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TCL 43P725K 43" 4K HDR TV with Android TV, £208.25 with code @ Crampton and Moore eBay Store

£208.25£24515% off
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TCL 43P725K 43" 4K HDR TV with Android TV, £208.25 with code @ Crampton and Moore eBay Store

TCL 43P725K 43" 4K HDR TV with Android TV

P72 Series - Endless Entertainment
TCL P72 Series combines 4K HDR , Dolby Vision and Motion Clarity for detailed and smooth 4K HDR picture quality. On top, with Game Master and latest HDR Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos formats supported, this TCL TV is a great companion to enjoy any HDR movie, series, game or sport. TCL P72 Series also features the most advanced Smart TV system ever: Android TV with Google Assistant built-in. Easily access to the contents you love thanks to integrated hands-free voice control: you can talk directly to your TV. Functional elegance: the bezeless and metal design of TCL P72 Series allows you to enjoy more of the picture you love.

Enhanced contrast, colours and details
The latest standard for 4K UHD content is High Dynamic Range. It expands the range of both contrast and colours significantly . HDR reproduces accurately light and dark shades with precise colours and dazzling detail images. In 2021 TCL TV’s, 4K HDR comes with Dolby Vision in order to experience brighter brights, darker darks with all subtle details preserved.

Motion Clarity: smooth picture and improved motion
On fast moving actions, you don’t want to miss a detail. MEMC TCL’s proprietary software algorithm steps up to the plate while you’re watching sports or fast-paced shows or movies. Helping reduce motion display blur and keeping motion trails to a minimum – your viewing experience will always be crystal clear.

Brighter brights, deeper darks and a wider range of colours
Dolby Vision brings brightness, deep darks, and expanded contrast to your home viewing experience. Dolby Vision is a powerful cinema technology that transforms your TV experience. It brings entertainment to life with dramatic imaging, incredible brightness, color, contrast, detail, and dimensionality. And with the advanced capabilities in Dolby Vision, you'll see there's more to the story than generic HDR can reveal. Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

Game master: optimized gaming experience
For gamers, a responsive TV is just as important as one with a good picture. HDMI 2.1 ensures compatibility with latest game console generations and enables functions like ALLM (Auto Low Latency mode). ALLM allows the video game console or PC graphics card to switch automatically the TV into game mode for a super fast TV game input lag below 15 ms*
*latest HDMI 2.1 game console generation or HDMI 2.1 PC gaming device required

Immersive, moving audio flows all around you
Sound has never sounded this good. Feel a deeper connection to the stories and music you love with sound that moves all around you with breathtaking realism. Movies and TV: Feel a stronger connection to the characters when you stream your favorite shows and movies in Dolby Atmos. Music: Feel like you’re inside your favorite songs and uncover new elements of the music. Games: Pinpoint sounds with three-dimensional precision audio and react faster in your favorite games. Dolby Atmos realistically captures the movement of every object and performs 360º surround sound. Together With Dolby Vision™ picture quality, it creates a truly cinematic experience.

Dolby Audio and DTS HD: cinema sound at home
Grab the popcorn – it’s movie time. Enjoy full, rich sound that creates an immersive, cinematic audio surround sound experience. While watching movies, with Dolby Audio™ technology, the crystal clarity function and sound spatialisation give you sharper, more nuanced sound with great detail and richness for more realistic entertainment. With DTS-HD on blu-ray discs and streaming platforms, movies have never sounded better! DTS Surround Sound is available on over 50,000 streaming titles worldwide. DTS and the Symbol together are registered trademarks of DTS. Double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

Android TV: easy endless entertainment
Easy endless entertainment Android TV for easy and unlimited entertainment. All the content you love, exactly how you want it.

Bezeless Ultra Slim Metal Design: premium and elegant frameless design
No frame on the front for a bigger screen and more picture that you love. This ultra slim design concept is using real metal, making it not only an elegant piece of craftsmanship but also a durable one that will blend into your living space. A timeless piece of Art Design elevating and blending perfectly into your living space.
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  1. Avatar
    Wonder how good / bad this would be to use as a computer monitor?

    Imagine how many screens you can open at same time
    as a monitor. probably not. found this review with regards to using it as a monitor. but everyones different of course so might not be an issue for you..

    The 43P725 does not properly support monitor use at 4K resolution because it is NOT 24bit/pixel colour, but uses pairs of adjacent pixels to visually sythesise colours that it does natively display. These pairs are offset by one pixel every alternate row so that close up there is a diagonal crosshatch pattern of pixels rather than the square pattern of pixels on a true 24bit/pixel TV or monitor. These supposedly solid colours look like they are made of threaded textiles.

    This effect can be clearly seem on the GoogleTV home screen where the icons for the Australian iView and SBSNow apps and menu grey backgrounds are solid colours on a true 24bit/pixel like the 49C6US or the 43P6US, but have the diagonally crosshatched pattern on the 43P725.

    This harkens back to the late 1980s with the then 16bit colour graphics cards having to do the same pixel pairs to synthesise the colours that could not be natively reproduced.

    When used as a monitor at native resolution, text that is one pixel wide is using adjacent pairs of pixels which ends up not only producing fuzzy text, but also causes text to be multicoloured. Both of these are due to the offset pixel rows. This effect varies in intensity depending upon where a window is placed on the screen as different pixels are used to make up the characters. The offsetting helps with large swathes of colours in photos or videos, but not for the fine detail of small text or line diagrams. I didn't try it, but a large spreadsheet with small text in small cells would have looked horrendous. It was bad enough having my PHP code look like circus bunting.

    From the usual car-parking space distance from a TV that everyone is expected to sit at, this effect is probably not noticeable, but when used close up as a monitor, it is. Typically, Windows sets the scaling to 300% for 4K, which would make text much smoother, but at 100% scaling to get the maximum number of useable pixels for text, it is unusable. And, the 43P725 is meant to be able to be used as a monitor, as -- like other TVs, including the TCL 43P6US and 49C2US -- custom naming an input as 'PC' enables a HDMI2.0 option that supports 4K@60fps.

    Now, if this is not some really weird fault on this one 43P725, but part of how TCL is making at least their low-end TVs, that is very worrying, as it is a 30 year regression in quality, and definitely precludes their 4K TVs being fully used as high-resolution monitors.

    But even as a TV, it may be unsuitable. I have always been one to sit closer to a cheaper smaller TV than further away from a larger expensive one, which works well for the solo viewing that cheaper prices have allowed. This is probably the norm for those students using their TVs double-duty as a TV and computer monitor, both scenarios being done fairly close up in their bedroom-study. At close range, full 24bit/pixel blocks of solid colour look solid, but on the 43P725, they look like they are made of the threaded textile. Not a good look! " (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Is this any good for the Xbos Series bought from Amazon thanks to HotUKDeals?
    It's just as good as any budget TV tbh. It doesn't have any of the advanced gaming features like 120hz etc but you'd be paying a lot more for those.
  3. Avatar
    I would wait for the Hisense/Roku Argos £199 deal that keeps showing up.
    Is it also 43 in?