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TalkTalk is one of the UK’s largest communications companies, serving millions of home internet users. Along with internet access, the company offers mobile phone, pay TV and landline packages, enabling customers to cover all their communications needs. All of these packages are regularly the subject of discounts and the latest TalkTalk reductions can be found at their HotUKDeals listings. Read more

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TalkTalk Business Fibre Broadband £26.95pm (24m) £
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Talktalk business have a great deal on for fibre broadband, all calls and line rental @ £26.95 for 24 months

Exactly, and at that price you can’t go wrong. I called in using the number from the website it was a UK call centre very friendly staff and was done in no time. Couldn’t believe it.


Well done and thanks Mikey. FIO the down-voters, Business broadband usually has a lower "contention ratio" than domestic - in other words your connection is shared with fewer or no other households / businesses. Domestic contention ratio is often 50:1, commercial 25:1 or better. The lower your ratio, the more reliable your connection is...

Talk Talk Fibre Broadband Deal Black Friday  Cancel within 30 days if not happy edit now £19.95
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Save up to £164 v BT was £33.50 Award-winning fibre with no mid-contract price rises and our 30-Day Great Connection Guarantee Our award-winning Faster Fibre is totally unlimited… Read more

Mate tell a talk talk adviser that you only took the Talktalk deal as you were promised cashback from TCB and most the time they will give u the cashback themselves in your TT Account


I found this thread as I am having major problems getting cashback from talk talk after I signed up through a Topcashback link in August. 16 weeks later and no cashback confirmed - status is still pending. I had some help from a Talk talk community member called OCEArne but he's ignoring my posts and messages now. Anyone got any ideas how to push for the cashback, as it was the only reason I joined Talk talk due to Virgin price rises this autumn? Thanks


Promised me no price hikes and then started charging me for the free ( then £6 pcm) SIM I got with the original deal that I gave to my son. Tethering off my Virgin mobile data was better than there service as well.


this is standard ADSL, not fibre if you follow the link!



TalkTalk Retention Deal Faster Fiber + Fibre Speed Boost Average download speeds of 63mb £19.95 / 12 months £239.40
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
Alright, yes I know it's TalkTalk and they have not helped gain themselves a very good reputation, however, you get what you pay for. I've had the worst experience with Virgin Med… Read more

Thanks for posting. As an existing customer with my contract ('Faster Fibre' (FTTC 40/10)) and home phone service due to expire next month I went onto chat to see what could be done. I'd been paying £25 for 12 months (but with a £5 discount for the first 3). Initially they would only offer £24.50 to renew for the same services but when I mentioned their current Black Friday deals they agreed the mentioned £22.50 for 18 months. Wasn't able to get anymore off. Seems fair enough, most other providers seem to be at £25/month.


Pretty sure you don't need to call to give notice to leave now if its just phone and internet: That's what I've done, got this for £25 a month and tracked £85 cashback at Quidco.


agree upload speed is a big problem on virgin


I'm with Zen - I pay a little more but it's worth it.


Totally agree. Never had a big problem with them. Downloads and streaming have always been great. Now don't get me started on BT.

£25 a month for fast broadband (58mb-80mb) @ Talk Talk Black Friday Event. 18 month contract = £450
Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
Estimated broadband speed Download speed:58 - 80 Mb Upload speed:18 - 20 Mb 25 a month plus 75 £ !!! from top cashback I couldnt get virgin and this is next best offer i could … Read more
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Mine was good till i went on to fibre-thats when it all went wrong.


Lucky you, everyone I spoke to said the same thing. £30 and couldn't give it to me for free even with my problems. They did tests and said it was fine even tho it wasn't. They also tried charging me to send someone out so had no chance... Being delivered today anyway so I just hope it is better and sorts the problems out.


ISP can get better though. I think they've improved a lot this year.


They never charged me.


Mine's been excellent. Great fast speeds. Been with them 10 years.

