Tamron AF18-200mm Macro Lens - Nikon £99.99 @ Currys

Tamron AF18-200mm Macro Lens - Nikon £99.99 @ Currys

Found 18th Jul 2013
This is a pretty good lens if you want a do-it-all lens.

Delivering a focal range equivalent to 27-300mm on most DSLRs, the Tamron 18-200mm is a highly versatile lens. Its massive 11.1x zoom range allows you to capture both wide landscape shots and decent close-ups of distant subjects such as wildlife without worrying about carrying additional lenses.

Unsurprisingly a lens with this kind of focal range is rarely going to perform as well as one with a shorter range, but we were impressed overall by the results possible. Certainly unless you’re into extreme wide or telephoto work, or demand the ultimate quality, you could really be very happy with one of these lenses. Indeed many photographers could fit one and never take it off again – and that’s not only highly convenient but also greatly reduces the potential for dust to enter the camera body.

Amazon ~ £145

Don't forget Quidco/TCB
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Bought it couple of weeks ago, fantastic value for money, and it DOES have a built in focus motor!
Great price! This was on offer from Currys a few weeks ago, and I bought one - I wasn't expecting much, but I've been pleasantly surprised.

I have pro-spec f/2.8 zooms, but wanted something for family/walkabout use - this is perfect, and whilst it doesn't have stabilisation, it's actually so light that I can hand hold @ 200mm at around 1/125s and get acceptably sharp images (compared to my 70-200 f/2.8, when I can't hand hold below 1/320 - 1/400 to get acceptably sharp shots). This also helps compensate for the slow f/6.3 aperture at the long end.

It's light, compact, comes with a decent hood. Front element doesn't rotate on AF so you can use polarisers. Very, very pleased with mine.

Also worth noting that Tamron offer a 5 year guarantee if you register within 2 months
This site baffles me - a month ago this hit >200 degrees, then went out of stock. Now it's back, and it's going freezing?!

Too tempted! Missed this deal last time, but just recently bought a new lens, so not sure if i can justify buying another one so soon
A good deal to me. Not related but I bought a Sigma 75-300mm for Sony also £99 sale at Currys.
I have no experience with photography but this produces great pictures for my Sony A58.
I just went to buy one and its now out of stock. Should have been quicker
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