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TalkTalk is one of the UK’s largest communications companies, serving millions of home internet users. Along with internet access, the company offers mobile phone, pay TV and landline packages, enabling customers to cover all their communications needs. All of these packages are regularly the subject of discounts and the latest TalkTalk reductions can be found at their HotUKDeals listings. Read more

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Talk Talk Fast Broadband - £18.95 Per Month (+£90 TCB)
Found 21st Oct 2017Found 21st Oct 2017
Fibre broadband on 12month contract £11.45pm after cashaback (£18.95pm for 12 months less £90 cashback, £227.40-90=£137.40 per year)
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sorry not so sure I only know it roughly as I never on cable. Gentle_Giant reply have more details about cable/non-cable, it might depends on different case, I think the best to ask your provider (Virgin) or they might reduce a lot to keep you stay with them.


also see this comment from another talk talk thread


3 years of cutting signal which they insisted was a problem with the house, it hasnt occurred in over 10 years with BT though, they will just do anything to pass the blame one and insisted it would cost to send a technician to the house to check the line. I wasted hours with their customer service about the missing internet connection, it was impossible to download anything stably. their only suggestions for fixing were to spend more money, the only fix turned out to be finding a company that doesn't have the reputation of a pile of manure. if you need a stable connection at any time of day outside the hours of 5-6am then you need to go with a company not affiliated with talk talk, the cost of time wasted with customer service will never be worth any money you save.


Most ISPs charge a termination fee; and if you are not on a BT line (Sky, Virgin or LLU), and you switch to an ISP that uses BT lines, you will have to pay a connection fee as well; although many of the big 'n nasty ISPs absorb this cost to get your custom. if you are grumbling about £38, you wouldnt want my ISP; my average bill for phone, line and BB is £54; however I do get exemplary service; my average resolution time for a non physical fault is under an hour, and for a physical line fault 2 days. As an example, 2 years ago there was a lot of damage to local lines and cabinets due to storm damage; both mine and my neighbours lines were knocked out. Mine was fixed the day after I reported it by Open Reach; Talk Talk didnt INFORM O.R. of my neighbours fault for a further 10 days - spending the time giving her the run around on their support line. When I needed a new line strung (more storm damage), I got it in 10 days, against BT saying it was impossible in less than 6 weeks.


What sort of premium? If I was to go with Sky Id just have to pay what ever the monthly bill is lol

Talk Talk Fibre Unlimted £25 a month / 24 months £600 in total
Found 5th Sep 2017Found 5th Sep 2017
Unlimted fibre max including line rental only £25 a month! 24 month contract!! Upto £105 Quidco!
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I already get 17mb on ADSL with ee. There is no misinterpretaion on my behalf. I have a transcript of my conversation where I asked what it meant. TT - "We will try to do better , but if that`s all it ever gets to, then we have provided the service you require" ME - "I get more already?" TT - "You would still have to stay until the contract expired" Can you see why I didn`t sign up with them for £19.99 a month now? Talktalk and Sky both have a presence in my local exchange according to Sam Knows The last time BT were here with a Hawk machine it said 31 meters to the kerbside box and 191 meters to the exchange


I believe providers are obliged to state the minimum speed that can be reasonably expected to be achieved. As TT decline to provide a service less than 2Mbps, the default minimum speed provided by TT is 2Mbps. Suggest there is some ambiguity / misintepretation of service spec. TBH if you can see the exchange from your property and there are no bizarre cabling routes you should reasonably expect an ADSL sync speed somewhere near 20Mbps.


Thanks. My point is that the line achieves 17mb already and I can actually see the exchange from my house. To say that after switching over to them on ADSL, I should accept 2mb is laughable and never going to happen. As it is I `m switching to Vodafone 38mb where the guarantee is 35mb. I`m happy to sit waiting for them to achieve that as I won`t pay the bill if it doesn`t each month and I`llk actually be using our 75mb Virgin line for most of the interent. The only reason we started looking was because ee put our price up without even letting us know and even after giving them the chance to rectify the mistake of taking a customer for granted they didn`t want to help...I`m nothing if not fair and true to form after signing up for Vodafone, I receieved a call from ee asking if I was changing for any reason!!!!


its a fixed 24 month contarct i am with them and when they lower prices u can too


all the talk talk issues i have ever had on 3 lines at 3 diferent properties were caused by talk talk crappy router, all sorted and stable when replaced for fritzbox's and once an exchange issue took 2 days to fix

Talk Talk Sky Sports Package - £8.50 per month for 18 months - for existing customers (total cost £153)
Found 7th Aug 2017Found 7th Aug 2017
Existing customers can add on Sky Sports and Sky Cinema with discounts for 18 months. Plus you can cancel anytime!
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What speed do you need to watch sky sports on this deal,will it buffer,?


Yes and yes, you can record them with the TV Plus Box.


It's always the best way to get a discount (at least to have ANY hope of it) if yer able to show the retention dept you have options. It doesn't always work, but it's gotta be worth a try. ;)


If you click the box to upgrade you get the message: Great News! You can now record all channels from any of our TV Boosts as well as continuing to pause, skip backwards and forwards while watching your favourite channels in the TalkTalk Player I've just got the basic box, so now that I've upgraded to the Sky Sports package I'm going to contact them to ask if I'll get a new box to allow me to record. A bit of a issue for me is that Sky Sports News is not included in the Sky Sports package. I know it's not a premium channel, but to my mind it should be included. Just to add that I contact TalkTalk via live chat and they said I'd have to pay £25 extra for a TV Plus box to allow me to record programmes. I pointed out that I was shown a message that never mentioned an extra charge, but they would not budge.


Heres a mind blast. 'You can connect ANY router to a TalkTalk BB Line'

Talk Talk Broadband for only £18.95 a month - 12 Month Contract £227.40
Found 3rd Aug 2017Found 3rd Aug 2017
Taken from Facebook. Now with FREE set-up £18.95 a month For 12 months, includes line rental & free set-up Stream, shop, surf and download Price fixed for 12 m… Read more

BUT is the broadband speed determined by talktalk or is it determined by the original BT landline or the speed it is capable of doing via the landline system?


