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Tamiya 47446, 1:10 RC Plasma Edge II GunMet. TT-02B 300047446 R/C Car Model Building Kit - £117.14 (UK Mainland) Sold by Amazon EU @ Amazon

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About this deal

The scale of the kit model is 1:10
The electric motor type 540 RS Torque Tuned ensures plenty of power in the terrain
The 1:10 RC Plasma Edge has a pre-painted body in gun metal (PS-23)
Independent suspension and double suspension arm, oil pressure shock absorber, four-wheel drive and high-grip spike tyres provide excellent traction
The battery slot is suitable for all battery types

Obviously you'll need electronics etc, budget about £70 for those
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    Note that this requires electronics to run.

    You can get the same chassis here with a starter set of electronics for probably less than you will buy them separately. The only difference is the bodyshell is aesthetically different:


    Edit - Similar body. I believe the Plasma Edge II carries a price premium over the original, however I think the only difference is the paint and decals. Therefore the original is probably better value:

    Been racing RC cars for 25 years, if you have questions please just ask! (edited)
    Hi Andysan.

    little of topic but I have an original Tamiya Super Sabre which I would love to use again but the front bracket which you secure the spring suspension unit too is broken. Looks like it’s the same unit the wheel is attached too. 
    don’t suppose you know where I may be lucky enough to find one ( left hand side).?
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    Much better getting the wltoys 104001.
    Or the 144001 for 1/14.
    Much better upgradable platform with a ton of replaceable parts available.
    Don't underestimate, my 144001 is one of my most fun projects and it hits 83mph (with foam tires).
    49128765_1.jpg (edited)
    Interested! Where did you buy it from and what did you do to get 83mph?! That’s crazy!
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    For anyone interested

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    I guess this needs battery, charger, controller speed controller etc?
    If so any recommendations?
    This gives you an idea of what you need to upgrade to more safely run lipo and brushless set up tamiyaclub.com/for…ge/
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    Still got my hotshot from back in the day. Various bits stuck together from the high speed collisions
    You can still buy replacement hotshot parts if you ever fancy a restoration.

    Still have my old hotshot too!
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    I'm sure I have one of these from about 1990 if so they were great then!
    Just over 20 years ago I went to the top floor of hamleys and bought a Subaru impreza one, complete with remote control for £300.

    When my mum asked me how much it was I told her it was £30 for fear of her reaction.

    She still doesn't know the truth.

    I feel bad. (edited)
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    I wish they’d re-release the Nissan Kingcab. That with a dynatech O2H motor was insane

    49126789-xbW7G.jpg (edited)
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    Tempted. I used to have the grasshopper in the early 90s.
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    Hotshot 2 for me with the gold wheels.
    Those bleddy heat sinks were not very forgiving. Remember having to wait for batteries to charge off Dads car battery on trickle. 😃 (edited)
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    Proper tamiya from the 80s you built yourself. Unfortunately these are mass produced and pre built.
    No this is a kit to build, not pre built
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    49129257-67BZ5.jpgSold my 1989 Tamiya Boomerang a couple of years ago. So tempted to get another Tamiya RC
    My favourite kind of controller too 👌🏼
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    I Love these Tamiyas, They bring back good memories. I had a ThunderDragon and the thing about the old kits is you built it yourself. Prebuilt isn't the same.plus the box art is great too.
    49130060-MpRRT.jpg (edited)
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    A good 35 years ago I had an Audi Quattro rally RC that went at least 3 mph. The thrills were..... non existent, mainly because after the first set of batteries ran out my Mum decided that was enough.
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    Hotshot ,Black motor sprint was the best
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    How fast does this go and is it 4 wheel drive? (never seen one of these but looks like childhood memories about to make a comeback)
    Yes has 4wd.
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    It’s sad that in uk there is no good quality race tract for on road rc car, my dad used to be a rc racer in hk.
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    Great bit of kit. I've got two (for the kids obviously...) and they're quick and robust. Fun to build apart from cutting the body out. Lots of higher specification replacement parts available to mod it with if that's your thing. Honestly though, not as much fun to drive as my rear wheel drive Hornet from the 80's - that's held together with araldite and super glue. ...go on, treat yourself!
    Had the hornet myself, which my dad built for me. And it always shot off to the side, into the neighbours garden and beyond.... But always survived for more action!
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    These are great fun, i had the Tamiya Fox... thanks for posting
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    It was the Wild one for me, good times!
    Me too! Mine is in a cupboard in the garage!
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    I had The Hornet 2WD back in 1990, what is better?
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    I still use my Tamiya Gravel Hound which is very similar to this. Upgraded pretty much everything though, so not much is original now. Crazy fast thing, but my batteries don't last long.
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    How do buggies handle compared to Stadium trucks? Never had a buggy, but did have a Traxxas Nitro Rustler back in the day. That was only 2wd, but pretty fast and could handle most terrain I threw at it
    Don't think the handling matters too much when they only do 15mph, unless you're planning on changing out the electrics i guess
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    I bought the tamiya deal last Xmas . But haven’t driven it.

    This is a better chassis than the fighter  (edited)
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    What's the battery voltage?
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    My son has one of these, they are worth the punt. Buy a cheap controller and away you go
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    Gun metal eh?
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    Does it come with metal bearings or are these still plastic
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    Yous are making me think I’ve bought the wrong Christmas presents for my kids. I used to spend days outside with mine. I couldn’t charge the batteries fast enough!
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    Neo scorcher is the same chassis as this and available at a lower price.

    The TT02 can also be had "in a bag" for much less, allowing you to customise the final look with your own choice of body and wheels.
    Although this doesn't need painting
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    Bear in mind these are toys. In actual racing Tamiya had/have the habit of coming last. (edited)
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    I got my Vanessa lunch box still. I got her over 20 years ago but in need of some tlc
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    I had an optima mid custom … loved it
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    Got my kyosho Lazer zxr-r kicking around somewhere, great kit.
    Used to race a Team associated RC10 which cost a bomb when adding upgrades...