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Posted 3 February 2023

Tassimo Happy Hot drinks machine TAS1001GB - £19.99 Delivered @ Bosch

Free from United Kingdom · Bosch Deals
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Decent price, if you can live with the colour, supplied and delivered direct from Bosch

  • Perfect drink quality thanks to INTELLIBREW™ technology
  • Simple and easy to use one button operation
    Your favourite drink at the touch of a button.>One touch operation so that you can prepare drinks for yourself and your family with the press of just one button. The machine has no heat up time so you can prepare drinks for the whole family with ease.
    Each drink brewed individually to perfection
  • Adjustable cup stand - suitable for all sizes of cups and glasses, including travel mugs
  • Auto shut off feature for low energy consumption

Highest drink variety and quality
Large variety of high quality hot beverages: freshly brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot chocolate or tea straight away

Two leading companies have joined forces for a high quality hot beverage system

Patented bar code technology identifies the drink selected and adjusts the amount of water, brewing time and the temperature to make the perfect cup everytime

Cleaning disc for purging the system and keeping your machine clean and fresh

Manual adjustment of drinks possible

No transition of taste: brewing takes place within T-DISC capsule; after each brewing cycle system is cleaned through steam purge

Highest Convenience
Easy to use, one button operation with Tassimo T-Discs

Innovative flow heater technology means there is virtually no heat-up time.

5 LED user interface provides user with current information about machine status: Standby, Automatic mode, Manual mode, Refill water tank, machine needs to be descaled

Automatic cleaning and descaling programme

Height adjustable and removable cup stand with stainless steel drip tray: can be fully removed for tall latte glasses or travel mugs

Removable water tank integrated into housing unit 0.7 l

Contemporary, high-value design
Space saving design

Trendy and compact design

Quick and energy efficient drink preparation
Innovative heating technology: only the required amount of water is heated on demand

Low energy consumption: convenient auto-off after brew cycle

Further Specifications
Connected load 1400 W

Brewer dimensions HxWxD: 265 mm x 175 mm x 305 mm

Weight incl. packaging (kg): 2.6
Bosch More details at Bosch
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  1. sotv's avatar
    Cashback 6.3% at Topcashback or 4.8% at Quidco
  2. stressedman's avatar
    off the comments above, I've got a dolce gusto and a friend has the tassimo and i think the tassimo have better flavours - matches the price!

    you can get reusable pods for both machines off amazon/ebay etc and save way more money but obviously takes more time to fill the pod etc
    tariq.muhammad's avatar
    What do you fill it with??
  3. vickstar79's avatar
    Live for the colour? I only want it for the colour!
  4. smush's avatar
    These are like razor blades you get a good deal on a razor/machine then pay a fortune for new blades/pods
  5. Sean_Hollinghurst's avatar
    Ordered! What a bargain - if anyone questions the colour I'll say the kids picked it
  6. Franchesca.Sdoyle's avatar
    Cute machine for a good price, shame the pods are so much
  7. colinthepatterpillar's avatar
    Good price but the pods are ££ personally I think you’re better off spending an extra £10 on a Dolce Gusto machine and getting aldi and lidl own brand pods (edited)
    Wongduk's avatar
    I was thinking that, as lidi do pods for dolce at good price
  8. ThunderHumph's avatar
    Love your ‘if you can live with the colour’ comment. I’ve only just managed to match the colours of my microwave, kettle & toaster but they ain’t pink
  9. anthonyratcliffe7's avatar
    D’lor is double the price but I like it personally
  10. Dazzer68's avatar
    Great size for travelling with. - motorhoming camping etc.

    Does it come with the free pack when you register? (edited)
  11. roadrunner23's avatar
    10% off for blue light card holders (edited)
  12. limeboyjoe's avatar
    Could this be used similar to one cup kettles use to make a cuppa tea?
    aje2010's avatar
    Good thinking Batman. I don't see why not, you could use the Service pod to trick it into giving out hot water. Never thought of this option.

    I couldn't resist at this price though and have ordered one. It will come in handy for times when you can pick up pods on clearance.
  13. Rustybroon's avatar
    Got this but red one earlier this year,same price,kept my Dolce Gusto.Between the two,I would say Tassimo slightly better tasting,use two pods per mug though,love how it seems to froth better.Pods are dearer but Tesco do two for £7,which is usually same for Dolce Gusto.Seems to take slightly longer to brew.We love it for A weekend brew at home😃
  14. ADT's avatar
    Stupid question, but can this be used to make espressos? I only have espresso and was making it with my kettle, but want to upgrade. So it is between this or the on gas hob espresso pot/kettle thing. I couldn't find Tassimo 'espresso' pods, closest was americano. Also the pods are pricey... Any suggestions for reusable ones if espressos can be made from them?
    J_Don's avatar
    Could be what your looking for, like you stated bit pricey unless you buy from AliExpress and prepared to wait a month!

    amzn.eu/d/dud0X0C (edited)
  15. fyke's avatar
    It’s showing £4.95 standard delivery how is it delivered £19.99?
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