Agree with you, still one month to go. Never been blackmailed from company like that.


Never had a problem with talktalk. I have fibre broadband 28Mb/Plus TV/unlimited calls including to mobiles/Sky sports and entertainment package all for £46 per month and also have 3 sim cards 2 with unlimited txts/1000 mins/2gb data for £18 per month and 1 free sim with 200 mins/ 500 txts/ and 500mb data


Worst internet provider ever....


I've been with TalkTalk for years and have no criticism. I get 76Mb down and 18Mb up and it's been faultless.

Sky Sports + broadband & line, just £28/mth - £336 We can't remember a similar Sky Sports deal that's so cheap
Found 27th Jul 2017Found 27th Jul 2017
It is talk-talk but in time for the footy season! Through broadband choices and mse Sky Sports + broadband & line, just £28/mth We can't remember a similar Sky Sports deal tha… Read more

TT doesn't do skygo


You can get HD and sky go for £30 on talk talk?


Me too!


Managed to haggle with talktalk.. Got Fibre broadband and landline for £25 + skysports (£8.50) = £33.50 AND THEY GAVE ME UNLIMITED CALL PLAN FOR FREE WHICH IS USUALLY £7.50. They first offered it for £3.75 but haggled more and got it for free!


Well last time I checked to get sky sports in HD with sky you have to have ... Variety pack (36 quid), sports hd pack (6 quid) plus sky sports package itself (27.50) which equals about 70 quid. Even if you manage to get a 40% discount its > 40 quid a month. You're getting SD here but basically for free, so its an amazing deal. Nexus76, I'd been interested to hear how you get it for 30 quid with sky ....

Broadband + TV + Sky Sports + Sky Cinema Includes FREE set-up + FREE TV box £32 p/m for 12 months £389.40 @ Talk talk
Found 26th Jul 2017Found 26th Jul 2017 Broadband + TV + Sky Sports + Sky Cinema Includes FREE set-up + FREE TV box £32.45 a month Includes line rent… Read more
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What there not telling you is that the Sky Sports & Movies aren't broadcast in HD, they only have a few freeview HD channels..... spoke to them about it last night.


Do you have any further details as I can only see the offer for them separately with broadband but not combined like you suggested and if I add them separately it comes to £36 a month, thanks in advance


Talk talk are the worst company ever, customer service is shockingly shite that's when you can understand them!!!!!


I think they also make a separate charge for caller display @ £1.75. Most people assume it's in with the price (used to be with TalkTalk also) with BT competitors.


was with talk talk in my old property and had absolutely no problem whatsoever with them. they do however get the worst scores across the board for service / products etc. but I never once had a problem.

Found 18th Jul 2017Found 18th Jul 2017
TALKTALK OFFERING TV - SKY SPORTS FOR 8.50 A MONTH FOR 18 MONTHS Note that there is no contract, so you can cancel at any time. - LadyEleanor Best add it is a TalkTalk boost. I… Read more
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You cannot record them unless you already have a Youview+ box or you pay a one-off £25 fee and additional £5 per month for the TalkTalk plus box (which also adds 6 Sky channels (including Sky Sports News). The free lite box that you get for your £8.50 subscription doesn't record, it only pauses and rewinds live TV.


For info, if you already own a BT youview+ box, you can record your TalkTalk Sky Sports TV boost channels ok without the need to install TalkTalk's TV boxes. So unless you really need two boxes that can record, you could just opt for the free TalkTalk lite box with your TV boost.


Probably due to a mix of TalkTalk haters and envious Sky subscribers stuck in contracts and paying over the odds for their Sky packages just to get Sky sports.


Rubbish bt youview one is ten times better


What's people's experiences with the talktalk box?

Talktalk retentions entertainment boost £8 for 24 months
Found 24th Jun 2017Found 24th Jun 2017
just agreed Talktalk TV entertainment boost £8 for 24 months. seems decent alternative to freebies etc
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you appear to have a problem with a stuck shift key.


Been with TT for over 8 years as well; home phone and 38mb Fibre. Never had any issues with them.


Not had any major problems with talktalk and been with them about 8 years. I renewed my contract with them about 6 months ago. I get the entertainment package for £6




Talk talk are a horrible company, their customer service is outrageous. Never again.

TalkTalk Plus TV Box (HD Freeview Recorder) (Existing Customers) - £5
Found 6th Mar 2017Found 6th Mar 2017
Existing customers with TalkTalk broadband can go into My Account, choose the "Offers and Upgrades" tab, then "Add TV". This should offer a free TV Plus box, on condition of adding… Read more
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I couldn't find anything that says this in the terms - in fact it says: "Can I add TV at any stage? Yes. You can add TalkTalk TV to your plan at any time in My Account. TalkTalk TV lets you pick & mix your perfect TV package with a range of flexible TV boosts, all with just a 1 month commitment so you’re never tied into lengthly contracts. FREE TV Plus Box offer applies when taken with the TV Starter Boost (at £5 per month). Features pause and rewind (for up to 2 hours), record (up to 180 Standard Definition hours), access to around 80 Freeview channels, 7 day catch up (available for certain channels only and not all programmes available on channels where catch up is available), and access to TV Boosts and on demand content. Freeview channels are subject to location and other factors. Please see Freeview for more information. You need to connect your TalkTalk TV Box to the internet and your TV aerial." at - which I read as that the contract length of the existing plan remains, but that the TV service just gets added onto it. Of course, I am happy to be corrected if there's something in the terms to the contrary that I've missed.


