Found 14th Aug 2013
This for me is the bargain of the year works EXACTLY the same as a tangle teezer but 1/10 th of the price
Comes with a lid and two colours: purpule and black
Bought in Poundland at Leeds
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Works really well with my daughters thick, waist long hair, well worth a quid of anyones money
I'd rather have the real thing that some cheap knock-off like this.
bought one didnt rate it much - but maybe thats just me i have fine hair tho
I have one of these and it's decent enough but pulled out more hair than the real deal tangle teezer does
These are amazing. My daughter has very curly hair and they're the only brush that work with a little conditioner (without screaming). We paid £8+ from boots. Bargin and must buy fro curly or anyone mixed race with curly hair (my niece is my example for this). Not sure on full Afro?
Oh just read again. The make i was referring too are called "tangle Teezers" look on amazon or boots. Worth the extra money!
These look ok but I guess you pay your money and take your choice. just bought a brush called Scaredoo and that has a double sided brush head . Works brilliant and good value for a 2in1 brush.
Saw some knockoff in poundland but don't know if it was this brand. The tips were horribly formed and would scratch the scalp and damage the hair to f**k, so make sure this isn't one of those before excitedly thinking you're getting a bargain
Also in pink too
Poor quality. Better off waiting for a price drop on the original tangle teezer, from amazon.
I have used the proper Tangle teaser for years. Saw this in the £1 shop and thought wow!! It's not as good as the proper one, the top part comes away from the bottom & the bristles hurt. If you haven't used the Tangle teaser maybe you would think its good, but in my opinion it's just a cheap knock off.
I bought one last time it was advertised on here and broke after the first use.
absolute pants poorly made and scratchy
Saw these today and it looks really cheap. I am severely head sore with long, thick curly hair and I find the real tangle teezers amazing but wouldn't go anywhere near my head with this!
took one on holiday, was more scratchy than a normal tangle teezer, but did the job ok. didn't bother bringing it back though!
A good £2.50 cheaper than elsewhere, and still much better than a standard comb so giving it some heat.
Tangle teezer is much much better than this copy.
These are terrible compared to the real one,personally I wouldn't bother,but each to their own.
Saw these and bought one to try my daughter has think curly hair and manages to brush her hair with out any fuss at all. So went and bought a further 2 for me and my other daughter. Fantastic value for a quid why complain
you can also get it in tesco for 1 pound ,i brought one on the 10th
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