAST 150mb. Was flatly rejected and instead offered the same 63mb for £24.99, which I politely turned down. I tried the Webchat route this morning; told them I was interested in the Ultrafast 150mb deal but showed them a link to this thread, highlighting that some people have been offered the same deal for as low as £20, but I was happy to do a deal for £25, taking into account that I have been a TT customer on and off for 13 years. Was put on hold for about 2 minutes and she came back with a deal for 18 months at £20 a month! I was gobsmacked! Promptly agreed and Engineer visit is booked for the 15th July. XD

TalkTalk Superfast Broadband (up to 67Mb/s) £449.10 18m Possibly £349.10 with Topcashback or £319.10 with Quidco
-323° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
TalkTalk Superfast Broadband (up to 67Mb/s) £449.10 18m Possibly £349.10 with Topcashback or £319.10 with Quidco£449.10
TalkTalk Superfast Broadband 67Mb/s £24.95 per month But...possible £100 cashback with TCB. 18 month contract. Quidco offer £70 cashback, so with their Highest Cashback Guarantee,… Read more
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Yes and was speedily answered in a few minutes on a Sunday morning at 9am


The deal expired i posted it and had my tesco code emailed to me aswell for £100 can't fault talktalk


Is live chat working now? Thanks.


Do you have the link please?


I got a slightly better deal of 21.95 a month with a £100 reward card (Tesco/Amazon/M&S/prepaid Mastercard). Think I went via u switch and the gift card has already been sent and I’ve activated and used. Honestly can’t fault them and to get this level of service at these times! Often on hold to sky for a long period in my experience! Still have skyQ for tv but internet has moved to talk talk

TalkTalk Faster Fibre Speed Boost Broadband (70mb) - £23.50/month 18 months @BroadbandChoices
-211° Expired
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
TalkTalk Faster Fibre Speed Boost Broadband (70mb) - £23.50/month 18 months @BroadbandChoices£423
I know now isn't the time to be switching but if like me you currently don't have broadband in your house, this seems like an ok deal compared to what's out there. Anyone comment … Read more

Got a great deal via chat Superfast Fibre (67Mb) Free anytime calls 20.95 P/M


They must have implemented that now.


Thanks, tried that but its an automated service and it wont put you through unless you're registered with them as vulnerable


By phone


How did you contact them?

1Gb Ultra Fibre Optic with TalkTalk TV + Amazon Prime - £29.50/month = £531 total over 18 months
466° Expired
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
1Gb Ultra Fibre Optic with TalkTalk TV + Amazon Prime - £29.50/month = £531 total over 18 months£531
1Gb Ultra Fibre Optic with TalkTalk TV + 1 year Amazon Prime £29.50 per month selected areas only More than 900mbs unlimited downloads. Ultra Fibre Optic with TalkTalk TV Faster Fi… Read more
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Not sure what it's like in your area but the network is operated by Three so you can use their live coverage map for outages. No data cap with smarty (fair use policy still applies, I'm unsure as to what it is but I'm pretty sure it's fair, check their website) and they allow tethering. Even if they didn't there is no way for them to tell if you use a VPN. There was an ofcom investigation into net neutrality in 2018 and as a result none of the carrier's in the UK with the exception of Lyca mobile ban/limit tethering. As for multiple users, you can expect to see data rates between 4-6mbps on a 4g connection. So use that information to figure out if it will be useful for you before you commit to a landline install.


Do they allow tethering? I remember a few services who offered unlimited but you couldn't tether. They also capped your speed after reaching a certain usage. Since the pandemic, people have been attacking the masts so I'm a bit unsure on the reliability. That too, how well would it fair for 2 or more people using at the same time?


Buy separate router that takes a SIM card and get smarty. They've got unlimited data on a 30 day rolling contract for 20 quid a month. Alternatively if you have a spare phone, whack it in that and use it as a mobile hotspot.


It is one of the reasons why I am not even considering switching currently. If things go wrong or are not done when they should be, there is very little support going on at the moment.


I did cancel the Direct Debit if you read the post, it was then they started to continue to make charges as a debt and threaten with debt collectors.

