TDK 2 Speaker Boombox - £200 off????? £74.99 @ Tesco Direct

TDK 2 Speaker Boombox - £200 off????? £74.99 @ Tesco Direct

Found 7th Sep 2012
Amazing price for a retro looking unit if honoured....
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Managed to order, decent reviews.

Remains to be seen if any of this reduced audio stuff from today is honoured.
I am so tempted.... :O
Seen these in hmv the other week look good quality bargain OP

Seen these in hmv the other week look good quality bargain OP

That's where I saw it too, although may have been the 3 speaker version with the dock.
Nice find, I've added the price & retailer to your deals title
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Thanks posting, I've added the price & retailer to your deals title

TDK Forgotten company.
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TDK Forbidden company.

Surely you mean forgotten??
INSANE deal, I work at HMV and the TDK's are my favourite speakers in the store

Oder status has gone from "Submitted" to "Created" for me, same with my other orders
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managed to order a very nice find OP thankyou
A boombox is not a toy

A boombox is not a toy

It's a box.

That goes BOOM!

Hopefully anyway. If not, the kids can have it for Christmas at this price.
Don't know why but I just ordered one, must be my Obsessive Bargain Disorder kicking in again
So tempted - must resist!!
Remember 3% cashback @ topcashback
I am so tempted by this, but couldn't be bothered if Tesco will take the money, then cancel it, then have to wait ages for a refund again from them
I'm in. Ordered.
Pretty average reviews LINK but at this price it'd be rude not to...
Thanks OP.
Lol simplyjimbo, think most people have that condition thanks to HotUKdeals.

I'm tempted but doubt I'll take it out the house, especially on the shoulder strap
Wow a used one went for double on Ebay this week!…561
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Nice unit, seen one in HMV the other week, but there are better docks out there. Heat Added though!
Dont waste your time, this will NOT get honoured as per usual.

Tesco must do this on purpose! Not had one decent deal from Tesco when they come on here, all of them get cancelled.

The reason for the price, I think, is because TDK are about to unleash a wirless range of the same boombox speakers very soon.

So you may see them drop everywhere over the next month or so.
Got confirmation email for pick up monday after 4pm
looking good so far........... i would get it quick if you want one can't see this lasting very long tbh
expired - price doubled
There are better sets out there, but this performs well for the money I think.

Never sure with these Tesco Direct deals, but if you won't miss the cash, it's worth the gamble I think.

expired - price doubled


expired - price doubled

Still showing as £74.99 for me?
whats the difference between tdk2 boombox and tdk3 boombox? Oh heat added cpz these things look cool as


Now this concerns me for honouring the deal...
Just managed to order one. We'll see....
Just doubled like 1 minute ago
DAMN just got in and seen this, as i went to link it to a friend i refreshed and it changed to £149!
Yeah, showing as £150 for me now as well.

Was enjoyable whilst it lasted.
just managed to get one at 75 quid, they're now showing at 149 for me

God thats weird as I wrote the last message it doubled in price as I was on the page!
Was 75 at the start 150 by the time I reached the checkout
That's one sexy bit of kit, glad I ordered it now...
Youtube link
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cold £149

cold £149

That's why it's expired.
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