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Posted 27 November 2022

TCL 65RP630K 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV £399.99 @ Currys

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TCL 65RP630K 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV

Have been looking around for a 65 Inch TV for the house.

Currys have this TCL for £499 which goes to £399 using voucher code VISION100OFF.


TV Selling now for £399 directly - No Code Available/Required

Appreciate there will be better spec TV’s out there but for £399 This will serve my purposes!

info added by @wadz

Product code: 593308
Get comfy, grab some snacks, and enjoy a movie night or the cup final with this TCL 4K TV. Dolby Vision brings brighter brights, deeper darks, and a wider range of colours. And for everything else you watch, there's Smart HDR. By optimising the colours and contrast of everything you watch to HDR-like quality, entertainment looks better than ever. Streaming your favourite shows is easy with Roku TV. With access to over 150,000 movies and TV shows from the likes of BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, and NOW TV, you'll never be stuck for anything to watch again. Everything you need is on the home screen with quick customistable access to your favourite apps, live TV, and connected devices like games consoles.

Good to know

- Install the Roku TV app to control the TV or use the Roku Voice feature and just say what you want to watch next
- Freeview Play lets you catch up on all the episodes you've missed from the past week
- Pair the TV with your smart speaker for handsfree voice control - works with Alexa, Hey Google and Siri

Smart TV services
- UK catch-up TV: BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, UKTV
- Streaming: Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, BT Sport, Disney+, Google Play, Netflix, NOW TV, YuppTV, Sky News
- App store: ROKU
- Social media: YouTube
- Full internet browser

- TV with stand: 14.3 kg
- TV: 14.2 kg
- Boxed: 20.1 kg

- TV with stand: 883 x 1446 x 303 mm (H x W x D)
- TV: 839 x 1446 x 81 mm (H x W x D)
- Boxed: 997 x 1645 x 155 mm (H x W x D)

Box contents
- TCL 65RP630K 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV
- Stand legs
- Remote control (batteries included)
- Power cable 1.5 m
- User manual
- Quick start guide

Currys More details at Currys

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  1. Avatar
    I'm looking at 55 and 65 inch TVs but would rather not shell out on a new, bigger TV unit or third party screw in stand to accommodate it.

    I've tried finding out which models have the option to fix the feet more centrally but the information is quite difficult to find with the various serial numbers and whatnot.

    Would anyone be able to tell me if this TV has the option to affix the feet more centrally and if not if there are other TCLs or other brands that allow you to do this.

    I've seen TVs that come with a middle stand as default but the deals that have caught my eye all seem to have the wide legs as standard.

    Many thanks
    You can buy third party feet and stands, I bought my daughter a 65 inch tv and the feet were too wide for the stand. They fit in the wall mount at the back. Something like this will do. :-amazon.co.uk/RFI…-15
  2. Avatar
    Is TCL the new hisense, are they rated?
    I'd say they are in the same market for customers and their products like Hisense seem to be more highly rated in the US. The UK seems to get lesser specified models even if they have the same model number. You get value for money I suppose but be prepared for compromises on quality and with some flaws and niggles.
  3. Avatar
    Bargain, bought this for £459 a couple of months ago and it's a great TV. Only issue we've discovered is new ITV app doesn't work but no real issue as I still use my fire stick
    Itv app is broken for android TV, whether it's on Nvidia Shield or Chromecast with Google TV. Hopefully ITV fix it soon
  4. Avatar
    Is it any good for gaming?
    Probably not for any online games, response time is horrible
  5. Avatar
    Would rather in my hand and clap than buy anything from Currys no matter how cheap it is.

    I'm still £300 down from these thieving baskets after they collected a TV and soundbar package that was faulty, then denied all knowledge of collecting the soundbar and charged me for it. Never again.
    I’ve never had an experience that bad, but I still agree with your opening statement! And I used to work there!
  6. Avatar
    Got this delivered. coming from a 65" Mid-range (at the time) LG OLED 4k HDR from 2018. Its decent. Definitely edge-lit and not mega-bright so I think the HDR might suffer in well lit rooms... a little glare from the lights (lamps, bright ceiling lights) but I think I've been spoilt but OLED for too long as the main TV. viewing angels seem OK. As a replacement for £400 for this size TV with young kids around.... its absolutely great! The Roku remote is a tiny bit sluggish but overall the UI isn't bad, not as bad as nowtV boxes of the past by Roku. Its surprisingly light... To the point where I'm happy with a cheap low profile wall mount bracket and 5x gripit 20mm fixings holding it on plasterboard (My stud finder is useless!)
    Awesome! thank you for sharing, I’m definitely thinking about getting this coming from a 2012 46” Teckina 1080p Tesco tv which cost me £150 during Black Friday back then. I’m using an amazon 4k fireststick with it at the moment so just deciding whether to get this tcl 65” or a Samsung/ lg 4k 65” or 75” which would come in at around £550 or £799 for the latter.
  7. Avatar
    It's a given that this will be massive, made of cheap flexy plastic. Picture will look "ok" on Netflix and hd content during the day. Motion will be terrible and dark scenes will be a pixelated mess. Probably terrible in a bright room and unwatchable anywhere but right in front of it. Forget about any online games with fast trigger response times.

