Tassimo 8 x Costa Caramel Latte was £4.99 now £2.50 in Sainsburys!

Tassimo 8 x Costa Caramel Latte was £4.99 now £2.50 in Sainsburys!

Found 13th Sep 2013
Just spotted this in Ipswich Warren Heath Store. Hopefully nationwide
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wow thats cheap!!!!
Amazing price!
Not available @ that price at my local store :-(
Not at Longwater norwich still full price.
that is what I called TASSIMO DEAL
4.99 in Newport
seems like a store specific deal
dont know if i can be bothered to go check in this miserable weather
£1.25 in Sainsbury's, Osmaston Road, Derby, just bought 6
Guessing this is smaller stores only?
Not even stocked in my store
Bought this last week and personally I didn't think it was very good. I am used to caramel syrup and couldn't taste any caramel in it at all.
Lots in Burnley - Can't taste much caramel however but still a fit price
Full price (£4.99) in my local store,Stafford
Full price at my local, Monks Cross, York. Great if you can get it though!
£2.50 at the Portsmouth store. Plenty available to buy too.
Lots on offer in Cheshire Oaks /Ellesmere Port store.
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