taste card for £29.99 instead of £69.95

taste card for £29.99 instead of £69.95

Found 18th Dec 2010
using the code EMAIL16 you will get 39.96 of the price.
i know they repeat this deal a few times a year and sometimes they do three months for free, but this is what they have on now.
i have used this a few times and have saved loads of money, if you want it for dinning near Xmas then forget it as most places don't accept it in December


Think they are still doing the 3 month for free as mine turned up last week unless that promo has stopped

I started a 3 month free in mid November, and even after 2 or 3 meals I have covered the £30 for this offer. Am 1/2 tempted to go for it, but I still have 1.5 months free to go. The big plus of this scheme is that a lot of restaurants don't just offer 241, but 50% with parties of anything upto 10 people. Much better if you eat out with the kids etc. Also, unlike some other similar schemes, most restaurants can be visited any number of times in a year. I used to be a member of another card, and the restaurants made sure you did not go more than once (they dotted or even put holes through your card). Made you feel like you were not really welcome with the offer.

Yeah noticed that as it says on some restaurants "unlimited use" which is good as if you find a nice restaurant you can go back. I use to have a high life card and they marked their number off on the back of the card so couldnt be used again

Yup, I had hilife for 2 years, and the 1st restaurant I went to it made a point that people were trying to use it twice, so they drilled a hole in the card through their dot. Card was ruined to had to get a new one from Hilife. That treatment put me off straight away. Also, Hilife seemed to exclude all Friday and Saturday for most restaurants. From what I've read of TC, Friday or Saturday evenings are often excluded, but only big chains are allowed to exclude lunchtimes. This means we have been able to go to some restaurants with the kids when shopping on Saturday which is excellent, getting 50% off a meal for 4.

As an extra point, I would really reccomend Fire and Stone in Oxford, they even give us 50% off everything, including drinks.

does anyone have the latest promo code? EMAIL 16 no longer works. thanks.

does anyone have the latest promo code? EMAIL 16 no longer works. thanks.

It would be awesome if there was another promo code, anyone ?!?!

USE EMAIL15 works out to be £49.95

Got mine free with mobile phone contract. Bargain
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