I would check first that you are not entering into a new 18 month contract I been with talk talk for years and i find them great but when you do have to phone in for anything then its at least a 30 min call to sort out anything By the way any one with a talk talk account can get a free sim deal that gives you 200 min , unlimited text , 200 MB data a month for free while you are with them , great if your not a heavy user


The extra channels, IE sky starter boost, entertainment, sports, kids or movies boost are minimum 1 month commitment, by taking the stb you will be committing to a long term contract. IE 18 or 24 month.


I'm sure they've got quite a few in stock ;)


Are you sure? When you go to the order page, it says "Minimum 1 month contract" - hence being able to cancel it after the first month.

Superfast Broadband (including line rental, genuinely fixed price TalkTalk 18 month contract) £27 pm.  £5 pm anytime landline and mobile calls. £85 TCB. Free data/calls SIM, Caller Display, Call Divert, Call Waiting, 3-Way calls etc
Found 1st Mar 2017Found 1st Mar 2017
TalkTalk are keen to boost their customer base, and they're the only company actually offering a genuinely fixed price for the whole of the contract - guaranteed no price increases… Read more

That includes line rental, of course.


That seems a lot. I'm currently paying £32pm for fibre, anytime (not international), Caller Display, Call Divert, Call Waiting, Reminder Call, Ringback, and Three Way Call. The Call Divert works particularly well with the anytime calls - no forwarding costs at all. Whether you can negotiate effectively will depend on whether or not you're out of contract. If you are, you should be in a very good position.


Thanks so if I upgrade I should get it for £5 I'm paying £41 at the moment for standard with anytime and international so seems if I upgrade to fibre I should get it cheaper


Probably - though you might be able to negotiate something with them. The £5 is part of this deal (along with all the free add-ons) and the normal rate is £7.50.


Is £5 a month anytime and mobile a special deal I am paying £7.50 and that is what the price is in my boosts page

Switching from BT? Faster Fibre Broadband £27pm, unlimited & including line rental (Genuinely FIXED PRICE) with TalkTalk - unlimited (£110 cashback from Quidco as well) + free call divert, ringback etc + free SIM
Found 11th Feb 2017Found 11th Feb 2017
This will go really, really cold because it's TalkTalk, but who cares? Looks like a great deal for fibre+line rental with a price that won't increase throughout the whole contract… Read more

​i got 90


Just a tip for anyone who went through Quidco for the £110 cashback - you may find they've paid out just £50. The usual Quidco con - challenge it!


TalkTalk's much criticised by people who've never used it. Those of us who have know it to be somewhat better than BT, and much on a par with Plusnet. None of them can match Zen - but they don't match Zen prices, either. Check out the reviews - BT's reviews are rather worse than those of TalkTalk.


24 month contract err no thanks! also wouldnt trust them after losing everyonrs personals details lastly the customer service are mainly based in south africa they hardly cummunicate and listen to your problems I can safely say this is the worst company in Britain and urge people to stay away they clearly not intetested in keeping people personal data safe not providing good customer service Good Luck to Charles Dunstone for turning a failing business around


Just selected this deal been with talktalk for years couldnt find anything better fibre, line rental and free sim card for £27 was previously paying about £26.50 for same so no big increase and no disruption gonna get the free sim buy cheap handset and use as spare talktalk sending out new upgraded router. Also thinking of buying speed boost £5 one month to try the 78mb. Can still cancel if anyone knows a better deal

TALKTALK: Boradband, Line rental, and Sim offer £20 (retention deal)
Found 27th Nov 2016Found 27th Nov 2016
Just renewed my contract with TalkTalk fixed for 18months. Phoned up to cancel and was given and mazing deal, new customers can also try it. I got broadband and line rental, with… Read more

​They may have some ports free or will be available soon. You could be cheeky and call back to discount your total package to £25.


just phoned talktalk to cancel cos they didnt do fibre in my area they offered me 76mbs on a boost for £30 mth including line rental super router and 500mb sim (was originally told only bt + sky do fibre in my area, so how come it changed when i was leaving)


So, why not open the Virgin network in the same way?


Thats why.


TalkTalk contracts are for 18 months. For standard Fibre is is almost £10 month off. Still expensive. But no doubt I will be forced to return in 1 year to them due to high BT prices at month 13. BT was privatised, shareholders paid for the infrastructure, why should they give it away? Cable providers built their own infrastructure and I do not see people claiming Virgin have a monopoly on super fast internet via their fibre optic network. If Virgin did not have a monopoly then prices would be lower. Why isn't Virgin forced to offer wholesale prices?

TalkTalk Fibre - Free Setup, Free TV Box, £32 inc Line Rental + £150 TCB CashBack. Eqv of £23.66pm
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
I've been looking around for a new internet deal since BT want to charge me a small fortune. TalkTalk have come up the best for today only: - £32 a month for Faster Fibre (up to … Read more
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Ah, wish I did that now!


​Same here, my missus has 2 months left to go on her BT contract. Line Rental is all paid up and the monthly bill is £9.50. Rang up and they wanted £150 to cancel it and if any new provider wanted to use that line it would be classed as cancellation and didnt even offer an incentive to stay. Went through talktalk and insisted i needed a new line and cancelled today to try and get the cashback now its like £150. Cancelled easy as pie and well cant ask for a new line to be put in online so scuppered that. But got in touch with BT put it in my name and having a new line put in, so 58gb plus the basic tv and phone after paying the line rental saver and other chargers gets it to the equivalent of £33 a month. Hopefully the Topcashback will track and the £100 card will appear but its only what we were going to pay with talktalk. And honestly the negative reviews of talktalk plus it being an 18 month contract swayed me back to BT.


