Tate & Lyle Sugar 69p @ Savers

Tate & Lyle Sugar 69p @ Savers

Found 14th Feb 2010Made hot 15th Feb 2010
1kg bag of sugar. Thats about as exciting as it gets.... Saves 20-30p depending where you shop, and how much sugar you can take!!


You can get 1.5Kg for £1 at Poundworld which works out a tiny bit cheaper.....

Sweet deal

If you want 15 bags Makro on offer now @ £7.95 = 53p each, (member only) , for single bag this is quite good price.

65p a bag in my local shop, been that price for months, but they are in competetion with the other corner shop

same price as B&M i believe

Been this price in Poundstretcher for about a year and a half.

COLD! My local Pound shop does for 55p!

Whats wrong with the supermarkets.They are still selling it for 93 to 99p/kg
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