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Talk Talk Faster Fibre Broadband Plus TV £25.50 p/m / 18 months Including Amazon Prime Free for 1 year £459 at TalkTalk
63° Expired
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
Sorry if this has been posted I couldn't find it. I have just signed up to this deal and am now awaiting connection. I have heard bad things about talk talk over the years but noth… Read more

This offer was supposed to be on till April 22nd but I cannot see it on the website? They are still advertising it on the radio aswell.


I have the same issue with Sky.


Guys we get it. Talk talk is ok.


We had an issue with them where an engineer accidentally turned us off at the exchange...cue 6 weeks of to-ing & fro-ing trying to get it sorted going round in circles with no-one knowing how to sort it! & they still tried to charge us for the internet we didnt have!! We did get 7 months free internet in the end & the internet itself was good once sorted, but it was a nightmare when it went wrong!


O2 was the very best bb operator, 10/10 all the way. Their customer Service was the bezzzt. Before them I was with BT, simply atrocious. Heck, I told them they would have to pay me to stay, utter nonsense of a company.

Talk Talk Faster 150mb Fibre Broadband - £28pm x 18 Months (Includes Line Rental) - Total Cost: £504
-225° Expired
Posted 18th Nov 2019Posted 18th Nov 2019
Talk Talk Faster 150mb Fibre Broadband - £28pm x 18 Months (Includes Line Rental) - Total Cost: £504£504
Looks like a good deal to me as can not get virgin fibre optic in my area. Any thoughts?

When the Dreams comes true XD



Why politics were discussed here!! As he is newbie, it is irrevelant to discuss on his deal


And you’re council tax is still rising YES. Massive shortages of doctors and nurses as well as skilled workers...thanks to the tories but let’s blame Corbyn and his vastly changed Labour Party for the ill’s of previous leaders. Honestly give the guy a chance and we can make our union stronger and avoid unnecessary wars and billions wasted on defective foreign policies. Time to make Britain stronger...go Jezza go (highfive)


That was new labour - and Gordon sell our gold Brown. This is Jezza who’s working for the many and long term prosperity of our wonderful country. Best of luck to him i say

Unlimited superfast fibre (average 67mb) 18 month contract £21.95pm / £395.10 Total (£14.62 pm after possible cashback) @ TalkTalk
-151° Expired
Posted 15th Nov 2019Posted 15th Nov 2019
Unlimited superfast fibre (average 67mb) 18 month contract £21.95pm / £395.10 Total (£14.62 pm after possible cashback) @ TalkTalk£395.10
I wasn't sure if this warranted its own deal or not, since it can be found by following the link to my first deal, but here goes. For those that want the extra speed and don't wan… Read more
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Don't know the cause of my problems but this was exactly my issue with Sky and Origin. Round and round, if they even remembered to get in touch or book the actual appointments. Ended up going to the Ombudsman, who are as bad as reported on tv and by Martin Lewis. They made such a bodge of my complaint that they ended up paying me on top of my refund from the ISP's.


£130 now @ TCB.


Signed up yesterday to their standard fibre. £110 Quidco tracked a few minutes later. Payout expected 8th March.


TCB now £125


Mines not tracked either. Seems to be a constant thing with Quidco. Topcashback on the other hand is pretty good.

Talk talk Fibre broadband, TV and 1 year Amazon Prime £25.95 pm (18month contract)
224° Expired
Posted 11th Nov 2019Posted 11th Nov 2019
Talk talk Fibre broadband, TV and 1 year Amazon Prime £25.95 pm (18month contract)£467.10
I'm coming to the end of my Vodafone fibre deal and was looking to see what's available. I came across this and thought it might be good for someone, I've not seen it posted on her… Read more
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Why isnt my amazon prime up and running yet its been over a week since the install ..


im as usual with Virginmedia but as always with them - HAVE HAD ENOUGH.. XD XD XD


online exlusive, 3 hours left - SHELL I DO IT??? 21.95 Superfast Fibre @21.95/a month + £70 Gift card :/ :/


Can't complain much about customer service after brief experience - I am previous user of Plusnet and BT. Bit of a hassle waiting but nothing excessive and definitely waited longer elsewhere and long story short signed up to a faster broadband no TV earlier, then realized I should sign up for Broadband and TV to actually get free prime. Customer service said I would have to return the router which just arrived today and wait for new one and my date of switch would change as they have to make new order. Told them in that case I want to cancel as I see it pointless hassle (that and Vodafone broadband deal also looks tempting), got switched to cancellation and been offered to stay on my current contract and get Prime anyway. Whole call from start to finish took 15 minutes so not that bad.