Talk Talk Black Friday ADSL Broadband Deal £17.00 per month + £85.00 Cashback (Works out as £9.91 per month)
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Hi folks, I spotted a cheap ADSL broadband Black Friday deal for a low bandwidth users, that I would like to share. It will be also helpful for people, who live in the areas, wher… Read more

I found this thread as I am having major problems getting cashback from talk talk after I signed up through a Topcashback link in August. 16 weeks later and no cashback confirmed - status is still pending. I had some help from a Talk talk community member called OCEArne but he's ignoring my posts and messages now. Anyone got any ideas how to push for the cashback, as it was the only reason I joined Talk talk due to Virgin price rises this autumn? Thanks


I am looking for standard broadband for my mum. They all use the same openreach network so I would not expect performance issues. I personally have used talk talk before. The connection was fine but their customer services wasn't So Onestream are offering it at £9.99 at the mo Talk talk as above. BT.£24.99 with £70 cashback and possible £95 tcb?? Plusnet £18.99 with £75 cashback. Any thoughts on Onestream??


I am glad that the thread helped a few people, despite going cold.I will go for a fast fibre eventually, when it becomes available in may area. 850 kbps download (max) 300 kbps upload (max) is what I am getting in my area at the moment :( It feels like I traveled 20 years back in the past.


In the same situation, but no way would sky drop the price below £27 for fast fibre, so moved to the talktalk £19.95 black Friday fast fibre deal (30mbs minimum garrenteed) did this yesturday and tracking £90 Quidco cash back. Been with talktalk before and had no problems.


Managed to negotiate a good deal with Sky by quoting this. Went from an offer off £20 a month to £8.99 for 12 months. Very happy

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TalkTalk Black Friday Sale: Sky Movies £8 a Month @ TalkTalk
Found 18th NovFound 18th Nov
Worth it in our house for Sky Disney on demand
Avatardeleted646063Get dealGet deal

Last few months has been awful with them, £300 down the drain but they’re out of my life.




As a current TalkTalk broadband customer, my advice is don’t do it .... just don’t


Two horrible companies adds up the agony synnergestic


No but you can pause and watch at anytime :D .

TalkTalk ~70MB Super Fast Fibre Broadband inc. line rental & unlimted calls £30PM  18 months £540  (+ poss £85 quidco cashback)
Found 18th NovFound 18th Nov
18 month contract. I'm paying more for 15mb with sky so going to change over. £85 cashback on quidco (expires in 9 hours) decent price for 70mb internet and you can leave within 30… Read more
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Ping 19ms. Download 67, upload 16.


What's your ping like?


No buttons to push, just pick up the phone and call. I've been with TalkTalk for quite a few years so always push hard for a good deal.


Was that a deal or retention offer? trying to get the fibre boost included but dont know what buttons to push


Great deal poster, I was literally just about to post this myself but mark it at £26 per month after Cashback. I appreciate some people dont like Talk Talk however I think there is an opportunity here for people to haggle with their current supplier comparing talk talks prices with their current retention offer. I'm currently with Virgin with a contract thats about to expire and with the price almost doubling, I'm looking to haggle a new deal or switch to some else. (If I get no loyalty from them, then they'll get no loyalty from me)

TalkTalk Faster Fibre broadband with Speed Boost - Black Friday Deal - £19.95/month 18 month contract
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
Do more online, with more devices, at the same time Stream on multiple screens, download and video call Unlimited usage with average download speeds of 63Mb

My line getting activated in a weeks time, returning after being away for 2+ years. Fingers crossed for talktalk having better service now than back then.


Had TT for about 3 years. Fairly painless so far tbh. Their customer service is diabolical though. I don't think i matters which ISP you go with, someone, somewhere will have had a nightmare with them.


Thank you. Just in case you thought I was having a pop I wasn't I thought the link may have disappeared/changed as sometimes happens on hukd.


