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Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea Bags x600 1.875kg

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Let's have a proper brew

Black, everyday tea bags

Great quality

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Kind to people and planet

100% Carbon Neutral

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

A proper brew
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  1. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Same price in store at Costco, certainly Southampton
    snoopy18's avatar
    Costco Sheffield didn’t have the big bags just boxes
    worked out at 480 for £10.50
  2. daniel.millssI4's avatar
    I finds Aldi's Gold Tea just as nice.
    ehsan111's avatar
    Might try some tonight popping in
  3. brumblesmum's avatar
    Sadly, there's apparently a "Nationwide" shortage of black tea... signs up on all the shelves...
    Sainsburys seem to have a knack of running promotions like this and then not being able to meet demand (same with previous promotions of J2o and Gressingham dùck - to mention a few)
    Promotion is running until 5th June so hopefully they'll manage to get stock in for - what is in essence - a good deal!
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Wait for Amazon to price match, then wait 1 to 2 months for delivery!
  4. JHD007's avatar
    Decent deal’ possibly a little cheaper in Costco but then again sainsburys is open to all.
    22ssingh's avatar
    £11 in costco lakeside today, for 480 bags instead of this 600 (edited)
  5. Ricky650's avatar
    Yorkshire tea isn't what it was
    Less tea in the bags and so much less stronger and flavour than it was
    Billy.Farrar's avatar
    Glad i am not alone. I liked these as nice strong first brew of the day.No way they are as strong as they once were.These were my favorite Brew for a while.
  6. axum's avatar
    Great price…bought the same last year on Amazon for £12.60 and I think that deal went pretty hot. 

    Only annoying thing is it’s not (easily) resealable. 
  7. Lumpetta's avatar
    Got mine from Sainsbury's, Wolverhampton only 1 left on shelf when I got mine plus 15% staff discount off too (edited)
    Mahir_Qz5's avatar
    That’s a lot of tea bags
  8. Bobbyboo's avatar
    The best tea! Thanks for posting. Heat added 🔥🔥🔥
  9. Elmore45's avatar
    Does anyone else think they don't taste as good out of these larger bags? They get them in at work, and I got a large bag myself at home a few weeks ago and they just taste a bit off compared to out of a box. Probs just me
    hanomac63's avatar
    No your not the only one, find these slightly weaker than the ones in the box!
  10. Saeed's avatar
    Lovely Saturday morning and first deal i come across is Yorkshire tea , wonderful.. thanks op ☕️
  11. Saeed's avatar
    Thanks op , got 3 . Had 3 months old £25 Sainsbury gift card .
  12. CynicalNurse's avatar
    Unpopular opinion but Yorkshire tea is like dishwater. No flavour at all. Maybe it's fine if you have soft water and eat Wensleydale cheese that tastes like chalk but us southerners used to extra mature cheddar and tasty hard water need more whilst cleaning off the limescale that gets sodding everywhere.

    They have to produce a separate type for hard water which says it all. Make your tea proper strength in the first place and stop depriving the poor folk of Yorkshire who have to buy this due to peer pressure the taste of proper tea
    mudcat's avatar
    Fair play for bringing Northern water is technically 'soft' into the divide!
    In North Scotland (way back when) the peaty water from the taps often came out darker than a builders brew ; )
  13. Pete95's avatar
    Good value, and one of the better teas. Typhoo used to be by far the best up until a few years ago when if totally changed, becoming weak and bland. Many Amazon reviews showing others noticed the same. (edited)
  14. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    People placing online orders, be prepared for substitutions.
  15. newegg373636's avatar
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Possibly region dependent. Try in store
  16. Wongy111's avatar
    "Do it for Yorkshire !"
    lovely stuff
    saying oos here, in fact never seen these big bags for sale online from Sainsbob
  17. NuffinisFree's avatar
    Will it be the same price instore?
    Mashud_Sikdar's avatar
  18. mariola_staszewska's avatar
    There is no tee 🌲 🌲 🌲 in Yorkshire
    ibnMuhammad_'s avatar
    Try telling Liz Truss
  19. ahotukdeal's avatar
    None in my local store. Hope Amazon will price match...
  20. Alex_V's avatar
    Grandma Towlers do the best tea
  21. Godzilla's avatar
    Lol yeah kinda agree. Prefer Waitrose or Lidl tea
  22. Captain.Scarlet's avatar
    Had a lovely strong brew this mornin'! Yer could stand a spoon up in it!
  23. BonzyBuddy's avatar
    There has to be something dodgy going on at certain Sainsbury's stores.

    I went to some stores that said Sainsbury's no longer stock this item but stock checker shows they do. I went to a store in a small village that had 5 bags left
    mayodalaith's avatar
    I think you're onto something.

    I luckily picked one up on Monday, but only after a helpful assistant went to check the stockroom. Although her stock checker showed nine in sock, the store has shown "not tracked" on the public checker since Monday.
  24. jungleboy123's avatar
    im off on a wild goose chase for som yorkshire tea later@sainsbo.... wish me luck.

    Edit - Wild goose chase it was. All OOS in store. (edited)
  25. sidpreston's avatar
    Cant add to basket
  26. Saeed's avatar
    Has anyone actually managed to order these ?
    Error on checkout
  27. immzzzyyyy's avatar
    Got this 5 minutes ago from instore
  28. Ade_king's avatar
    Wow, finally I can get this
  29. taymuh17's avatar
    Excellent deal. This is the usual price for 480 bags.

    Heat added. Thanks OP. (edited)
  30. skgwho's avatar
    Epic. Just paid £16 for this (before 25% off) from ocado.
  31. kit-cat's avatar
    Thanks OP I'll get the kettle on. (edited)
  32. BanjoDog's avatar
    Cracking that!
  33. BlueCreek's avatar
    That’s cheaper than I last spent on Amazon for the same bag.
  34. beaufinder1's avatar
    Not really a deal when oos
    jamhops's avatar
    Sainsbury’s is a supermarket that you can walk into and do your shopping have you checked them all? (edited)
  35. dinesh's avatar
    Ordered. Cheers
  36. stato257's avatar
    Should last a week
  37. findmegreatdeals's avatar
    I only drink Yorkshire Gold
    CDP's avatar
    ...can afford to only drink Yorkshire gold...
    ...ahem, welcome Your Majesty, it's an honour to have you here in hotukdeals comments.
  38. tighty's avatar
    Didn't even see this thread but did pop into sainsburys today to buy a bag. Noticed they were reduced so snapped 2mup, yippee
  39. spinynorman's avatar
    2p a bag. A while ago I bought 1000+ bags in a pack like this, that worked out at 1p each…
    These days I’m accustomed to finding offers @ 2p a bag, so not such a great deal - especially on boxes that give 50% free etc.
  40. nad.dan's avatar
    oos for me
's avatar