Very good deal😁

Talk Talk Faster Fibre For The price Of Standard Broadband 23.50pm Or £423 For 18 Months @ Talktalk
12° Expired
Posted 24th Sep 2019Posted 24th Sep 2019
Talk Talk Faster Fibre For The price Of Standard Broadband 23.50pm Or £423 For 18 Months @ Talktalk£423
Superfast fibre at a low fixed price. It's only fair. Switch to superfast, reliable fibre broadband that can keep up with all the things you love to do online. Everyone can strea… Read more

Just ordered this for £23.50 pm, it should not be expired. Went through topcashback.


For the 38mb, it's £30 for the same speed as this, anytime calls are Inc on this deal and Quidco is £95?


It says 25 pound per month! Anytime calls inc + 70 Quidco! I will say this for talk talk their router is maybe the best free one in the market!


Been with TT for years. Super router was crap but I bought my own and only needed google help for xbox connection. Only issues I've ever had with internet were BT line broken once whilst with TT but resolved easily and quickly and an internal phone dragging my internet down which took months and 2 ISP's before it was found. The only complaint I have with TT now is that they no longer allow you to sign up to new cheaper deals whilst still in contract.


No reason why you should. Because some people have bad experiences with them doesn’t mean it’s a bad deal. I’ve just renewed my contract with them. I never encountered any problem the first 18 months; speed is spot on.

For Talktalk customers - O2 phone or sim only deals - sim 3GB data, 1000 minutes, unlimited texts - £6\month
-85° Expired
Posted 5th Sep 2019Posted 5th Sep 2019
Show me a better deal. Happy HUKD 😁 This is for existing Talktalk mobile and broadband customers only - haters, please move along. Vent if you must... There's a deal tha… Read more
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Hopefully they contact you near the end of the contract then.


It defaults to 1gb per month after 12 months. You have to take out another/similar plan afterwards and sim swap/port your number over to it afterwards. I read that in the t’s & c’s.


I dont know, please find out and report back.


Arrived today does the free 2gb expire after 12 months or will it carry on?


My sims arrived nexy day and the switchover should happen within 24 hours of calling O2 with your PAC code.

talktalk Unlimited Faster fibre broadband Average download speeds of 38Mb (18 month contract) - £23.50
-68° Expired
Posted 29th Aug 2019Posted 29th Aug 2019
talktalk Unlimited Faster fibre broadband Average download speeds of 38Mb (18 month contract) - £23.50£423
Great price for faster fibre broadband with speeds of up to 67Mb

Deal still available?


You got to admire this poster second time they have tried to prompt TalkTalk in the last month, both very cold, I wonder why, maybe because they don't get much worst than Talk Talk. (poo) (devil) (poo)


I had one last week and could only download 1mpbs . Couldnt watch a YouTube video without it freezing. And sending it back was a nightmare. Telling me I have such a good deal I shouldn't send it back. Really hard work from them took me two hours to cancel and send back even though I was in the 14 days period.


Is this actual physical download speeds or just speed test speeds


If it was 23p a month, I still would consider it overpriced considering it's talk talk - life is just too short.

TalkTalk Broadband Faster Fibre with Speed Boost (up to 76 Mbps) for £26 / 18 Months -  (+£110 Quidco)
-174° Expired
Posted 5th Aug 2019Posted 5th Aug 2019
TalkTalk Broadband Faster Fibre with Speed Boost (up to 76 Mbps) for £26 / 18 Months - (+£110 Quidco)£468
Just signed up so thought it's a good deal after browsing around for the speed of up to 76 Mbps. Been in the past with TalkTalk and didn't have issues with them. Base price is 26 … Read more

To be honest I am very pleased with talktalk, I have had a pleasant experience. I almost always get 65mbps+ on WiFi from far away. I rarely ever get cutouts , only once or twice a year. Overall I think it’s well worth the price, when I use Ethernet I always get 74mbps.


