Taste card now just £29.95 from £69.95

Taste card now just £29.95 from £69.95

Found 20th Nov 2011
Taste is a great way of saving £££ on meals out, now its at its cheapest for just £29.95.
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has anyone got one of these? r they good?
I get 20 percent off at Nandos, so no need for one i'm good
I got one through work for less than £20 and not used it yet. I find that the restaurants either don't let you use the code or give better offers without it. The other problem is they often don't let you use it at weekends. Cold from me as I have yet to save any money with the card I have.
I got given one through work - never used it as the times i would have, there were better deals on without using it!!
Another "spend to save" scam
Not going to vote either way tho as it may be useful to people in different circumstances to me
Its good in london, had a curry and starter last night for £6, and many places accept at weekends you just need to book
i got a few off amazon for a quid each (for the year). we think its brilliant and living in newcastle, theres a few places that do offers on weekend.

Check for restaurants here tastecard.co.uk/sea…php
Rubbish. Had a free one for 3 months could not find anywhere decent to use it
maby its just better for london as i had over 30 places to eat within a mile of my home?
It's great in London. Eaten in a few really good places I normally wouldn't have tried.

I'm not voting, but be aware there are other ways to get a card. You can get one free with a purchase at carphone warehouse (I don't know the exact details like how much you have to spend)

You can get one for free with a Timeout subscription.

Personally I got mine for a couple of quid on ebay.
Have loads close to where i live unfortunately most of them are sun-thurs and exclude Decemeber. Amazingley most of the times when they do offers any way.

I get 20 percent off at Nandos, so no need for one i'm good

how ??
This is an excellent card, it pretty much pays for itself in 3 meals. Alot of places are 50% off or 2for1.

how ??

Workig for the nhs?
My girlfriend works for NHS, and if you go to Cineworld at all in Sheffield and own an unlimited card you also can get 20% at Centertainment only
My sister in law has one and has used it many places. she saves a lot when she takes her family out(2x adults and 3x kids)
AFAIK this has always been this price. The 3 months free trial sometime last year came out which is why I signed up for it under no obligation. After that they wanted the normal price. Unless they've recently increased the price, it's worth nowhere near the £30~ they're charging, let alone more.
I got one through the post free, you can often get better deals off the voucher sites
not bad but you can get it for free from CW - my wife got two just for ordering sim cards.
Few restaurants in our area honours it so we get nice discount.

but voted cold for the price - not worth £30
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Workig for the nhs?

ohh so not for everyone then
I have one of these and they are great for families. You make your money back on the first use. You can use them at lots of places all of the country. I used it at the Hilton for a slap up meal and saved 50 quid. Genuine bargain.
i just bought one for £29.95 which i reckon i will recoup quickly enough on the usual chain restaurants.
i appreciate i may not have got the best deal available (and will next year look out for the ebay & amazon ones) but all my friends who have one swear by it
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