TDK DVD+R ,5pack for 10p @ Superdrugs

TDK DVD+R ,5pack for 10p @ Superdrugs

Found 25th Apr 2009Made hot 25th Apr 2009
TDK recordable DVDs,pack of 5 in SuperDrugs on sale for 10p.
4,7GB,single sided.
Try your local Superdrug store,you may be lucky enough to pick up some of them!
Slim cases.


did you say boots in the 1st line ?

"TDK recordable DVDs,pack of 5 in boots on sale for 10p."

So is it BOOTS or SUPERDRUG then?

Maybe he's referring to the footwear rather than the shop...

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I did say boots,but I meant Superdrugs.

nice will pick some up tomorrow thanks,

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Don't go to Finchley Central,I have grabbed them all.But they have photopapers for 10p too.


i bet this is like one or two stores only throughout the country :-(((((((

Good deal if true.

another epic fail

did they scan in at that price or did they discount them down?

and how many packs did you get?

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scanned,I got 5,and its not a 1st time superdrug sells out disc for cheap

sounds like a clearence price to me but if you can get some its a brilliant offer. voted hot anyway

will have a look when im next in, i never find anything though that gets posted on here in the shops

These items were in the January sale and I dont think people will have any luck finding any around the country. All sale items should have been sent back to head office at the end of the sale if any were left in the stores.


Don't go to Finchley Central,I have grabbed them all.

Well done.

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Well done.

There was only 5 packs.
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