Tassimo 32 t-disc coffee pod holder Argos 842/9803 - £5.19

Tassimo 32 t-disc coffee pod holder Argos 842/9803 - £5.19

Found 8th Dec 2013
Hi. First post so please be gentle. Been looking for Tassimo pod holders and found these in Argos for £5.19 so bought 2. They have been listed on here before at £6.99 and the cheapest I can find them online for is about £12. They look good and are good quality so at this price they are a bargain. These are now out of stock for home delivery. Check stock in your local stores by entering your postcode.
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Just what I was looking for. Thanks!
Thanks heat added, been looking for one too!
Sorry but listed before at this price I bought one not very good quality either. I got one cheaper and better quality with three slots from lidl that was also on here a few week back.
Got these, not a great fit for the tassimo pods though.
I have 2 of these...fit the the pods fine....only issue was a slightly bent stand which was fixed with some hands on treatment.
Great budget buy for someone with one of the bargain Tassimo around at the moment...
Thanks OP, just what I was looking for!
I've got and they work. Heat
heat added, have been looking for these.
Aww really happy as been wanting 1 for ages! Thanks OP
My girlfriend bought me the T40 last Christmas, this could be a good accompaniment. Thanks for posting.
Do the Nescafé Dulco pods fit in this please?
reserved thankyou heat added!
Lidl had range of coffee pod holders for £2.99 and 3.99.
head added
cheers thank you
I got one last time they were listed and I would deffo recommend good quality and can fit loads of pods in. looks smart on bench heat added
Got a couple of these, great item
cheaper at LIDL £3.99 if you can find one and holds 48 t-discs

We got these a few weeks back (they were on 3 for 2) and work well.
Fanku !
The lidl ones are great and at the time they were much cheaper. Since they tend to repeat their deals I would hold off for those.

If you need it right now, then this is ok.
Wanted one of these a few months ago but they were too pricey. Don't use my Tassimo anymore now.
lovely perfect stocking filler thanks
Been after one of these for a while. Thanks.
Lidl ones didn't fit Tassimo tho or at least not for me!
Ordered thx
Got mine today, perfect fit for Tassimo, hot chocolate on the left cappucino on the right!!

fits 16 t-discs in each side.
There were several models in lidl. The one I got fits the tassimo perfectly. We got two, one for lattes and capuccinos and another for espresso and crema. We like coffee
link not working??
Just tried the link seems to be working ok now. Tried to find these in Lidl a couple of times but seem to sell out very quickly and never sure when they will be in again.
Out stock everywhere for me
heat for me
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