The deal was simply faster fibre plus the speed boost for £19.95, I'm actually on TalkTalk at the moment and was going to ring them up and see if I could get the same deal - but before that I thought I'd submit to HotDeals. TalkTalk have edited the page and removed the £19.95 price(my submission was checked by moderators). The best TalkTalk deal at the moment(assume it's still on HotDeals) is probably faster fibre and free calls for £19.95(£24.95 with £5 speed boost).


If this deal existed I would be tempted. My experience with talk talk from a previous contract was good. I wonder if the OP could clarify the deal

Add TalkTalk Sky Cinema £8 a month. No Contract
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
You can now get 50% off TalkTalk Sky Cinema at £8 a month. Currently £10 at Sky and you can remove it anytime. No contract nedded

I'm in 2 minds getting this with their boost broadband. Do they deserve the bad reputation they've got....I've only stuck with virgin and sky in the past. Getting a bit reluctant to move to them...


People do really hate TalkTalk here. Good deal for me anyway


I'm on Talk Talk Sky Sports for 18 months at £8 a month, not sure how many months I have left. It might still be on offer.


Hopefully sky sports will come down, the joint package is really expensive atm

Faster Fibre Broadband £22.50 pm 18 months @talktalk (possible £85 tcb) = £405
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Unlimited usage with average download speeds of 36Mb Do more online, with more devices, at the same time Stream on multiple screens, download and video call Price fixed for the … Read more

Did you get any cashback by the way of a high street voucher? We went back to talk talk in October and although we didn't go through the cash back sites we did get the £75 high street voucher. This has already been paid.


I found this thread as I am having major problems getting cashback from talk talk after I signed up through a Topcashback link in August. 16 weeks later and no cashback confirmed - status is still pending. I had some help from a Talk talk community member called OCEArne but he's ignoring my posts and messages now. Anyone got any ideas how to push for the cashback, as it was the only reason I joined Talk talk due to Virgin price rises this autumn? Thanks


Worlds worst ISP/phone supplier!!!!!!!!!! Would not go with them for free... :{


Over the phone. They’ll do speedboost for free if you ask, reducing from £25 to £22.50


Link please ?

TalkTalk Friends & Family Deal £19.95 p/m 18 months includes line rental - Faster Fibre Broadband £359.10
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
Faster Fibre Broadband UK’s lowest fixed price Fibre TalkTalk Friends & Family Deal £19.95 a month was £33.50 For 18 months, including line rental Add a FREE TV Box or Ha… Read more

Sorry to sound snappy. My apologies.


I was genuinely interested what else was available through chat as dealing on chat would lose the cashback. This deal is available through the special friends and family deal link, not other sales channels, with the additional cashback with a url tweak. Nothing at all difficult for me to understand :/ - and I am staying with Virgin so have no interest in the deal now anyway :D . Best wishes with your deal.


Im not”lookimg to achieve anything” i didnt want to cancel with my provider only to find out that i could get this deal. Is that a hard concept for you to understand


What more are you looking to achieve going on chat, when the link works, shows the offer and you could potentially get cashback too? Admittedly there is an issue with adding £5 for unlimited calls, but the rest of the deal would go through?


Fibre Broadband ONLY £23.50 a month inc Line Rental @ Talk Talk
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Hi Everyone Just moved home and received an amazing offer from TalkTalk, its cheaper than BT and Sky over the 18 months and they promise not to have any price increases during the… Read more

I tried to sign up with TalkTalk this month. Signed up on the 3rd, and earliest engineer appointment they had was the 25th. Then last Monday I had a text saying: “We're having to sort a problem with your order before we can get you up and running. Don't worry, we'll let you know as soon as possible if there's a small delay to your go-live date.“ I was sufficiently intrigued to contact them, and it turned out they had taken too long to try and port the landline number, which had been disconnected by Virgin, who we had just left. And contrary to “we’ll let you know”, they said I had to cancel the order, wait 48 hours for it to go through, and start all over again. They’d also cancelled the engineer appointment without telling me - I’d specifically booked a day off work to accommodate it. 48 hours came and went, then they said they’d call on Monday. I just told them to make sure it all got cancelled, and moved on. So I’ve got absolutely nothing from them, but have lost my phone number which I’ve had for 15 years, as well as a day’s holiday.


