Taste Card 3 month free trial (was Taste London)

Taste Card 3 month free trial (was Taste London)

Found 15th Aug 2010
Formerly "Taste London", this card how now gone national. It offers loads of 50% dining and 2-4-1 across the UK.

If you've had a trial card previously, you'll need to use a different email address.

Can't go wrong with a three month trial!!

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The direct linking doesn't work for some reason, so here it is

Brill just signed up thanks
Great deal, I've had the free trial before and it wont let me go again !
Heat added.
thanks good reminder. heated up.
Last time I ordered a taste london card, they didn't put a stamp on it and I had to pay £1.23 in postage costs from royal mail. Not impressed.
Good deal, but possibly checks it by post code, as I've tried a few email addresses and keeps saying I've had a free trial already. Shame as my last trial just ran out.
Free Trial is always a Good One bcoz we can analyse whether we can try and use it further instead of buying any unknown brands.
my card expires in the end of this month so will be very handy to get another one. This time I put my husband's name and different email address - worked fine!!!
Great freebie, heat!
heat added
nice find btw
Heat up.
Had a similar thing a (long) while ago with "Gourmet Society" - 3 month trial thing.
cheers (_;)
fab stuff. My last free trial from Crowdity runs out end of month and have just ordered another to my mums address... brilliant!
"I'm Sorry but it looks like you have already registered for a free trial. To purchase a membership click here."

Kinda sad that theyre denying other members of a household to claim the free trial
When does the trial start if I order now? Ideally I'd like it to run till the end of November when I visit London... should I hang on a week or is this offer likely to end..?!
Sucks for me!! I just bought this card for £30 for a yr!!! lol. good deal tho!
Order Thanks
Ta !!!!!:3
If it doesnt work and you tried all family members, just change the surname and it shud work
Hot from me, I'm going to one of these in a few weeks, so great save!
do they continue your membership & take money once free trial has expired?

do they continue your membership & take money once free trial has expired?

No - once card expires that's it
they are doing a 2 month free trial at the mo as well

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