TDK DVD-R or DVD+R (5 Discs) WH Smith WAS £9.99 NOW £1.49

TDK DVD-R or DVD+R (5 Discs) WH Smith WAS £9.99 NOW £1.49

Found 4th Jan 2008
EAN: 4902030188993
Label: TDK Media
Manufacturer: TDK Media
Model: DVD-R47
Publisher: TDK Media
Release Date: November 28, 2005
Studio: TDK Media

5 DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs reduced instore to £1.49 (Might not be labelled so ask to proce check).

(I work at WH Smith) Basically a customer wanted a price check on these DVDs as they were marked up as £9.99 (Bit of a bump)... they came up as £1.49 on the till. So the customer, another customer, a fellow worker and myself ended up buying the 20 odd packs between us.

Pretty decent as they are in proper DVD cases not those shoddy CD ones. I bought 6 packs (30 DVDs in DVD cases) for £7.82 (As got 12.5% Staff discount)... so quite happy.

Think it's a case of "When They're Gone They're Gone" as it would seem we are discontinuing them.


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Comments why cold?
Where have you found these cheaper?

i bought 50 dvd-r off play for £6.99 delivered

Were the ones from play in full sized DVD cases like these ones or on a spindle?

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The ones off of play are definatelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy a spindle cos post and packaging on 50 DVDs with cases would be pretty big.
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