No from an advert. When I did join they give my a further discount on my sim only contact


Did you get the £20 deal as you was a Vodafone mobile customer?


I got the same deal only £20 with Vodafone. Also big plus no Indian call centres.


Thanks for taking the time to post OP. Sorry this isn't a deal its just the going rate. Plusnet is £23.99 for fibre broadband and you can get £70 quid cashback Now broadband often have an offer where its only £20 per month too inc line rental, that offer just finished. I used to be with TalkTalk years ago and they were OK in my area but I know plenty of others who have had issues.

Unlimited fibre broadband £22.50 per month @ TalkTalk
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Unlimited fibre broadband £22.50 a month. Unlimited usage with speeds up to 35mbs. Guaranteed no mid contact price increase. Includes WiFi hub. If you are not happy you can leave … Read more
Avatardeleted1132166Get dealGet deal

It's £23 for 60+mb through a comparison website either compare or u switch I think can't check at the moment if u can't find it give me quote and Ill find it when I get home


Yes I upgraded to the new route. Had it 8 weeks and can't fault it


I had no problems when with Talk Talk. Just a nightmare trying to leave without being fleeced. Their foreign robots mentioned above do their best to be as thick and clueless as possible. In the end I got help from their UK executive team and a goodwill payment, in respect of not murdering any of their call centre staff or online foreign robots. I wouldn't rule out returning for an amazing deal but would escalate any complaint immediately to their UK team. Even then I don't see it happening.


I always vowed I would never go to TalkTalk but they offered this deal (plus £60 cashback, which I received two weeks ago) and I went. Couldn't be better, I've not had one single drop since May. Lovely looking router too.


Went on live chat and quoted this that I saw on there forums...... Your existing router is not classed as a Super Router and as a Fixed Low Price Plan customer you are entitled to a DSL-3782 or HG633 router which are the two currently supplied. The TalkTalk Community support team will return on Monday. Until then the best options for TalkTalk support are LiveChat or Messenger on the MyTalkTalk mobile app (8am to 10pm). What I suggest is to go onto LiveChat and simply ask for the Super Router you're entitled to. Say Community has confirmed your entitlement. Any problems, come back and let us know. But all being well you'll get your Super Router delivered by courier early next week. They sent out a new hub free of charge.

TalkTalk Faster Fiber Upgrade (Existing Customers?) - £22.49 / month (check emails)
Found 31st AugFound 31st Aug
TalkTalk Faster Fiber Upgrade (Existing Customers?) - £22.49 / month (check emails)
CHECK YOUR EMAILS - I got an email with a “one-click upgrade” link attached. Clicked it and immediately got an upgrade from 19 Mbps (Approx) Fast Broadband to there 70-80 Mbps (App… Read more
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Been looking through some deals with Talktalk, saw this post and went on Talktalk webchat, managed to get this same deal today, £22.49 for 70-80Mb fibre speed. I was paying £25 for their 36Mb fibre, so happy with the end result :)


Thanks for pointing this out, I've just upgraded from paying £20 for standard broadband to £19.95 for fiber. I've never had any trouble with talktalk personally, and as we live in a flat they seem to be the best way to get Sky TV using their boosts. I'll have to wait and see how their speeds are when it comes into effect, but worst comes to worst I can use it to get out of my contract (they're a little cheeky though, apparently I have 20 days to cancel my contract starting from today, but the fiber won't be activated until the 13th)


And I quote "Clicked it and immediately got an upgrade". Everything else I said is also true, clicking might get you an upgrade, but there are no guarantees. There are a couple of entire estates near me that cannot get fibre, even though it runs down the road right past them, because BT contractors in the 80's and 90's used aluminium cable instead of copper. (BT PR are mealy mouthed about this, they constantly say "BThave never used aluminium", neglecting to mention all the contractors they allowed to use the stuff).


