Tarantino Collection: Reservoir Dogs/Jackie Brown/Pulp Fiction (6 Discs) - £11.99

Tarantino Collection: Reservoir Dogs/Jackie Brown/Pulp Fiction (6 Discs) - £11.99

Found 13th Aug 2006
Reservoir Dogs - Special Edition: Set mainly in a warehouse in the aftermath of a bungled robbery the story gradually unfolds to introduce the colour-coded gangsters and the planning of the crime step by step, through Tarantino's trademark flashbacks. Four have survived after a police ambush - betrayed. What went wrong and who is the betrayer?

Jackie Brown - Special Edition: What do a sexy stewardess, a street-tough gunrunner, a lonely bail bondsman, a shifty ex-con, an overambitious cop and a stoned-out beach bunny have in common? They're all chasing a half million in cash! The only questions among these players are who's conning who and who'll walk away with the goods.

Pulp Fiction - Special Edition: A spectacular mix of explosive action and wickedly funny humor- critics and audiences worldwide have hailed 'Pulp Fiction' as the star studded movie event of 1994! Popular writer/director Quentin Tarantino delivers an unforgettable cast of characters- including a pair of low-rent hit men, their boss's sexy wife and a desperate, lastchance prizefighter- in a wildly entertaining big-screen adventure that will both thrill and amuse! It's fresh and exhilarating motion picture experience that's unlike anything else you have ever seen!


three classic films - good find :thumbsup:

Really good price on that one. Cheapest elsewhere I can see is £13.45 at foxy.

Except that at foxy you will never get it (at that price)!
Remember LOTR Trilogy? I believe no one was able to get their order delivered by foxy, they weren't making any profit, so they told me...:x


Thanks potlepa ... nice deal, love pulp fiction!
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