TT residential has a bad reputation for customer service however TT Business gets great customer service reviews(UK based) - there is currently £150 cashback(TopCashBack) for TT Business Complete Fibre(includes lots of extras like free calls etc) - costs £45(inc VAT)/month with 24 month contract. When you take account of cashback you're paying about £38/month over 24 months(and that includes free calls). After the first twelve months you can break your contract with £125 early termination if you want - assuming they don't raise prices and allow you to terminate penalty free.Effectively £38/month, great customer service, free calls - might be worth a look -


Select the speed boost option, it takes it to £32 and 76Mb, I don't really get the Faster Fibre bit though as surely Fibre should be 38Mb and Faster Fibre be 76Mb Yup. Three, EE and O2 signal around here is shocking so we have no choice but to use the home phone. Latest BT bill came in at £68 thanks to internet & line rental, plus £2.50 for evening & weekend calls and then calls made outside that time. At £37 a month all in for everything, it's a no brainer than BT can't come close to and unfortunately when you're almost halving your bill its a chance I'll have to take Won't be using their router..thankfully


talk talk fibre and hg633 router equals a world of hurt

Ultra fibre optic broadband, York only, 21.70 / month includes line rental, speeds upto 900mbps
Found 16th Oct 2016Found 16th Oct 2016
Ultra fibre optic broadband from Talk Talk 21.70 / month includes line rental ( Cheaper than any other standard fibre unlimited on the market) No setup fee More than 900Mb – uploa… Read more
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Try the "cable my street" page on their site and try to encourage as many residents beside you to do the same, you never know.


After years of being a loyal TT customer I have finally decided to leave. They are going the same way as what Cable & Wireless did before they lost all their customers - once signed up they will start offering less and charge more for the renewal of contract. Also TT have no clue as to what customer service is all about.


Talk talk are increasing all there prices from December this yr so if you do take anything off them ask for it to be locked in so means no price increases for 18 months. Also worth noting all contracts are 18 months including adsl


I have it and the wifi is crap keeps dropping out all time think it's the box but not been replaced, wish I'd stayed with virgin had it since June worse luck so another 14 months with them


Maybe worth moving to York for, if you want bragging rights for speed like that - I mean, it's a lot less hassle than moving to South Korea (another place where I think they have those sort of speeds!)

Found 23rd Sep 2016Found 23rd Sep 2016
You can purchase all sky sports channels from talktalk for £11 a month for 9 months of the football season. For £11 you get access via nowtv to stream all channels for 30 days. so … Read more
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I got sky Q with full bundle and a mini box all for 35 a month


Sky Sports is in HD on everything but Windows, OSX, iOS and Android. Any of the Now TV boxes, Smart TVs and consoles are all 720p.


It's nt HD and is streamed using your interest the quality isn't great.


Sky will do any deal with any Devil if he pays to stay ;)


For comparison I cancelled Sky and they gave me original pack plus sky sports for £14pm and this includes full Sky+ functionality, hundreds of other channels, etc. I guess it's a fair price if live content only is what you would like but Sky will do deals with people that are a similar cost

1GB/s Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband - only £21.70 per month in York area (Total deal price £260.40) @ TalkTalk
Found 16th Sep 2016Found 16th Sep 2016
Been ages since this was posted so thought worth reposting as such a great deal. It is localised - York and surrounding area only - though there is a postcode checker as rolling o… Read more

*update. I went with £26.25 for 6 month and then £29.25 for 6 month on a retention deal. 150Mbit down and 10Mbit up. £4 then £7 more than I would have been paying but saw the chance for a speed upgrade as I'm uploading more these days.


I put in my cancellation on the 22nd so my contract will end on the 22nd Oct. I only spoke to the standard staff who tried to keep me but offered me no decent deal. I have a month now for the Retentions people to contact me and offer the better deal. It should be a 12 month contract yes. I'm also looking at Vodafone 76Mbit down 20Mbit up for £28 as I like uploading to YouTube so if the don't give me a good deal I'll be looking at that. Really wish I could get this 1Gbit :(


I am also on the £19.25 retentions deal and also have the price increase email. Have you contacted Virgin yet - did they keep it £19.25? And if so, I presume it's a new 12 month contract as opposed to rolling?


Just browsing for a house in York....


1Gbs, So that will be actual 100Mbs for TalkTalk then

TalkTalk broadband £6.49 - £8.26 a month 12 month contract £197.71
Found 5th Sep 2016Found 5th Sep 2016
Only for existing customers of Sky, BT or Plusnet. The deal is via money saving supermarket. 12 month contract. £120 Love 2 Shop voucher which can be spent at: https://www.highs… Read more
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Been with TT since 2012, service wise it has been spot on no drop outs etc (mainly coz i have my own vdsl router). Unfortunately my contract with them due to expire in Dec and if i renew the 500 global minutes boost will be removed. These international minutes along with talk2go app (any mins free from landline would be free from the app aswell) no other ISP had this. Moving to plusnet once my contract ends.


Really rubbish ,last month my internet stopped for 14 days and 5-6 times called and nearly spent one one hour on just wasting time on phone and not sorted out as well nearly 14 days very bad experience


quite a few ISPs use TalkTalk wholesale services for backhaul. don't worry about that because tt wholesale are good.


We had problems for the whole of the 18 months contract. We switched to Post Office and problems stayed. Within 2 weeks they got BT engineer out to test the line right the way back to the green box. Turns out there was a break in the line. TT would not accept there was a problem and blamed to many users on the same router. BT fixed the issue within 14 days (messed the driveway up a bit though, but we can live with that) We found out the post office use Talk Talk as a provider, so won't be renewing it.


i found their huwaei HG633 router is utterly unusable with their fibre service. there is a !!HUGE!! long running thread on their forums about it. The only fix is to buy your own router and set it all up manually.

50% off movie rentals & purchases on TalkTalk TV Store
Found 26th Aug 2016Found 26th Aug 2016
It’s bank holiday movie time! We’re giving you 50% off* a movie of your choice when you rent or buy it on TalkTalk TV Store before midnight on Monday. Simply use the code HOLIDAY a… Read more

Good deal, it's a shame that since Talktalk took over they don't do as many of these deals anymore.


Shame they don't still do the £4.50 credit for a pound that blinkbox used to do...... Really made these 50% off codes worthwhile!


It's also off purchases, possibly worth updating the title of the deal?