I literally clicked the button and they’ll send me a router to plug in when it’s ready in a few weeks time - Nothing more than a wait whilst they switch me over so not misleading at all! There is no such thing as “instant” broadband except for cellular services to my knowledge so I hope that clears it up for you and others here (embarrassed)


The post is slightly misleading, clicking a button doesnt get you fibre broadband in an instant; it gets you a fibre upgrade appointment sometime in the future, it will take at least a week, and probably longer; plus you may need a new router. This is always assuming that your local cabinet is fibre enabled, you are close enough to get the service, and that there is spare capacity for you to be connected; plus speed will be dependant on various factors, including distance and the general condition of your copper phone line. (Forget it if you are lumbered with aluminium cables).

Unlimited Fibre Broadband. with no mid-contract price rises £23.50pm (18 month contract) + £9.95 del - £432.95 @ TalkTalk
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
Unlimited Fibre Broadband. with no mid-contract price rises £23.50pm (18 month contract) + £9.95 del - £432.95 @ TalkTalk
Unlimited Fibre Broadband. with no mid-contract price rises. Our award-winning Fibre Broadband is totally unlimited and comes with our game-changing new Wi-Fi Hub. Perfect for lot… Read more
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Yes, the worst provider all around. I had for many years an extremely stable fiber connection, after moving to TT my speeds are awful, it goes down to under a meg and up to 3 meg on a good day when I always had a stable 76meg connection with all other providers. Cant wait to get out of contract ... also customer service is useless, getting on the phone with them is almost impossible and reporting a fault even worst...


Can you show me where and how to get this deal please.?




You can phone them and get it for £19


Im agree, but for free maybe i can change my mind (embarrassed)

Talk talk unlimited fast broadband now just £18.95 a month for 18months Inc line rental + £9.95 for router del = £351.05 for 18 months
Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug
Talk talk unlimited fast broadband now just £18.95 a month for 18months Inc line rental + £9.95 for router del = £351.05 for 18 months
I know this isn't fibre or the fastest but for £18.95 a month I thought this was decent considering Virgin are hiking their prices up.
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yep. you have 20 days or something like that to get out. i just change my talk talk contract to this one on 18.95 a month. was on 22 so that is me happy. Everyone needs to moan / change contract before 12-18 months is up. Sad but annoyingly true.


just cancel the contract now or that's going just cancel the contract now or that's going to be your life for the foreseeable future, should be able to back out via ofcom as they clearly aren't capable of delivering any viable/usable service - shop around for a company that works. I left in 2008 because the company was exactly the same, I have no idea how they survived a decade since, I hear they keep getting bought out though to stay existing


I have only been with them a week, still no active phone line and the broadband comes and goes, I had a full week off work last week and wasted the whole week arguing for hours and hours with these people, their technology department that you get passed to is a foreign call centre that is full of people reading from a scripted book and can't even help you, I spent an hour and 10 mins talking to a woman who you could actually hear flicking the pages of the book, and all we did in the 70 mins was turn the router on then off, on, then on etc at the end of the call she said she couldn't help me and I would have to ring back another day. For anyone reading this DONT sign up with Talk Talk you will regret it.


Two weeks ago I switched to Talk Talk fast broadband (ADSL) for £17 per month on a 12 month contract with free router. I thought it was strange to have a 12 mth contract cheaper than the 18 mth but I'm happy to switch again when contract expires. My d/l speed is 5-10‰ faster than previous provider and, more importantly, the connection is stable and constant. With previous provider, connection would drop every few minutes starting at the same time every day. Was with them for 12 years and this started within last 2 years so it's clearly their doing. Happy with Talk Talk so far. Everything they have said would happen has happened and as planned. Early days but no problems so far. This deal is for 'regular' ADSL, not fibre. There are still many of us that can not get cable or fibre at our residences, unfortunately.


