Tango 2L 50p @ Asda

Tango 2L 50p @ Asda

Found 11th Jul 2009Made hot 11th Jul 2009
Tango 2 liter bottel for 50p..
i saw orange tango. don't know if online or not.


Great price heat added.

Oooo and here was me thinking that I got a bargain in Farmfoods the other day when I got it for 59p.

omg soooooooooo cheap.... wats goin on with the 2L drinks

On my last bottle of Tango after the Morrisons "buy 1 get 2 free"......will pop down to ASDA and stock up. Thx for the heads up.


Tango... aren't they renaming it to T**t or … Tango... aren't they renaming it to T**t or something?(http://www.tabloidprodigy.com/?p=3435)

No thats just the limited edition 440ml cans that are labeled Tango With Added Tango made to look like Tw*t

Tastes a bit grim but cheap as chips:thumbsup:

99p stores selling two for 99p ;-)
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