    But that said it will be ok for most non telly experts and your average couch slob.
    Cheer up pal! It's £399!
    However, 5 mins on Google will tell you that these cheap TCL tellys actually get pretty decent reviews.
    We don't all spend enough time watching telly to warrant being "telly experts"
  8. Avatar
    Landfill brand. Won't be worth £50 in a few months.
    I remember when Kia started to sell cars in the UK and people said the same thing..... Yet they're the only one with the 5 year warranty.
  9. Avatar
    Amazing price for a 65 Ince
    No wonder he's at reading then...
  10. Avatar
    Photoshopped bezel no? should be automatic cold for that to be honest.
    Heat from me.
    It's £399.99
  11. Avatar
    This TCL or the Toshiba 65’ qled for £499? Is the qled worth £100 extra? (Toshiba 65QA5D63DB QLED TV)
    Do some research first, don't trust any "tech guru" from here
    Looks like is better than low end Vestel ;-)
  12. Avatar
    Do Currys still do trade in for your old tech/TV does anyone know?
  13. Avatar
    Has anyone managed to get Richer Sounds to price match with better warranty ?
    Send me the link for this on richer sounds and I will get them to price match for you
  14. Avatar
    Does anyone know if the stand position can be moved, as tv cabinet to small by 120mm 1
    there are a lot of after market stands on amazon that you can use
  15. Avatar
    Unboxed and set my tv up yesterday. Mounted it on an Rfiver swivel floor stand on castors. Watched a football match earlier, and now have golf on. Have watched some music videos from YouTube as well. Am really happy with the tv, and the stand I chose. 

    I’ve stuck to the factory default picture settings, only thing I’ve adjusted is the volume 😁

    Have a Firestick and a Youview freeview box that records connected via HDMI

    Don’t have a sound bar but will probably get one as I like to have music on.

    The tv is incredible actually.
  16. Avatar
    12% Currys via competesavings too, £352 once it tracks and pays out as this discount code is an approved one!
  17. Avatar
    How to get free delivery please ?
    When I went to checkout, it give me December delivery dates where it was free for 7am to 7pm.
  18. Avatar
    Great deal for a solid budget TV. I'm in the market for a 65" to replace my now 5 year old Samsung, but I'd need the C835 to justify the upgrade.
    Do not get that... reviews are awful... hours of research ... just don't! C835 (edited)
  19. Avatar
    Got to love an impulse 2am purchase.
  20. Avatar
    Give it a few more years and these Chinese brands will be competing with likes of Sony, LG, Sammy... Getting better

    Xiaomi's already doing pretty well in the phone business.
    How much is the .50 cent army paying these days?
  21. Avatar
    Oooh very tempted by this. Can get it for £376 through my employee discount app. Somebody please talk me out of this
    Thanks Ryan. Couldn't resist at this price so ordered it for delivery next week. Early Xmas present for myself . Don't think there is much better at this price point and the 2 year warranty is reasonable enough.
  22. Avatar
    I got this in 58" and absolutely love it,I paid £306 for mine,this is a great deal
    Where did you get the 58" from please?
  23. Avatar
    Good deal
  24. Avatar
    Wow this is hot for the size and price
  25. Avatar
    I hear good things from TCL this year. Good buy
  26. Avatar
    Party's over folks. They've pulled the code.
  27. Avatar
    Having a £100 voucher code during black Friday then reducing the price by £100 afterwards without the need for a voucher code..... Standard black Friday practice?
  28. Avatar
    It's £398 now
  29. Avatar
    I spent £1,450 on a LG c2 is this so much worse? What a price
    tell me about it i did the same lol. Its why i posted somewhere else that i will be deeply deeply dissapointed if the quality of the 65" LG is subpar compared to my budget 55" hisense, which i bought cheaper than an LCD monitor. (edited)
  30. Avatar
    Now charging £20 delivery
  31. Avatar
    This or the Costco one?
  32. Avatar
    Just be mindful here the legs are VERY wide on this and non adjustable so you do need a very large stand or wall mount
    hmmm wide legs...
  33. Avatar
    Any Curry's employees got a spare 10% off code
  34. Avatar
    Anybody tried this for gaming? In particular ps5. My £1500 lg oled has died and has bad screen burn despite being 3.5 year old so looking for a cheap replacement. Cheers.
    This isn’t reassuring as just bought my parent an LG OLED! What has burned in? And what has your use been like?
  35. Avatar
    Brilliant deal. 65" for under £400 and the roku platform is lovely
  36. Avatar
    Is it worth paying the extra for the 65C635K?
    That's what I'm wondering
  37. Avatar
    Can't find any reviews on this model anyone know one that is similar to compare it to?
  38. Avatar
    is this va panel?
    I think all of the TCL sets use VA panels.
  39. Avatar
    How are these vs the hisense?
  40. Avatar
    This or TCL 65P638K
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