Targus Lap Cooler £6.57 @ Amazon Marketplace (net_price_direct)

Targus Lap Cooler £6.57 @ Amazon Marketplace (net_price_direct)

Found 25th Apr 2012
UPDATE - price now £4.99 plus £1.58 delivery, £6.57. Gone up alittle, still seems to be cheapest around.

Good price i think, especially delivered, got a feeling the postage cost might be wrong.

A tactile soft neoprene feels comfy on your lap.
Use your laptop freely on the sofa, in bed or wherever you want around the house.

Internal storage compartments allow you to conveniently store you essential accessories, such as power, mice, USB drives etc

Non slip rubber handle keeps laptop in place.

Ventilated surface lets your laptop breathe, keeping it cool.
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Thanks Sawb. Looked on the size of it and its the same size as other Targus ones that say for 17" lappies and this one is a 3rd of the price of those.
It would be just another peice of junk hanging around my living room , :-)
think i will stick with my coffee table !!!
The internal storage seems a good idea - Heaven knows where my cordless mouse has got to.... Plus you can use some velcro strip to take the strain off the power lead and socket - I've had to repair so many laptops because the power socket has been broken by the power lead hanging off it.
Great find - thanks.
very impressed with this product. Had my laptop on it for the last four hours and both are still cool to touch
Updated price is now £5.99p plus an additional £1.58p for delivery.
Thanks, exactly what I was looking for and the lowest price I've seen by quite a way.

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