TalkTalk Customers - Talk2go Android app in back!
Found 23rd Aug 2016Found 23rd Aug 2016
About the Talk2Go App Our free Talk2Go App is a great way to access your TalkTalk landline plan via your mobile phone, so you can enjoy great value calls in the UK and abroad. Al… Read more

I have been with talktalk for more than 2 years & have had no issues. I didn't have a good experience with Plusnet & SKY, while had wonderful experience with Virgin but unfortunately they don't provide service in my area. I had some issues with my broadband speed & talktalk even paid me to buy a Netgear Router, so can't grumble, so far no complaints.


Talk talk charge extortionate rates for call to other countries on both their mobiles and land lines so can't see the advantage of this unless someone can illustrate otherwise


you can get calls from your home Line forward to your mobile free!




Talk Talk....the company that had the Massive Data Breach at the end of 2015.....The Same Company who's Chief Exec....then tried to Defend its breach...Talk Talk the Company that's been Featured in Saturdays Edition of The Guardian - Money Section Many Many Times on a recurring Customer Complaint...(go to the guardian website and read each article...) whereby their customers Accounts have been Compromised regularly .....Customer Account Details have been Obtained by various means(latest breach mentioned above end of last year) & every single Customer featured in Guardian Article(S) expressed the Lack of Response and Blame Shifting from them..... So they've launched an App have they....Hmmm No Thanks!! :( uuuujjj

Rent a movie free worth up to £4.45 with talktvstore
Found 12th Aug 2016Found 12th Aug 2016
Another free rental with talktvstore voucher code is RENTONE42

​No idea. Getting a bit late now and hate not watching half a film but cheers anyway lol If you've any others, I'm open to suggestions :)


I have been busy mate sorry for late reply. Got an 8 day old baby now! Have got an account with Cloverfield with 2 hrs to watch. Do you know if you have to finish it within that time?


Yeah I must have pressed play before and changed my mind. Have to wait now to see the other half!


​Nope :( I slept and forgot lol


Did you get to watch 10 Cloverfield Lane?

talktalktvstore rent a free movie up to £4.45
Found 11th Aug 2016Found 11th Aug 2016
Rent a free movie from talktalktvstore using promo code RENTONE49

they are up now




Thanks, got 3 - different family members email


Right, so what's todays code then? :D


Got a few more, Deadpool, Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Eddie The Eagle and Hardcore Henry. Nice to get something back from TalkTalk seeing as they rob me every month for Internet/phone.

It's Back! .. AGAIN. Rent a FREE movie in HD but today only- from TALKTALK TV STORE
Found 10th Aug 2016Found 10th Aug 2016
Use code RENTONE21 Enjoy! You have 30 days to start watching, then 48 hours to finish. Please don't abuse (multiple accounts) Enjoy!

Just got mine and compatible with Chromecast.


reinstated original deal info - this thread was edited / updated after this member had already submitted the new offer / code Thanks to both members


The code was still working at 12.45am :)


Looks like it has expired - the original post does say today only - which I assume is already yesterday now?



Rent any movie for free in HD e.g. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice @ TalkTalk TV Store
Found 7th Aug 2016Found 7th Aug 2016
Use code RENTONE30 I think there's only 5000 redemptions watch on pc, tablet, mobile and samsung smart TV

Just got mine and the app compatible with Chromecast. Happy days.


Thanks everyone hope you enjoyed your free movie. Seems there was a decent amount left and it was on the front page of the Star. That shows how many people read that thing




"The voucher code you have entered has expired"


Thanks got a Sammy tv. There must have been another deal because I've got Alien in my library. Must have been at the pub that night. X)

All Sky Sports channels £6 a month for 6 months for the new season with TalkTalk
Found 6th Aug 2016Found 6th Aug 2016
I was going to cancel online and got to the final page and they waved this carrot in front of me £36 for 6 months of viewing of all Sky Sports channels Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and… Read more

Well I'm looking forward to the Footy and NFL :o)


​at least you could watch it in sd, I had that offer too but it didn't actually ever work at all, I'd have been grateful for sd!! utterly crap company!


SD is better than nothing at all as I'm not paying £27.99 to sky or £21 to BT for two channels


I'm with TT, last year they had an offer for 3 months free Sky Sports, I took it only find out it was not in HD, I ask TT why that is, they only Sky could give you HD, not them. At the end never watched it, as I hated SD picture quality.


Sky Sports will be SD, not HD!

TalkTalk Unlimited Broadband £90 Love2shop voucher exclusive to new customers who order online and switch from BT, Sky or Unlimited broadband free for 12m. Total cost after voucher = £8.99/month
Found 22nd Jul 2016Found 22nd Jul 2016
TalkTalk free BB offer Choose to pay for line rent upfront. If you can afford to it's cheapest to pay £191.16 for a year upfront (equiv £15.93/mth), otherwise it's £17.70/mth.… Read more
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£120 Love2Shop voucher now until 9/9


Is this offer available yet or not?


It's a bit of swings and roundabouts, I had loads of problems with sky router, the crappy White one. Everything has been OK since I started using the plus net router, so it is definitely the sky router that was the problem. If the HG633 is really rubbish I'll continue using the plus net router. But I was out of options as sky refused to deal, even though a month ago they were giving new customers BB and LR for £5/Mo!


I'm currently on TT fibre and I also gave up using the crap HG633 router after continuous dropouts. I was on Sky broadband before so I simply plugged my old black Sky router in and funnily enough all the problems went away! Not sure if I'll bother renewing the contract when the 18 months are up but I most definitely would have left by now (as a lot of people have done as TT are breaching T's & C's by not providing a continuous service) if it not for my old Sky router

Sweetcorn12 A TalkTalk spokesman said: "We always strive to give customers the best experience possible. The survey contradicts independent complaints data, and our internal data shows levels of customer satisfaction have increased in recent months." TT spokesperson makes comments whilst head is in the sand!!!