Bt who I'd been with for many tens of years and had fttc with them for a number of years used to charge me over twice the price talktalk charge. Line rental and 76mb fibre is £25 per month while BT were around £19 for line rental alone with another around £30 for 76mb fttc. They wouldn't deal with me and even said my price would increase by 50p if I dropped my speed (since everyone was getting free upgrades if their line was capable then anyway.) Not that Talktalk have a clue and I've had problems since switching with speeds dropping etc, The latest thing is my max attainable keeps dropping and has gone from 96mbps to 80mbps with my sync dropping from 79mbps to 68mbps.

TalkTalk £23.50 per month Fibre Broadband 18 months +£9.95 Equipment Delivery Charge £432.95
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
TalkTalk £23.50 per month Fibre Broadband 18 months +£9.95 Equipment Delivery Charge £432.95
This seems one of the cheapest Fibre deals (excluding hyperopic which isn't available in my area) but I can't see it posted on HotUKDeals. I'm trying to get out of my expensive Vi… Read more
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Yes I got it for £22.50. £9.95 delivery charge, but £100 cashback through Topcashback. Always worth looking at Topcashback.


As I started to type this comment my connection dropped out again (mad) I can't wait until Tues , we get to leave talk talk without charge because of poor service. We were only 5months into the contract but not once in all that time did we get half of the guaranteed speed. We were paying for fibre plus but lucky to get 20 mbps. We had more online chats , line tests and engineer visits in that time than in the previous 12 years .


It does in our house (mad)


Appalling customer service, I wouldn't have their broadband again if they paid me!!!


Me too

Talktalk faster fibre with speed booster 63 mb £25 p/m 18 months Free activation, Free hub £450 - £50 quidco cashback
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
Talktalk faster fibre with speed booster 63 mb £25 p/m 18 months Free activation, Free hub £450 - £50 quidco cashback
Talktalk faster fiber with speed booster is £25 per month and average speed is 63mb, 18 months contract. Free activation. Free hub. Go through quidco will give you £50 cash back. … Read more

They can't be as bad as BT. Last 3 weeks since they got me to cancel a transfer to vodafone - I have been lied to left right and centre, spent hours on the phone to them as well as online chat and emails.


Well I keep getting my comments removed so there's no free speech here to describe this company. I think a petition to get the CEO fired might be needed


100% Agree service never ever worked to the standard they said and trying to get sense out of anyone in there call centre is SERIOUS! 👎👎👎


I thought they got their name from what you will spend most of your time doing with customer service...


Tried to go through cashback site says I still have an account 3 yrs on and to phone them, that would mean no cashback!,

Retention deal Talk Talk Superfast Broadband, Speed Boost, Sky Sports Boost and Line Rental £33
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Retention deal Talk Talk Superfast Broadband, Speed Boost, Sky Sports Boost and Line Rental £33
As title, live chatted with them to get this price. I felt it was reasonable. I know this is very much hit and miss, depending on the wind direction, time of day and whether or no… Read more
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Worst broadband company of all time!!




Totally agree. Been with TT for over 8 years. If you need to get in touch with them never phone, if possible, use the live chat. For example my mothers phone went down last Friday (not TTs fault). Went on chat Saturday morning and reported it and got calls diverted to her mobile, got a phone call Saturday afternoon with an update, same Sunday then Openreach sorted it Monday. Excellent service, I think.


Please don't take it personally mate. It's not you it's TalkTalk as a current customer I think their customer service is awful. On par with another awful company NowTv. Don't stop posting. Just stick your hard hat on and weather the TalkTalk storm (y)


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) wow that's terrible