Taylors Select Reserve Port  £7.25 @ Co-op

Taylors Select Reserve Port £7.25 @ Co-op

Found 10th Dec 2014Made hot 14th Dec 2014
Co op are currently selling Taylors Select Reserve Port for £7.25 half price until 3/01/15

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75cl Bottle.
- BigJeffandCo


Something to keep us warm this winter, many thanks

Been this price now for well over 4 weeks and has been posted so many times now...but good deal

Got it, bargain

I saw this in their flyer and thought it was a great deal; must get myself down to the Coop.

Great, thanks for posting.

thanks op!

Never half price, but a good price. I want litre bottles of whisky for £14.50.

Might be OK for cooking with, but it's the very bottom of the range and not many even stock it. £15 for it is a ludicrous amount when many of the LBVs are around this mark.

The Taylors LBV is £10 in coop, for an extra £2.75 that's the one to get

One of the nicest Port I have had is Fletchers form Aldi at £6.49. It's a bit on strong tasting side as in very fruity and not a light tasting drink.

But each to their own.


Or go to Marks and Spencer's and buy their own brand aged Port in the nice bottle for £8! When it's usually £20 per bottle at £8 it's properly the best Port you can get for your money!
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