Tchibo Home Planetarium (Sega Homestar / Uncle Milton Homestar) In Store Only

Tchibo Home Planetarium (Sega Homestar / Uncle Milton Homestar) In Store Only

Found 2nd May 2009
This is not to everyones tastes, but an absolute bargain.
For more information have a look at…um/
It may say Tchibo on the box but inside it is the original Sega Homestar, confirmed by Sega on the three star field disc's.
It looks like this model has now been replaced by the improved and more expensive Pro (+£200) and Extra (+ £350) models.
This looks like a nationwide clearence as there was a big poster in the window and it was limited to three per customer. Cashier told me this was the second price reduction and they originally sold for £50+.
The Uncle Milton Homestar retails for around $150 in the States, with an RRP of $215, and only contains two star field disc's. This includes a third Southern Hemisphere disc for any homesick Aussies.
The box reads:-
Projects constellations with up to 10,000 stars onto walls or ceilings.
Simulates the rotation of the earth.
Shooting star fuction.
Sleep timer: switches off automatically.
Manual focus.
Distance from wall or ceiling max 98.5"/250cm.
Can be battery operated.
Incl. batteries, mains adaptor and instructions for use.
I will add that it comes with a three year guarantee, but does not come with an additional CD as found with the Uncle Milton Homestar.
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I will add that the picture at the bottom is wrong as you need a totally dark room to appreciate this.
Also check out reviews at…LWS
Can't find it on & has it at €80
Where are their stores?
So can it hoover as quickly as a Henry?

Where are their stores?

I can't find a list from their website, but they are supposed to have around seventy in the UK. In Essex, for example, they can be found in Braintree, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Ilford, Romford, and Southend. It's just a case of Googling.
so where exactly was it £19
Why doesn't this website insist that whoever expires deals identify themselves and leave a reason?
I have just phoned up two other stores. They both confirmed that the offer started yesterday, that it was £19, but also said that they had sold out.
I am not going to phone around the other seventy odd shops but someone else may get lucky. I bought mine yesterday around 4pm.
I'm guessing someone has clicked expired as it isn't available online and there seems to be no easy way of finding out if there is a store near you. I'm in Norfolk and I've never seen a Tchibo store but I think there might be a small display in a local Sainsbury's? I might like one of these but I have no idea where my nearest store is!

The impression that the Tchibo website gives that they are online only so I wouldn't take it personally that someone has clicked expired. :thumbsup:

Where are their stores?

Use - search for Tchibo nearest to your postcode. Yell gives the address as well as the phone number. is rubbish, if I tell it that I'm in Norwich it tells me the nearest is in Hertfordshire 132 miles away but when i tell it i'm in Essex it says there is one in Brentwood which is only 111 miles away from Norwich.
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