Tassimo vivy t12 £33.98 delivered at espares

Tassimo vivy t12 £33.98 delivered at espares

Found 17th Jun 2017
Tassimo vivy t12

Whether you fancy yourself a coffee connoisseur or if you simply enjoy a good tasting coffee, eSpares could have the answer if you are looking for a new coffee maker! With our help you could be enjoying a delectable cup of coffee right there in the comfort of your own home. The Tassimo Vivy features an Intellibrew™ System, where the patented bar code technology identifies the drink selected and adjusts the amount of water, brewing time and temperature needed.

With the Tassimo coffee pod range you'll never be without your coffee, and with a preparation time of no more than 60 seconds you'll only ever be moments away from a heavenly beverage. The 0.7 litre capacity will hold more than enough water so you can have a few cups before having to refill. For added convenience, this model offers a height adjustable and removable cup stand - which makes it perfect for a variety of cup and mug sizes.

The LED interface provides you with all the current information with regards to the status that the machine is set to at that time, so you'll know if you need to change it to get it set to your preferred drink of choice. The automatic cleaning and descaling process will help to ensure that this Tassimo coffee machine can still perform at its best, even after many uses.


Model Number: TAS1252GB

Colour: Black

Wattage: 1300W

0.7 litre Removable water tank integrated into housing unit

Innovative liquid milk technology

Innovative flow heater technology means there is virtually no heat-up time

Immediately ready to brew drinks: virtually no cleaning and no taste transfer between different drinks

Low energy consumption: automatically reverts to stand-by mode after every brew cycle

Auto-switch-off after opening brew mechanism

Safety feature: unintended brewing is not possible

Dishwasher safe parts

Flow heater technology

Dimensions: 342 x 284 x 204mm

Weight: 2.5Kg
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Great if you are on your own or you are perpetually refilling the eater tank if you use the xl pods.

can still perform at its best, even after many uses.

I should hope so, should be usable for many years!
Do you have to use tassimo pods or is there a cheap-er alternative?
eater-tank=stomach ??
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