TV Broadband phone and mobile £10 p/m 18 months (plus £17.70 line rental) Voucher guaranteed £90 Total £406.80
Found 21st Jul 2016Found 21st Jul 2016
Until Thu 28 July, newbies to TalkTalk can get its Plus TV* bundle on an 18-month contract. It includes six Sky channels and you also get anytime calls to UK landlines. Here's how… Read more

didn't go with this in the end got fibre with BT worked out at £10 a month after cash back also my aerial doesn't work so will carry on using the dish!


Does this deal include the version of TTs Youview box that is capable of recording TV programmes (PVR function)? If so, what is the warranty on that YV box? Thanks.


I just play the game keep changing and grab the deals of new customers only but their Plus TV doesn't come round at half price for full contract very often even though the price will rise at least once i'm sure also the love2shop voucher is guaranteed so it makes it £5 a month for a youview box and you can get sky sport for one month only and someone said you can get BT sports now so could be good of course if you don't have to call customer services! Any idead including horror stories as well! I used them for broadband but i never had any problems so never rung them and still have a £3.95 mobile bill with them no problems with that either


Can you also go through TopCashBack or Quidco, and get and extra cash back, I did with BT last year, all the offers are still available through them. You are right about customer service, they are awful, but so are some of the others.


Anyone know how to get the TCB cashback as well as the voucher? If you click through cashback the voucher disappears! Not a bad deal whatever you think of them! Cancelled talktalk when i moved and the rose prices and took the sky offer of about £1 a month that ends next month so this couldn't have come at a better time

Deadpool HD for £5 @TalkTalk TV (Formerly BlinkBox)
Found 17th Jun 2016Found 17th Jun 2016
Own a digital copy (includes UV rights) of Deadpool in HD for a fiver using code "HAPPY" 50% off all rentals & purchases at TalkTalk TV this weekend, use code "HAPPY" ends mid… Read more

Streaming... go cry me a river ;)


Ah... but it's a stream not a download :p


There's no way Deadpool would pay for a download.


terribly annoying film

Some good movies in HD TO OWN AND KEEP for under a fiver! £4.99 or less from TALKTALK TV STORE
Found 8th Jun 2016Found 8th Jun 2016
Some good movies in HD for under £5- a selection below from a total of 34. Watch on phone, tablet, computer or TV KINGSMAN 4.99 HD FANASTIC FOUR 4.99 HD SPY 4.99 HD

Or: eBay > "kingsman uv" > £3 Buy It Now.


Maybe I was just desperate to post a deal, I'd like to apologise to my family, friends, dog, hamster and pet spider.


Agreed plus half their titles that should have UltraViolet rights don't. Funny that


No probs


For a few quid more you can get the blu ray with digital version included. Plus personally I think Kingsman is massively overrated anyway... :|

Cheap Sim - 1000 mins -  unlimited texts -  3 gb data £5.50 p/m - 12 months = £66 @ Talktalk (existing TT customers only)
Found 22nd Mar 2016Found 22nd Mar 2016
Seems a good deal,. 1000 mins unlimited texts 3 gb data (3g) One year contract. with TalkTalk Mobile.
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Deal finished


i got this offer and had followed the link on tcb but as my father is the account holder it would not let me setup my own details so tcb wont is not showing anything :(


Seems to have expired unless I'm looking in the wrong place.


I've order the broadband offer last week which is free unlimited BB, due to go live on 11th and £100 voucher, via uswitch, my mobiles up too so would like this package, but I'm for ever havinh trouble ordering this on the main site, server is down due to update, will give it ago on the TCB site, if I did it via TCB would this affect the voucher for the BB offer?


I got this deal in Feb . Ported my number from ee to talktalk .well its been hell porting went smoothly the problem is that 3 of my family and 2 of my friends can't get threw when the ring me the hear a cut off tone.......complained zillions of time but it's like banging your head into a brick wall , btw no calls are barred or blocked by me.HELP HELP

Do you live in York? Fancy 1Gbps Ultra Fibre Optic broadband for £21.70 a month including line rental with TalkTalk?
Found 11th Mar 2016Found 11th Mar 2016
Was just browsing the net for broadband deals and came across this deal. Sky and TalkTalk are currently rolling out their Ultra Fibre Optic broadband in York (the first city to ha… Read more

So we can troll a lot faster.


Why are they rolling out gigabit internet in a city full of 85 year old grandparents? Betsy and Reginald will be out having tea and crumpets, not at home torrenting blurays!


God, I don't even have fibre yet, stuck with 7mbps in central London. :(


I've had rock solid 145-150Mbps speeds on Virgin since the 152Mbps rollout and they're about to send out a new router for the 200Mpbs upgrade so I'm hoping for continued success. Their CS may be shocking but their product is good when it works.


So was mine, been with Virgin for three years now, first 2 years were great on the 60Mbps package, then for about 12 months on the 152Mbps package it was ****. They finally fixed my area last month and my connection (now 200Mbps) has been flawless at all times. Until Sky and BT offer those kinds of speeds at acceptable prices, they can f off.

TalkTalk Unlimited Broadband and Telephone 12 Months - £17.70 (with £120 Love2shop Vouchers = poss £7.70 a month) - 12 Month Contract total = £212.40
Found 8th Mar 2016Found 8th Mar 2016
TalkTalk Unlimited Broadband TalkTalk SimplyBroadband with pay as you talk calls. Plus award-winning online protection with SuperSafe Boost unlimited downloads 12 month contract … Read more
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I did the same, but it was so much hassle to renew sim only I wouldn't recommend. Gave all the correct info, they then offered more mins/data and said it would be the same price, got it all recorded, went from £7.50 a month to £10 a month, after 2 months of hassling them they credited my account with the difference, but took about 3 hours in total on the phone. They just lie. T-Mobile were the same to be honest


The actual service wasn't bad but its the customer service! Just don't get it so be prepaired to phone several times to sort the problem the last agent left! Cancelled broadband when they upped prices the only thing thats separate is the mobile contract! Once you've left broadband though you can carry on renewing the mobile sim like i have!


