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Posted 23 November 2022

Taylors of Harrogate Coffee Bags All Varieties (10 Bags Per Pack x 3 Packs ) £6 / £5.70 first subscribe and save orders @ Amazon

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Price available on all 3 varieties (Hot Lava Java, Rich Italian and Flying Start)
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    Got given tonnes of these for free at work and for nearly a year no one has touched them as they just taste so weak, it's basically drinking hot water with a hint of coffee flavour. Such a poor decision by them to produce more plastic when instant coffee exists.
    I can’t disagree with the plastic point, but, on strength, how long are you brewing them for? Hot Lava Java brewed for 5 mins (EDIT - I’ve just seen the instructions say 2 mins, which probably explains it!) tastes like a normal cafetière coffee to me - definitely not coffee shop double shot style, but strong enough (maybe I’m just a weak coffee man!) (edited)
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    Just about acceptable as opposed to instant.

    In reality they’re very weak and not a full bodied coffee.

    Need to let brew for ages to get anything close to “real” coffee.

    Nice idea, but for how much you can get an Aeropress or even a cheap pod machine for, this sort of coffee “gimmick” isn’t a particularly good solution for a decent cuppa.

    Aeropress and some nice coffee, takes about the same time to make a mug and the taste difference is night and day.

    Ok price for just about ok coffee, but if you like coffee, this will never be any good, even at this price.
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    Usefull on holiday for the morning pick me up!
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    I've tried the hot lava Java before and it's a really nice halfway house between grounded and granulated coffee. Nice and easy in the morning if you don't have time to do anything fancy! 🔥
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    A very very poor excuse of a coffee, even 2 bags, left in, doesn't give anything decent.. was optimistic but then i tried them.. no, just no.
    Instant alta rica beats this hands down even if you do have to add more coffee than one spoon!
    Feel free to try them but be prepared to be disappointed.
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    These are okay but not very strong individually. I use them to take on a cruise to have my coffee of a morning. I use two bags for a 20oz container.
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    If you haven't got time or can't access a french press & like me, can't stand instant coffee - these are a life saver! Current at the fire service college using these over the machine coffee - thanks for posting