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Posted 6 December 2022

Tariq Halal Chicken Breast Fillets 2kg - 80p instore @ Sainsburys (Walthamstow, London)

In store: London · Sainsbury's Deals
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I would presume this is a pricing error, scanned the item using Smart Shop and it showed as 80p.

So far people have seen this in 2 separate stores, could be national.

Ignore the cancelled items on the receipt as I accidentally scanned a single box a few times.

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  1. Avatar
    Wowzers! Which store was it?
    I purchased at the Walthamstow branch
  2. Avatar
    Thanks I've just bought 10 packs
    Greedy bugger. Why not leave some for other people?
  3. Avatar
    Awesome, thanks! Raced down and grabbed 10 for eBay.
    eBay sell unfrozen chicken...
  4. Avatar
    Not buying it,
  5. Avatar
    Heat, thank Tariq if you see him
  6. Avatar
    That's a very poultry amount to pay for all that chicken.
    That's one of the breast jokes i've read on this thread
  7. Avatar
    I actually bought these yesterday in sainsburys and got charged full price
    Oh no, imagine paying the normal price for something.
    You should hand over your HUKD membership immediately.
  8. Avatar
    Great price, but unsure how comfortable I would feel paying 80p for all that chicken?
    Food poisoning guaranteed or you money back?
    Freezing it I presume is what most people would do
  9. Avatar
    I was going to get some,
    But chickend out at last minute.
  10. Avatar
    Ohhhh bismillah
  11. Avatar
    Were any chickens brutally harmed in the making of this bargain offer?
  12. Avatar
    They have obly a leg and a wing left when I asked.
    Ended up getting thrown out..
    Was it a case of 'on your leg mate!' or did you fly out?
  13. Avatar
    Cut price chicken zindabad!
  14. Avatar
    Meet should not be this cheap. I'm going to guess the quality of life of these chickens was awful. Red tractor is really not sufficient for welfare standards. I know there's a cost of living crisis, but eat more veggie food instead, not support poor farming practices (even full price I wouldn't touch this).
    I guess you're new to industrialisation.

    Meat nearing its best before generally does not go to banks. If there's an over supply it will be reduced or binned. It's basic, common sense for the food supply chain industry. Makes sense to have a happy customer walk away spending little than to bin it.

    In an ideal world...
  15. Avatar
    Saying this as a meat eater... sad that an animal can have so little value
    Just be glad they don't know...
  16. Avatar
    Anything to do with the Bird flu recently? I know Free range turkeys Will be an issue! Maybe not such an error?
  17. Avatar
    Well worth the 400 miles trip
  18. Avatar
    Have a, have a look. One pound chicken. Very, very good.
    you mean 80pence
  19. Avatar
    Release the geese!!!
    Chickens even
  20. Avatar
    inshallah! Heaaaat.
  21. Avatar
    Surely expired? 1 person benefits from this deal and others reporting full price in their store
  22. Avatar
    Empty bag is 30p, but 2kg chicken is 80p. I have never seen a better deal! I hope there was no war between people trying to loot 😁
  23. Avatar
    Someone, somewhere is hoping nobody realises they got the decimal point wrong major heat for this one
  24. Avatar
    Wow that's super cheap
  25. Avatar
    Great price. Have some heat.
  26. Avatar
    Heat added. Great price if you can get it
  27. Avatar
    Which store was this? Chingford- near dogs stadium or high street please?
    High Street, although someone else said they purchased it near dogs stadium so could be all stores.
  28. Avatar
    Not National and not even supposed to be in the Walthamstow branch it's not ranged. £14.50 is regular price
  29. Avatar
    Dam chicken breast in Lidl is like 6 quid for a kilo so that's a insane misprice
  30. Avatar
    Wow seems like price error as it’s happened in more than one place but good on you if you got some lol can’t even get a chicken steak burger for this price (edited)
  31. Avatar
    Amazing if people can actually get it at this price...
  32. Avatar
    Great deal if you can get some
  33. Avatar
    Amazon fresh will match the price?
    They did
  34. Avatar
    Any other Sainsbury's had this price?
  35. Avatar
    still full price at my local so either not nationwide or they've already corrected the error (edited)
  36. Avatar
    anyone know if they HMC or HFA
    Neither, it's their own unknown form of "halal".

    HMC is premium, so it would be more expensive, and difficult to find.
  37. Avatar
    Was full price in bromley today. No deal here, wild goose chase.
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    Anonymous User
    what is tariq halal? Is it a brand?
  39. Avatar
    What is tariq halal? Is it a brand or what?
  40. Avatar
    Confirming none available in Selly oak Birmingham