Tassimo hot chocolate/coffee £13.99 @ Costco instore

Tassimo hot chocolate/coffee £13.99 @ Costco instore

Found 3rd Jan 2016
Seen these at Costco again, hot chocolate 5 packs at 13.99 bargain.
I think the other one was Americano by Costa but I'm not 100% and they weren't around 13.99 also
Latte Costa was still expensive around 18-19
Not online!
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the hot chocolate is awful.
I had some of the hot chocolate at my friends the other day and I thought it was lovely.
Thank you - is that £13.99 plus VAT?
If you haven't paid your £30 + Costco membership or are not very close to a Costco, Sainsbury's have a good offer on until the 12th Jan,,, the offer has already been listed earlier but they have 4 types on offer Tassimo Carte Noire Classic Pods x16 Tassimo Coffee Costa Americano Pods just read the previous listing for more info
The Cadburys chocolate are currently £4 each or 2 for £7 in Asda too.
My local Costco doesn't have these. Stocked up when sainsburys had them on offer for £3
I will take some pictures tomorrow guys and that was including vat.
Now 11.99 instore!

the hot chocolate is awful.

Don't care for the hot chocolate, good prices on the rest though. The main problem is the HC is powder and it doesn't come out that well, the suchard liquid one is better
What store is this please? didn't have choc in my nearest store.
Was Cardiff they still have them
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