Tassimo Costa coffee 3x16 packs £7.97 @ Costco

Tassimo Costa coffee 3x16 packs £7.97 @ Costco

Found 21st Oct 2013
For costco members seems a great deal. They also had triple packs of cappuccino and lattes. Latte were £9.99 think the cappuccino were £7.97

Found in Birmingham Store
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Not sure if price is showing on deal but it's £7.97
Is that inc or excl of vat?
Including vat £7.97 all in
Actually shows on the receipt as vat free. Guessing classed as food item
Cannot seem to find the product on its website, is this a in store deal only?
Yep they are vat free
Which Costco plse?
these where 12.99 for the costa lattes in mine yesterday
I went to the manchester costco yesterday and they were 9.99 each...
Check the Best Before dates, normally x.97p prices are clearance, usually due to short shelf life (and therefore not guaranteed across all stores). Good price if you can get it, although I was having a clearout this weekend and found 80 latte's that I bought from Amazon earlier in the year that I'd forgotten about - expiry mid November...
Dated 7/2014. Was in Birmingham Costco. Not sure about availability but they have pallets of all the varieties on Birmingham and none were short dated. Only got the Americano as still got loads of Lattes from the Tassimo online deal on here couple of weeks ago.

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They also had the Dualit range of pods, but didn't notice the price
They're clearance because they going to stop doing them not cos their out of date. Bought some last Monday
That's weird as never seen them in the Birmingham store before today so unless they have got them as Costco are trying to clear them out

Cannot seem to find the product on its website, is this a in store deal … Cannot seem to find the product on its website, is this a in store deal only?

The website has nothing to do with the warehouse. Hardly any of the warehouse products can be found on line and vice versa.
9.99 in ellesmere Port branch
£7.97 in Haydock branch, never seen them there before.
None at Derby!
Ooooo might be worth a trip to Edinburgh then. Thanks Op I'll go for a look
Watford Costco 9.99 for triple packs of costa cappuccino or cadburys hot choc.
Edinburgh has latte 11.99, cappuccinos and cadburys chocolate for 9.99 all for 24s. Was there yesterday and picked up lattes.
The Latté ones in Manchester trafford park were £11.99 for the triple pack.
A saving of £2.50
Any idea how long this deal is lasting for ?
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