TalkTalk have poor customer service. After fault unresolved during first month of contract terminated contract and switched then billed for almost £400.


Sadly the new TalkTalk WiFi Hub router doesn’t have a modem only mode :(


Talk Talk was voted the best WiFi router by which. But I would always buy a better router (Asus for example) and put the free one in modem mode so it just routes the internet to your good router


I'm of exactly the same opinion. I was considering the Tenda deal, but with Sky's attitude prefer to give another ISP a go - plus TT worked out cheaper than Sky. I'm strongly of the opinion the wifi range will be much better with this router though. -

TalkTalk - Free UK Anytime Calls for New Broadband Customers
247° Expired
Posted 27th Jul 2019Posted 27th Jul 2019
TalkTalk offering free UK landline and mobile anytime calls for 18 months. Deal is for new customers, however as an existing customer I managed to get this deal added to my accoun… Read more

Yes has expired now. Changed to expired. It is £7.50 per month from £10 but no longer a free add-on.


Seems to be expired. I did see it a few days ago but missed the boat


How much was the fibre broadband please


Can’t get both as far as I’m aware


how do you get the deal and get cashback?

TalkTalk Bundles - Sky Sports Now Half Price (£17pm)
39° Expired
Posted 17th Jul 2019Posted 17th Jul 2019
TalkTalk Bundles - Sky Sports Now Half Price (£17pm)
Variety of TalkTalk bundles now have Sky Sports included costing £17pm rather than their standard £34pm.

£17 offer only for 6 months and if you don't already pay for TalkTalk TV that's another £4 a month on top of the sky sports boost.


Probably a good year to get it then as I guess will show more prem mathces than Championship ones next year :)


Spoke to an agent about this deal and it’s half price for 6 months. According to the agent the offer ends 29 August. However, they are increasing their prices from the 1st August meaning after this date it will be £18 a month for 6 months, then going up to £36 after that if you don’t cancel


Anything from talk talk is a cold from me.


You have to have a sense of humour if you are in the Toon army, and not forgetting that muppet of a owner who calls himself a supporter.

Talktalk redemption deal 18m contract Fibre + International Calls
-145° Expired
Posted 12th Jul 2019Posted 12th Jul 2019
Talktalk redemption deal 18m contract Fibre + International Calls£489.60
A friend of mine was on £26.50 a month for fibre broadband with talktalk and 6£ a month for international add-on. At the end of contract I contacted talktalk to get a better deal.… Read more
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Be aware Talktalk are now charging 2p per 1571 call as from 1st August. Don't know how I missed it from my July bill, but noticed it this month. If you have an answermachine phone you'll be fine, but it is a bit of a silly charge. Live Chat say there's no way they can offer it free.


It all depends on area where you live. Bt or talktalk in my are have same speeds. It runs on bt cables so if you have old copper cables and leave faaaaaaar away from the exchange you will lose 1mb per every 100metres average. I live 400metres away from the exchange so i get 35 to 36 meg...and not 40...that is why it says" Up to." This is the negatives of old fashion tech.


Agree. Them and Plusnet are complete crap


Best thing I done was left talktalk never again after 30 years of slow internet


Tis true... TT are fine IF yer don't have a problem, but if you need an engineer (a call out) best to arrange it via live chat (on-line) so you can print off a transcript confirming you WON'T be charged, as even after yer told (on the phone) yer won't be, expect them to do it, then deny you weren't gonna be...something they can't do if you have a transcript. (y)

TalkTalk Faster Fibre Broadband £22.45 a month for 24 Months (Potential £105 Quidco)
120° Expired
Posted 5th Jun 2019Posted 5th Jun 2019
TalkTalk Faster Fibre Broadband £22.45 a month for 24 Months (Potential £105 Quidco)£538.80
I've been looking round for fibre broadband deals and this is the best i've found. £105 quidco too. Faster Fibre Broadband UK’s lowest fixed price Fibre Sale £22.45a month… Read more
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Incredibly, it just got even better when they phoned to say they couldn’t actually provide the deal I agreed via online chat. Would it be OK if they put me onto another identical package for £3pm less? Not a difficult question! So £21pm for Faster Fibre with 24/7 free UK landline and mobile calls throughout the 18 months. Beat that, BT.


