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Student discount now at taybarns £4.49 all day mon-fri
Found 16th Mar 2016Found 16th Mar 2016
Student discount now at taybarns £4.49 all day mon-fri
£4.49 for all you can eat?!?? Great price for all you "students" out there! Enjoy!

Didnt realise everyone was up their own **** on here nowadays.


The great failed attempt at offering an American all you can eat dinner in the UK! cold for me just like the substandard food they offer oO


Even students have standards... Low they may be, but the pig troughs at taybarns are lower.


Got to agree. Utter cack


Its not that bad, some stuff is really nice and all you can eat for £4.49 you cant complain.

Family of 4 eats for £17.99 (eat as much as you like) @ Taybarns
Found 13th Mar 2015Found 13th Mar 2015
Family of 4 eats for £17.99 (eat as much as you like) @ Taybarns
I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but thought I'd post. It is for two adults and two children (under 12) and is valid at all Taybarns restaurants. You can book tables w… Read more

Heat added thanks OP !


Wow heat added you must of looked long and hard to find this sort of crazily good deal !!! :)


love there fudge cake and proper whippy ice cream


Wow that's good ! Heat added


me neither, nothing south of Watford :( ...heat anyhows xxx

FAMILY OF 4 EATS FOR JUST £17.99 (Eat as much as you want) @ Taybarns
Found 3rd Apr 2014Found 3rd Apr 2014
FAMILY OF 4 EATS FOR JUST £17.99 (Eat as much as you want) @ Taybarns
FAMILY SAVER FAMILY OF 4 EATS FOR JUST £17.99 SAVE £5.97 AVAILABLE WEEKDAYS 11.30am till late Here’s a great weekday treat – two adults and two kids under 12 can eat for just … Read more
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Thank you for your 'expert' contribution to this deal posting. My wife and I went today (Coventry) and I can assure everyone else that your 'awful' comment is as close to the truth as your spelling. Not everything would be to everyone's taste, but the food was fresh and tasty and the service staff were second to none. So much so, that for the first time ever, we tipped table staff in a self-service restaurant! But.....back to the deal. Just to add that drinks will bump the cost up significantly. £2.35 for 'bottomless' sodas or hot drinks that most people never get the value of.


If you don't want to be corrected, use the correct spellings and grammar! oO


That would be spelling police. Grammar is the set of rules that governs the structure of a phrase or sentence.


most people i know visit as quite close to us, and they use for family get togethers...friends visiting from down south were made up with it and said they need one locally. Its not compulsory to eat your way through all the menu ;)


Been once, never again. Let's just say that the type of clientele it attracts is much to be desired, let alone the quality of the food. A local takeaway will taste much better.

50% off your food bill after 6pm weekdays at Taybarns(for newsletter subscribers only)  all of January
Found 1st Jan 2013Found 1st Jan 2013
50% off your food bill after 6pm weekdays at Taybarns(for newsletter subscribers only) all of January
If you are a subscriber to the Taybarns newsletter, you will be able to download a 50% off your food bill voucher. There is no limit to the number of people you have in your party … Read more

true! Went once, never again! Reminded me off school dinners!


your name says it all lol...


http://www.taybarns.com/content/dam/taybarns/promos/jan-sale1.pdf?CID=%%__AdditionalEmailAttribute1%% Dont know if it will work for everyone.


Nope. Doesn't look like it's meant to be a link to the deal anyway. It's referring to an offer already sent to e-mail subscribers.


link doesn work

Taybarns feed the family for £17.99 weeknights.
Found 25th Mar 2012Found 25th Mar 2012
Taybarns feed the family for £17.99 weeknights.
We are now becoming even better value! Join us weekdays from 6pm 'til late and two adults and two kids aged 12 and under can eat for just £17.99*. Now that's what we call great val… Read more
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Was not great went to the Coventry one o.k if you like to eat curry,fish,pasta and pizza all at once food was luke warm place packed once is to much better off going to a Carvery about the same about of money awful.


You can tell you're in for a quality dining experience when you have to go through a turn style. I went once to the coventry one, they seemed to be using the smoke detectors to tell if the food was cooked. Truly awful. I appreciate that taking a family of four out to eat isn't cheap but there must be better options than this.


The offer might be but the food isn't.


The Swansea one was great when I went in there about 2 years ago. Chicken wings a-go-go


Really low quality food, but plenty of it I suppose.it appeals to some people clearly

Fathers Day @ Taybarns family of 4 includes Unlimited soft drinks only £20
Found 8th Jun 2011Found 8th Jun 2011
Fathers Day @ Taybarns family of 4 includes Unlimited soft drinks only £20
Recieved email today As title...kids under 10 All you can eat buffet style.Been lots of times - great for the kids! Chavtastic!

If you want to spend fathers day with 300 chavs fighting over inferior food products, then this is ideal. It'll be packed and the food isn't that nice. Although you can eat as much of it as you like R


The one near me is full on chavtastic.


Does not include drinks. Checked this yesterday. Saving is £5.80 based on 2ad & 2ch which you'll then spend on drinks anyway. It's an ok deal I suppose though.


it was great the first time i went but every time after that the food has been well below par.


Sorry, misread it the first time.

