Taybrite/Ecoal/Homefire and Coal Bunker Deal

Taybrite/Ecoal/Homefire and Coal Bunker Deal

Found 26th Oct 2010
Taybrite & Coal Bunker - Special Offer Deal

Get a gleaming 500kg Galvanised Coal Bunker with 20 X 25kgs bags of Taybrite to go in it and SAVE up to 15% off standard retail prices!

* Top Selling Taybrite Smokeless Fuel
* Save upto 15% on usual prices
* Direct delivered
* Never run out of fuel
* High capacity 500kgs bunker
* FREE Delivery

Time limited promotional offer, buy yours today and save.
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what's coal?
It's the stuff powering your laptop right now
Ok deal, but there are better fuels on the market for not much more, Bunker can be got for <£150
Woo! That's expensive. Coal is dear these days but you can get a tonne of Taybrite for £368 + delivery from taylor-frith.co.uk. If you haggle with them they may waive the delivery charge. With the money you save you could buy several bunkers but you don't need any as the Taybtite comes in plastic bags so you can easily store it outside.
This is a nationwide price and there are three others available.Taylor Firth will charge me £51 for delivery on top of £368.
If you haggle they may waive the delivery charge. They did with me just a couple of weeks ago. :-)
on the website taybrite is £10.76 delivered for a 25g bag so 20 bags are £215.20 my free bunker will be £84.80, cold coal i'm afraid
It's NOT a free bunker deal at all.Go and read it.
You can get a tonne of Taybrite for £368 + delivery from where I said earlier. That's 40 x 25Kg bags which is a far better deal. I told them that I could buy at the same price locally and they waived the delivery charge.

P.S. It's better to stock up in coal during the summer when prices are lower.
I see that the deal is from coals2u. I have reported them before for false advertising. They say that they offer free, nationwide delivery but they won't deliver north of the border. As far as I am aware Scotland is still part of the nation so their advert is false.
Nobody has a coal fire nowadays. Voted cold
Just as a matter of interest, how long would a tonne of coal last if it was the only heat source for say a 3 bed well insulated semi detached in Accrington ?
we have a log burner that can also burn coal and we do every day. Havent turned the heating on yet and despite there being a bit of a chill in the morning when you first get up the fire works fine, wont be taking up this deal as we already have plenty but thanks anyway to the poster
@cambourne03 - We've just had a multi-fuel stove fitted and I can assure you that it is anything but cold!

@GROOVYCHICK69 - We love our stove. When it's up and running it heats the whole house. We have about three tonnes of coal briquettes stored outside but we try to only use a little coal each day. Most of the time we burn driftwood from the beach so our house is pretty much heated for free.
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