TDK 5 pack jewel case 99p and more!

TDK 5 pack jewel case 99p and more!

Found 21st Jul 2007
i have just been in to my local store and clearance items are available for cd-r and dvd-r.

samsung cd-r 10 pack jewel case 99p

TDK 5 pack jewel case dvd-r 99p

and more instore, check your local outlet!

also, i spent over £10 and i got a second reciept which states if i take part in a survey at write the code on my reciept its 10% off when you spend £10 in store!
- kronas


Got two packs of the TDK DVD-R 5 pack for a for a total of £1.98, and also a ten pack TDK CDR-80 for £1.99 at Skipton branch today. Didn't see this posting before I went, but thought I'd bump it up as still being current. Cheers

Available in Cleveleys branch today, too...

they also had jazzy beach towels in a bag at half price (£2.50 from £5.00)
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