Targus 8-button Laser USB mouse £3 instore @ TKMAXX

Targus 8-button Laser USB mouse £3 instore @ TKMAXX

Found 26th Jan 2010
This was a clearance item so may not be available to everyone...BUT I managed to buy one from the Burton-on-Trent branch for £3 AND I also tried my luck in the Derby branch and managed to get another one for £5 (they would not reduce it further...lol) for my son, so obviously they are available at some stores so I think it worth a visit if you're after a laser mouse.

As I followed the chap reducing the Clearance stuff further, along with some bored housewives in BoT (like the pied piper...lol) I also managed to pick up a Billabong belt for £2, a Chemistry set for £5, and some chopstick rests for 30p (what the hell, they were only 30p!) so maybe TKMaxx will start their "final clearance" sale around the country soon...just not in Derby yet the tight wads...lol.

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i paid £14 in TK Maxx a few weeks ago and thought that was a deal comparing with Amazon, so this is definitely hot. Great mouse too.
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