They say that every time they're hacked - and in any event, they still haven't resolved the issue of untrustworthy overseas call centre staff stealing personal data. I admire your confidence - or is it naivety? :|


Service - You get what you pay for in life. If you accept that you are saving money over rivals because their customer services teams are mainly abroad, I don't see the problem. Personal data issues - Some people may **** off TalkTalk for recent hacking issues. They have added further security since so this should no longer be a concern. Love2shop vouchers - You are only eligible if moving from Sky, Plusnet or BT. You need to ensure you do this online, from your home internet (i.e. not on your mobile) and don't have any ant-cookie/ad software. Been with TalkTalk for a number of years now and service has been fine. Heat added :)


Good luck getting the vouchers!!

TalkTalk TV Customers - Try and get 3 months FREE Sky Sports - £30 thereafter
Found 4th Mar 2016Found 4th Mar 2016
It might help someone so I though I will post it. I was planning to subscribe to Sky Sports to watch the T20 Cricket World cup starting next week and ending early April. Checked m… Read more

I think the cold votes are general dislike of the spectacularly rude and incompetent Talk Talk (eg my father's modem failed and it took them a month to replace it without apology) This bunch of cowboys should have gone bust a long time ago. Additionally Sky Sports is a consumer rip off dedicated to emptying the pockets of the poor to give to multi millionaire Premiership footballers and should be boycotted & watched for free on the internet


The offer is for existing customers so people who are not TalkTalk's customers anymore shouldn't be voting cold just because they have had a bad experience with them. For example, I have had a bad experience with Vodafone, O2, and Three but that doesn't mean I should be voting cold on any deal that is posted about these 3 companies. Voting Hot/cold surely is dependant on what is on offer. If someone can find a better deal which probably pays you (as this is free) to watch Sky sports for 3 months then they can vote cold as there is a better deal out there. But voting cold because one has had a bad experience with a certain company is not fair in my opinion. But then again, what do I know aye :-)


probably because it's with the company with the worst customer service in the world. Last week, 3 months after I had left the company I was sent a bill for £100 that was sent the same day as an email telling me my account was in arrears and I would be receiving a visit from a debt collection agency. after almost an hour's conversation with them they agreed I owed nothing and gave me a code to send to the agency that would stop their visit. They said it was impossible to do this themselves. I wouldn't have a lifetimes free broadband from them if it was offered. They are useless! good luck with the cancellation......


Can all the nobodies (voting cold) please explain why is this deal cold? Would really appreciate if you (guys voting cold) share your wisdom (because you think you know better) with us noobs who sign up for something they like and get it for free.


3 months free sky sports was one of the freebies they where offering existing customers for the great data giveaway.

Free fibre broadband - linerental £17.70 / 12mths talktalk
Found 21st Feb 2016Found 21st Feb 2016
Free fibre Internet for 12 months, you still have to pay line rental of £17.70 per month. Total Annual cost: £212.40
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Worst customer service ever. I left them a few years ago and never looked back. For your sanity avoid them like the plague.


worst company ever they keep sending me bills after I cancelled and that took 2 hours on the phone avoid


worst company ever they keep sending me bills after I cancelled and that took 2 hours on the phone avoid


Yeah I'm getting anytime broadband, calls and tv recording from them for £10 a month at the moment but when i get on the order page for the fibre it says it's going up to £20 they're meant to carry your offers over. I'm not really bothered about fibre so obviously that and the £50 is putting me off but if you really want it I suppose it's a good deal even with the £50


If I go to sign up for this it says I also have to pay £7.50 per month for Simply Broadband. So the monthly charge for the first 12 months is £25.20, rising to £35.20 for the last 6 months of the contract.

24 Hour Deal: up to £136.50 exclusive cashback from TalkTalk @ TCB
Found 17th Feb 2016Found 17th Feb 2016
Hurry, this cashback offer is available for 24 hours only! Enjoy totally unlimited broadband up to 17Mb free for 18 months! Plus get free internet security, a free SIM card and fr… Read more
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What were your tactics as I have not had any luck :-( I just get offered line rental plus broadband plus fibre for free for 12 months. Thanks


Phone call


£17.70 all in price for fibre.Did you get this via live chat or by phone call?




Which price are you referring to?

Talk Talk Sim Only Deal ( Existing Customers Only ) Negotiated with Customer Retention Team Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Text, 3.5 Gig of Data
Found 9th Feb 2016Found 9th Feb 2016
Existing Talk Talk customers only, I negotiated three Sim only deals for a total cost of £8 per month over the phone with the Customer Retention team Sim one £4 per month Unlimi… Read more
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ibam88 did you do that through quidco? Thank you


something to make existing customers forget their credit card details have been on the dark web for 4


I have 3 sims with talktalk. on the first 2 i get 1000mins/unlimited texts/3gb data. I pay £5.50 per month on each but received £45 cashback for each through Quidco. The third Sim is the same deal but i got £80 cashback through quidco. So on the first 2 sims i pay £21 a year. on the third they pay me £14


rubbish company. Has caused me nothing but stress - and they've lost my old number during the porting process. They keep saying they're working on rectifying this, no time frames or what this would entail. Don't move to them! hehe


TalkTalk suck. They raised my contract from 12 to 18 months without telling me, and then it took 5 months to change the account holder. That was partially to the girl I was changing it to. She was a dumb.

Free fibre broadband for 12 months( applicable line rental) from TalkTalk - £378.60
Found 6th Jan 2016Found 6th Jan 2016
Free fibre broadband for 12 months, £10 a month after 12 months Line rental 17.70 per month ( Less if you pay 12 months line rental in advance) 18 months contract £100 quidco Tota… Read more
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TT have a very firm place in the market, at the bottom, they are cheap therefore they have crap customer service, you want excellent customer service pay £20 more a month. This is a good deal, fibre for not much.


