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TCL C845K MiniLED Quantum Dot LED TV - 55 inch £599, 65 inch £799, 75 inch £1299, 85 inch £1499

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***may be able to get further reductions by searching for voucher codes online - possibly a further 7% reduction - thanks to Simon_Warner***

Those who know, know. Big shout out to elfinzz who spotted this.

This is a spectacular quartet of bargains, as Marks are clearing out their entire range of the TCL C845K, a budget marvel which is taking the AV and gaming world by storm. Many complementary reviews of the telly are available.

You can start with the five star What HiFi review, lick your lips, and move onto the next one


Home Cinema Choice 5 stars : homecinemachoice.com/con…iew
Trusted Reviews 5 stars : trustedreviews.com/rev…45k
Expert Reviews 5 stars : expertreviews.co.uk/tec…iew
Pocket Lint 5 stars : pocket-lint.com/tcl…ew/
AV Forums 7/10 : avforums.com/rev…50/
Flat Panels HD 76% : flatpanelshd.com/rev…478

There is an active worldwide community on AV Forums avforums.com/thr…39/

Also TCL have been very proactive in releasing firmware updates over the air, unlike in previous years, so they are keen to ensure owners get the very best out of this miniLED hero.

The C845K was the UK flagship range in 2023, and is being replaced in 2024 by the C855K which are incoming in June, with Richer, Reliant and Marks all confirming new stock is due.

The C855K won't feature a 55 incher, so if you want that size grab one of these quick.

Bear in mind there's no UK TV apps (minor disagreement with Google it seems), so FireStick/AppleTV/Roku/Nvidia Shield etc may be useful. Me, I've got a Sky Stream so all I need is on that.

I suspect other retailers will eventually follow suit, so keep 'em peeled for more bargains in the weeks ahead.

Good comments on last deal

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  1. Grzechuuu7's avatar
    Just waiting for deals on 2023 models before new come out. Still have concerns if C845 is worth over C745 and if native 120hz will make a job comparing lets say to C645 which is mile cheaper. Anyway great deal, heat added! 🔥🔥🔥
    C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    You only need HDMI 2.1 and 120Hz if your using a PS5, Xbox series x or PC. Normal TV is usually 50 or 60 hz. If your not gaming, the higher refresh rate is irrelevant as it will never be enabled for just tv.

    The c645 is only 60hz, HDMI 2.0 and direct LED (it uses DLG to adjust the resolution and frame rate in game mode to sort of simulate a higher frame/refresh rate). The c745 is LED full array & 120hz/144hz, and the c845 is/was the flagship mini LED backlight 120/144hz.

    Here's a side by side comparison on display specifications of c645, c745, c845 all in 55" - displayspecifications.com/en/…4b3

    The new c855 on paper, sounds amazing. But as op mentioned the smallest model will be a 65". ME have it provisionally listed for £1299.

    I'm actually very tempted to get this, as it's cheaper than a QN90/95c. But it's not got as many dimming zones as the Samsung. It's sort of a year behind and closer the the Samsung qn90b in specs. Where as the new c855 is very similar spec wise to the 90c.
  2. Simon_Warner's avatar
    2 year warranty puts me off but price is good.

    Also free wall bracket and free installation. Plus 7% discount code brings 85 inch down to £1389.
    On paper a great TV but think it needs new firmware to make better after reading a forums owners thread. Plus DSE effect is a lottery. Reviews seem to say blooming is not so good too. (edited)
    SorinO's avatar
    M2, The warranty it's the only thing that stops me to buy it
  3. Shikhar2828's avatar
    Put 200 odd pounds more and get a OLED , thank me later !
    This is no Match to an OLED , generous discounts going on for OLED tvs
    columbo's avatar
    It really depends on what you are viewing and how light the room is you're using the TV in. I've got the 85" version of this in a bright room and there would be no benefit to having an OLED. It's worth reading the reviews before writing this off. (edited)
  4. MrCharlie's avatar
    Do marks sell the versions with the X2 processor please? After the 55 version. Thanks
    clayts's avatar
    On my last deal (link in description) someone got an X2 65 inch. Can't comment on the 55, I'm afraid.
  5. CiscoRaz1's avatar
    Voted hot but the lack of 5 year warranty puts me off, 2 years included  (edited)
    SteamedLobster's avatar
    This stuff either breaks in first few weeks or lasts a long time.
  6. indianajon's avatar
    I wonder how many people fretting about specs and led v oled etc use their tv straight out of the box and don't even bother to calibrate it properly?
    clayts's avatar
    So true. TBF, even AV Forums say in their review this is a 'mass market TV' and aimed very much at the non-enthusiast market.
  7. Paul_Ro4Y's avatar
    Great deal here, as free bracket and installation/recycle. Am very tempted for the 65", cheers.
    clayts's avatar
    Mrs Doyle says......
  8. YourSongIsEnding's avatar
    So frustrating doesn't deliver to my area
  9. ws007's avatar
    no UK TV apps, is a big no for me, which is a shame because i've heard the picture on these are very good.
    Simon_Warner's avatar
    I hear this from so many people. I for one have never used the built in smart system of any TV. I don't even connect them to WiFi. I use an Nvidia shield TV pro as it's just better than any TV can do. Not having the crap UK TV apps would not put me off how good a TV is. Though not watched UK TV or catch up for around 6 years now.
  10. ws007's avatar
    no bbc iplayer, no UK TV apps
    Paul_Ro4Y's avatar
    thx, i do have an xbox x, so could use that for the uk apps. Not great though, agree could be a deal breaker.
  11. clayts's avatar
    Deal ended
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