Recently signed up for another unbeatable contract with TalkTalk. Nothing to touch them on price, and I'm now paying rather less than I was before the recent increase. Nice new router too.


I got out two years ago but then got tempted by the cheap Post Office broadband, which is run by talktalk. I'll be getting out again as soon as this contract ends. And the last friend to leave did so within the last year. Maybe everyone I know was unlucky - but I'm ging back to the provider I had last year, even if they do cost more.


TalkTalk have performed quite appallingly in moneysavingexpert's customer service poll. Better than before, but still the worst broadband supplier for customer service (of those companies where they could get high enough sample numbers). To add to the anecdotes though...we were with TalkTalk a couple of years ago and I have never encountered such a completely broken customer service model. Things might be ok if everything runs smoothly (unfortunately not the case for us), but you risk the Wild West of customer service if they don't.


And yet, despite the fact that it's fashionable to knock TalkTalk (even people who've never used it do it), there's a clear majority here saying it's just fine. And that's despite the general negativity on HUKD. You must have been really unlucky. Or maybe haven't used it for a while.

Cheapest Broadband in the UK? - TalkTalk - £17pm x 12 Months - £204 Total Cost (£12.42pm After Cashback)
-38° Expired
Posted 2nd Apr 2019Posted 2nd Apr 2019
Cheapest Broadband in the UK? - TalkTalk - £17pm x 12 Months - £204 Total Cost (£12.42pm After Cashback)£204
Great price for basic broadband - £12.42 per month. Broadband cost - £17/month Topcashback - £55 cashback Total cost - £149 over 12 months. Some people may need superfast broadban… Read more

my log for the last 30 days - why would you ever use talktalk - come back o2 all is forgiven!! 29/04/19 Internet slow all day, unusable at lunchtime 16:00 it disconnects and reconnects 29/04/19 - 8pm disconnected 30/04/19 - 22:00 connection dropped, line down 02/05/19 - 06:50 internet connection down (red light on router) 02/05/19 - speedtest 2mb/sec 03/05/19 - 06:00 disconnections 04/05/19 - 06:00 disconnected 04/05/19 - 16:40 internet connection down (red light on router) 05/05/19 - 05:48 internet down, 06:58 upload speed 0.01 mbs 06/05/19 - 10:00PM, no internet connection 09/05/19 - 4pm internet resetting 13/05/19 - 8pm, no connection 15/05/19 - 6:30pm internet no connection 17/05/19 - 08:00 internet went off 19/05/19 - 5pm no internet 20/05/19 - 06:45 no internet - red, Alexa poor quality after (slow net) 20/05/19 - 7pm no internet 22/05/19 - 09:30 no internet red on the router Despite a formal complaint and 8 months of pain, they refused to let me go without a fee being paid so i told them im getting off the phone to them and straight onto They wont be around in 12 months time, so feel free to get a contract :D


Worst customer service ever!! Had total nightmare with them, even the simplest things like changing address are shocking .


Yeah, TT aren't the only ones. Plenty companies follow the same rules of 'get as much as you can for as little as you can give' combined with cheaping out on customer service. I actually would have renewed with TT but they won't do fibre in my postcode yet (even though it's available) - they told me they don't have the capacity here yet but are working on it - not many companies would tell the truth about that I reckon, most would take the money as cross their fingers. I'm switching to BT fibre, I don't want 9mbps broadband for another year.


How can a company get it so wrong, all the time?? I had problems with talktalk years ago.. fast forward i presume theyre still in business so.... NOPE! since taking the offer in september its been constant poor speed, poor equipement, dropouts all the time... Hateful. Cant wait to move back to Virgin media.. and theyre terrible!


Voted hot because personally I can't fault TT, but yes I also know someone who will never go back to them. Plusnet were the absolute pits for me, I was with them for 12 months before TT, yet many people say Plusnet are fantastic. Everyone has different experiences, and even if you only give your business to companies (ISPs, banks, energy, car marques etc.) who have the best customer service rating in their industry it doesn't guarantee you will not have an awful experience with them - they are all a gamble. BeThere were the best ISP I've ever had until Sky gobbled them up via O2 internet.