Targus Laptop & Desktop Optical Mouse Bundle - £2.68 (£5.26 Delivered) @ Ebuyer

Targus Laptop & Desktop Optical Mouse Bundle - £2.68 (£5.26 Delivered) @ Ebuyer

Found 23rd Apr 2008Made hot 23rd Apr 2008
The ergonomic Desktop and Travel mouse set from Targus ensures you have full control over your computer where ever you may be. Featuring two high quality precision optical mice which will work on virtually any flat surface makes for superb value as one stays at home while the other lives in your laptop bag, ready to be used at work or on the move.

* 1 full size USB optical Mouse
* 1 mini travel USB optical mouse
* Grey
* Extra buttons for ergonomic use
* Retractable Cable on travel mouse


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Two mice...nice for the price...............HOT
http://www.braintree.gov.uk/NR/rdonlyres/60E17A3F-915F-4921-9983-0D423511481F/0/mice.gif :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Delivery charges £7.23 total £ 9.91 :?

Choose Super Saver Delivery total £5.26

Heat added :thumbsup::thumbsup:

heated up good deal

good find

Great deal

Very handy stuff. I had been looking for them.

I think its on Amazon for £2.99.

Shame the postage is nearly as much as the goods, still a good buy though.

Ordered, heated and repped.

Thank you.


I think its on Amazon for £2.99.

Amazon marketplace by any chance?

Heat added. This is £20 in Microanvika last I looked. The mini-mice are on sale at Dealextreme for about the same price alone, but are always sold out.

brilliant deal, one each for the kids lappies = £7.94. job done. heat n rep.

Good find . Just ordered. Heat given.

looks like a real good deal to me!

a company on ebay is selling these for 3.99 including free shipping - so it works out cheaper than eBuyer (with shipping costs added), but of course some people may not like buying from eBay...

Ordered on Wednesday, supersaver delivery, arrived this morning.
Excellent price, also ordered a spare keyboard for £3:49.
I order most of my pc gear from ebuyer and have never had a problem yet.:-D

doesn't seem to work on my vista32 for some reason, having to stick to cheapo tesco technika mouse
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