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Taybarns - Family of 4 eat for £20 - 30th May only - also pick up a loyalty card and eat there 3 times and your 4th is free
Found 28th May 2011Found 28th May 2011
Taybarns - Family of 4 eat for £20 - 30th May only - also pick up a loyalty card and eat there 3 times and your 4th is free
Ok I know I will get some cold voters as they will say the food is pants, only get taybarns up north, blah blah blah....... but I think this is a good price for a family of 4 to e… Read more
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Told ya!!! Lol :|


Cheap food thats tastes awful, funny smells and full of chavs. I'll pass on this one, went to a taybarns once, and ill never set foot in one again! An awful experience


I visit the USA a lot and love the Golden Corral which is believe is similar to Taybarns on a smaller scale. Never been close enough to one but really would like to visit


Average food. Also, human beings are very poor at portion control. Give them the opportunity to "eat what you want" and we (especially us Brits where we like owt for nowt) gobble ourselves stupid because we think we are not 'getting the money's worth' if we don't. It matters not that we feel utterly sh1te afterwards, just so long as we got our money's worth. Absolutely crazy mindset but it is witnessed all the time. Bottom line, leave it for the fatties.


The Taybarns in Swansea is always extremely busy, very successful restaurant! We have some kids in the family so we enjoy taking the whole family for a fun meal, although its not somewhere we go out of our way to visit. Good price :)

Family meal for £20 extended until the end of Feb - At Taybarns -
Found 5th Feb 2011Found 5th Feb 2011
Family meal for £20 extended until the end of Feb - At Taybarns -
Just got an email this morning to say that Taybarns have exteneded the £20 offer for a family of four to stuff their faces and get off their heads on soft drinks!! Not everyones c… Read more
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The one time I went to Taybarns I was surprised by how good it was for the price - especially the carvery and puds. This deal is definitely worth a fiver each imho!


Good - if you live in a handful of places. Location Finder brings up Coventry, Barnsley, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Southshields, Swansea and Wigan!

Feed a family of 4 any weekend in January with unlimited soft drinks for £20 @ Taybarns!
Found 7th Jan 2011Found 7th Jan 2011
Feed a family of 4 any weekend in January with unlimited soft drinks for £20 @ Taybarns!
As title... Feed a family of 4 any weekend in January for only £20 with unlimited soft drinks! OK Taybarns isn't for everyone but just thought i'd share as although i dont like, m… Read more

You can ask for a clean plate if you're too posh to eat off the floor. :D Hot deal if you want his sort of thing, thanks OP.


brill thanks


It's possible to be bad food as it's all pre-prepared and shipped in. In the Coventry Taybarns they have massive vats of hot water on display that keep warm the boil in the bag curries/chinese food. All sausages and chips are all just frozen and fried - it isn't "prepared" at all, unless you count removing from a cardboard box preparing. As for the cleanliness, just give it a while! The one I went to had a large black patch on the floor that the scraping bin lived above - as I watched it I could see the old dried on food spread down the sides of the canteen style food bin. The black patch was a massive stain of old food.


The Taybarns at Newcastle upon Tyne(Gateshead actually) is still brand new and completely spotless. The foods all freshly prepared and cooked so I can't see how it's possibly so bad! Nevermind hot from me.


taybarns yum yum brings back memories ate that much i couldnt walk great price wish there was one close to me

(Not quite) a Free drink at Taybarns with an adult meal
Found 31st Mar 2010Found 31st Mar 2010
(Not quite) a Free drink at Taybarns with an adult meal
not a freebie....but if you go, you'd usually buy 1 just had an email off them for a free carling, bulmers, j2o or glass of wine with an adult meal, one just a few miles from us an… Read more

Pretty good if you would buy one of these drinks. But I noticed they havent included carbonated drinks on the offer - which you have unlimited refills of (and what most people would probably have). Its worth getting one of them, even if the J2O seeing as it'll be free :)

Found 10th Jan 2010Found 10th Jan 2010
So here it is! The Ultimate Eatery has arrived. An all-you-can-eat experience offering amazing value, choice and convenience. Our famous 34 metre food counter displays freshly-bake… Read more

Damn you got me good there!:thumbsup:


What a wonderfull view you have of the world. To suggest that if you cant afford posh restaurants your the dregs of society. So glad you can enjoy your sol beer with without some poor person breathing down your neck.


Hmmm getting personal are we? Very impressive. I was merely giving an opinion of a place the same as everyone else, whether it be positive or negative. Idiot.


Well, if you will grumble like an old git ;-)


These places are great, they're just like Wetherspoon, they keep the nice pubs and restaurants free of scumbags and the dregs of society. Long live obesity and alcoholism, soon to eradicate this country of shitheads.

Found 20th Oct 2008Found 20th Oct 2008
Join us for the ULTIMATE Christmas Day at Taybarns this year, £24.95 for adults and £14.95 for children for an amazing Christmas experience. For those who don't like to cook on Ch… Read more
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i have been to the one in newcastle staffs and go regularly to the barnsley one, the food is varied and the staff helpfull, no it is not the ultimate in haute quisine however the food is great value for money and worth the 60 mile round trip, at busy times can be noisy


I am a regular visitor to the wigan taybarns, i have 6 children and they all love it, and me too, love the bottomless costa coffee!!! :D Never had a problem :)


ohh dear ,bad then lol


If you liked Ponderosa then next time try the Golden Corral's whilst in Florida - we used to go to Ponderosa but once we found the Golden Corral we never go anywhere else apart from the odd McD's of course ......lol!!!


blanche who ? deirdres mother?