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Posted 22 November 2022

TCL 55RP620K Roku 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV + Up to 3 Months Apple TV+ Free - £279 Free Delivery for Certain Areas @ Currys

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

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Delivery Fees vary from Free to £20 (depending upon your area / location)
UPDATE: Worth a try. If you’re not seeing an option for free delivery try refreshing the page or wait a few minutes and try again. Hopefully an option will appear for free delivery.


2 year guarantee included.

Enjoy movie nights or the cup final at home with the TCL 55RP620K Roku 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV. With support for Dolby Vision, you can enjoy precise and vivid colours in stunning detail.

And for everything else you watch, there's Smart HDR. By optimising the colours and contrast of everything you watch to HDR-like quality, your favourite shows look better than ever.

Roku TV

Streaming your favourite shows is easy with Roku TV. With access to over 150,000 movies and TV shows from the likes of BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, and NOW TV, you'll never be stuck for anything to watch again.

Install the free Roku TV app on you smart phone and you can use it to control the TV. Use the Roku Voice feature and just say what you want to watch next.

Everything you need is on the home screen with quick customistable access to your favourite shows, set top box, games console and more.
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    I have this exact set and size. It's cracking for the money.
    I have the Hisense in the living room and the TCL in the bedroom. Difficult to split them, but I'd say Dolby Vision on the TCL just edges it.
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    Anyone have any experience with this brand or model? Haven’t ever really heard about them
    TCL make good budget TVs, I like the ROKU OS a lot from experiencing it with Hisense. I have no idea how this compares to one of their budget offerings from Hisense however. I suspect it would be quite close, but the TCL probably uses a VA panel.

    Here's a review for you:

    expertreviews.co.uk/tvs…iew (edited)
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    Anyone struggling with Free Delivery, refresh the page. I went back to it 10 minutes after not getting the option first time, and was able to secure Free Delivery for 28th.
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    Just bought the 55" Hisense A6 2 days ago for £330 😞. Currys doing me dirty (edited)
    Call them, I did it the other month with a Samsung watch. Asked them if they're just refund the difference it is they expected me to return the watch and but it again as the lower price. I had to pop in, show the lower price on my phone, show my receipt and they just refunded the difference. 5 minute job.
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    This vs a Cheap Samsung TV from a reputable retailer on Ebay?
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    48783754-7OAgA.jpgI get the option of free delivery?
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    Thanks for posting, OP. I was just waiting for either this or the Hisense 55A6GTUK to drop sub 300.
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    It was saying I had to pay for delivery but came back today and is now free. Don’t suppose anyone knows how you get the 6 months free Apple TV?
    You will receive an email with the Apple TV offer, normally a day after purchase. (edited)
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    Ordered on 3 Dec at £279 (and got free delivery) when it was 'awaiting stock'. Looks like it's back in stock but is now listed at £299!

    Does this have any options to turn off motion flow/blur ect, i really don't like that effect
    Out of the box it happily doesn't do any of that 'soap opera effect' processing. (edited)
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    I wish they would offer a way to exclude the Beeb on the Smart TV side of things, so that it is no TV licence compliant (I realise that you do not have to let the TV licence guys into the house so it probably does not matter but you are probably dealing with people desperate to make their commission and therefore likely to make things up), might be a good sales point.
    If you generally don’t watch TV licence channels you can apply online for a 3 year exclusion. If they come you are allowed TVs in your house you just can’t watch certain channels (even YouTube I think). Anyways I haven’t paid for nearly 2 years and not had any hassle / visits… I hope I don’t jinx it. Don’t be scared and don’t let any “inspector” in. Confirm you use the TV only for games consoles and shut the door.
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    Great TV and great deal, but can't find how you get free delivery
    Apologies, it is free delivery in my area but I’ve noticed some areas charge for delivery!
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    OP, how does one get Free Delivery, plesse, as per listing?

    I'm met with this:

    "Collection unavailable.One or more items in your basket are not eligible for collection from this location. Please change your location or switch to delivery." Or a minimum £20 delivery charge.

    It appears others have been, too. (edited)
    Apologies, it is free delivery in my area but I’ve noticed some areas charge for delivery!
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    Does anyone know the wieth of the stand?
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    Anyone know the differences between this and the 2022 55P639K on Amazon for 329?
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    Delivery charge for me is more than £20. It would be a great deal with free delivery.48787429-jnqb6.jpg
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    I much prefer Android TV on this than the VIDAA Os On the Hisense.
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    Just get this. OS is way better and low end Panasonics are just rebadged budget tvs anyway.
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    I have the 43 inch version in a bedroom upstairs. Average picture quality (honestly you can't expect more for the price) but the Roku OS is great. If your priority is not having to plug in extra boxes to get certain apps (as was mine) then this is the one to go for. Only drawback I've found is that it doesn't support Bluetooth headphones connecting directly for some reason... You can use Bluetooth headphones via the Roku app on your phone, it works fine for me but if you have dodgy WiFi it might not. Seems unnecessary really wish they'd just allowed you to connect them... (edited)
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    Does anyone know if this is android it's says is roku platform.
    It's not android, it's Roku. Roku is the best/slickest smart TV interface imo. Reviews are very positive about it too.
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    Have you read TCLs trustpilot reviews? I don't know about purchasing them anymore. Hisense reviews seem way better, and from what I can gather these TVs crap out after about or close to 2 years.
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    topcashback at 20oercent
    I think this might be excluded? It said 1% for me but I forgot to activate it 🤦‍♂️
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    Can anyone help? Does this have any options to turn off motion flow/blur ect, i really don't like that effect, everything looks like your watching soap's
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    Are TCL like American version of JVC?
    I believe they're Chinese