Tassimo Suchard Hot Chocolate Tesco instore half price - £1.94

Tassimo Suchard Hot Chocolate Tesco instore half price - £1.94

LocalFound 7th Aug 2012
Never seen tassimo disks reduced before great price.

Suchards hot chocolate is the best hot chocolate i have found for tassimo too

Yellow label so probably national depending on stock
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good price, may be a discontinued line, I know the Milka one has gone in favour of a Cadbury's tie in..
Yeah I think they'll only be stocking the Cadbury in future.
I liked the Milka but not so much the Suchard.

Great price though.
Great price, I have never seen these reduced before. I LOVE THESE

Thanks alot
Just got some this morning

Thanks again
glad to here someone else managed to get them i got last few packs at my local store
RTC under the price on a Tesco label means reduced to clear, so it's a discontinued line
I never seen any in mine and they usually stock them so must be discontinued. They have loads of the new costa ones though. Americano, cappuchino etc etc
The Milka and Suchard discs are still available on the Tassimo website.

Good price nonetheless, as above these things are almost never on offer.
Both Tesco and Sainsbury are discontinuing certain Tassimo lines this week. Picked up the red label medium coffee for 97p in our local Sainsbury whereas another was charging full price for that one but 99p for Cadbury's chocolate. Its store specific
Hot, sorry to see these discontinued though
Loved my mochas
None at my local Tesco in Beeston
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