TASSIMO Costa Americano 16 T DISCs (Pack of 5, Total 80 T DISCs/pods) - £15.00  (Prime) / £21.01 (non Prime) @ Amazon

TASSIMO Costa Americano 16 T DISCs (Pack of 5, Total 80 T DISCs/pods) - £15.00 (Prime) / £21.01 (non Prime) @ Amazon

Found 23rd Jun 2015
A specially crafted blend of coffee beans roasted to perfection to create an authentic Costa espresso based americano, with a fine crema on top. Tassimo discs/pods create perfect Costa coffee shop americano's every time thanks to its clever barcode technology which tells the machine how much water to use, the optimum brewing time and precise water temperature. Flow heater technology means virtually no heat up time and minimal waiting time between drinks.

One-time purchase: £15.00 (£2.08 / 100 g)
Subscribe & Save: Save 5% £14.25 (£1.98 / 100 g)

Unfortunately you will need to spend a minimum of £20 to obtain free delivery.

Still a good deal.
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Around £3 in supermarkets. Not a deal if your not prime.
3 for £10 (6 for £20) at Asda so, unless you're on Prime, you're better off popping down the supermarket.
I don't understand why this is cold...

Subscribe at £14.25 for 2 lots.

£14.25 * 2 = £28.50 (free delivery...actually not even sure the £20 limit is required for Subscriptions)

£28.50 / 10 packets = £2.85 each.

£2.85 vs £3.33 in Asda. I know which I'm going for!
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Change the title so it says £14.25 sub and save .

There is no £20 spend on sub and save items .
You can save even more if you go through it. If you order 5 individual items in a month you save 15% S&S as opposed to 5%. There are some really cheap items S&S, I got some cheap mens deoderant for about 82p. But you obviously need to spend a fair bit to make the discount work. You can also order 5 lots of tassimo in 5 seperate transactions and that works as well. Which would make then £13.50.

Also in my ASDA they seldom have 3 lots of this in, so difficult to get.

Good deal. Thanks
Various coffees are £3 in Sainsburys and you can choose different packs.
Good deal, I have prime too
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