Don't see how anyone gets a good service on talktalk without buying their own router, the hg633 'super...cough cough... router' they dish out is just plain faulty. I've never experienced a bigger piece of carp.


That's funny just been hanging on to Plusnet 50 minutes to get answer. My broadband download has dropped from 20% from last June - couldn't give a reason so asked me to do BTW speed test - doesn't look like they have an answer.


Year's gone by, o2 (for me) where very good, then Sky BB took it over, rock solid and no problems. Moved to Plusnet and over the year the normal BB got poorer and poorer, causing us to consider their Fibre, maybe that was their master-plan, migrate us to a costlier service? I agree with comments above, you only find out how poor a company is when you experience problems. It was taking me 45-50 mins on hold to even get through to the Plusnet Teams each time.


No, because many other providers don't have as bad customer service as talktalk. BT are close to talktalk Plusnet used to be good, now not so good, but at least they will deviate from scripts and if you push you will get it sorted. Sky, not really heard of any major problems with them

TalkTalk: Free Fibre + £17.70 Line + Add Anytime Landline & Mobile Calls for £3.75 + Value Line Rental & Quidco for £100 saving
Found 25th Dec 2015Found 25th Dec 2015
Unlimited Internet Usage 38Mbps Download Speed 2Mb Upload Speed 5GHz Super Router HomeSafe Security Talk2Go App Free for 12 months, then £10 a month. Line rental = £17.70 a month … Read more
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im on this exact package with adsl. they too offered me the fibre free for 12 months but was not sure....


whats wrong with the hg633? works beautifully here


Talk talk provide a WiFi router - huawei hg633 that is completely unsuitable for connecting to via wifi. There are many examples on the TalkTalk community forum of people who cannot use the router and have to buy another one at anything from £30 to £300. TalkTalk are washing their hands of their customers. Cannot recommend


18 month contract, line rental at 17.70 x 18 = 318.60 Last 6 months fibre @ £10 a month = 60 Total cost of 18 month contract is 318.60+60+6.75 (router deliver) = 385.35 Equivalent to £21.41 a month


Explain ??

40Mb Talk Talk Broadband = £17.70pm + £105 Cashback
Found 23rd Dec 2015Found 23rd Dec 2015
Loads of deals on broadband, phone and tv. I know they're not the most reliable service, but at this price I'm sure lots of people will go for it. Fibre Medium Deal: Up to 40Mb b… Read more

OP here....I actually ended up cancelling talk talk and asking for a refund. They were as terrible as everyone says they are. Still don't have my refund.


TalkTalk have absolutely appalling speeds on some of their packages. My mother uses their lowest internet package in her house and the speed has stayed the same after 7-8 years. Despite all the developments in internet speeds and requirements for faster speeds. Unbelievably, she is getting real-world 1.5-2MB speeds in a part of South London. Those are speeds from 2005 and woefully inadequate for 2015/16. YouTube videos barely work as you have to wait for them to buffer, even on sub-720p settings.


I have had Talk Talk for 2 years. Overall good for me. Fiber large £15 Anytime calls £7 International boost £5 or £5.50 can not recall Line rental £16 or so If paid in 12 moths ahead 10% discount trick if you pay in your bill in advance or something ( I have not tried it but people are blahing about it) I got £100 cashback from topc or quidco when singed up, 1st 18 moths was £40 per months and last 6 £60. All sums up, it worked out cheaper for me compared to all other providers. I might have 2 or 3 times issues with service down (upgrading local exchanges to fiber cabs) but to be honest I can recall last time it was down. Quality of connections is great as I am using Amazon video, Netflix and NOW TV at the same time doing online gaming. Never been charged for anything relating to broadband and service is never caped I also have SSE fiber and it is tad bit slower than TT on same advertised service. Relatives have Virgin and it slows down at peak times nights and weekends. My contract is just up and Talk Talk does not offer as good as deal when you sing up so I will have to eat up that one. I used to have O2 (bought by Sky) and it has been flawless as well. I guess it is best to ask about who has most reliable service in your area by chatting with neighbors and stick to that. No point getting great deal with service provider that has poor infrastructure in your areas. Customer service is on the down side as it is call out center outside of UK. But should you escalate problem it always has gone to UK clling center and tech have been really good. At the end it worked for me, happily 5th year trouble free broadband. Hope this was helpful to someone.


had sky just cancelled due to costs £41 for fibre pro and phone line per month talktalk after cashback would be £24 pm over the course of 18 months


​Sky claim they don't.

Free Sky Sports for 3 months for existing Talktalk customers
Found 20th Dec 2015Found 20th Dec 2015
Talktalk are offering freebies to existing customers. You can choose from 3 offers 3 months Kids Boost 3 months Sky Sports 3 months Picture Box Best of all you don't have to … Read more

Existing Talkalk Broadband customers - Today's the last day to take up the FREE UPGRADE Choosing your free upgrade is easy - simply log in to My Account, but please remember, you’ll need to log in from your TalkTalk home internet connection. You have until 7th JANUARY to make your selection, then you can enjoy even more value with TalkTalk, and you won’t have to pay a penny for it. Once your free upgrade comes to an end, we’ll remove it from your account with no strings attached. I've just activated the 3 months Sky Sports Upgrade: You added Sky Sports - 3 months for no extra cost. Your boost will be available for you to enjoy within 10 mins. Some calling Boosts could take up to 24 hours - but don't worry we will send you an email when your Boost will be ready to use. In 3 months time, we'll simply remove it from your account with no strings attached. Enjoy and thank you for being a TalkTalk Customer The TalkTalk Team Today's the last day - Once it's gone - It's gone!


no, it was down. But it is up now


Only down if you're using a vpn


Because the service they provide is rubbish. Been trying to log onto my account today, but the wesiye is down and the online chat is unavailable.


Done... sky sports:D:D

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