TDK Outloud 12 Disc Case with Built in Speaker

TDK Outloud 12 Disc Case with Built in Speaker

Found 12th Jan 2007
These inoffensive CD wallets have a party trick! Built into the case is a flat-panel NXT speaker, just waiting for you to plug your portable audio player into. They sound very good within reason, don't expect the usual distorted sound you get from portable speakers - TDK's Outloud Wallet uses a flat-panel NXT speaker to give you good sound quality, even when turned right up. They are ideal for outdoor use. The OutLoud also has a mesh pocket for storing your portable player and spare batteries and thanks to its rubberlike material, it will protect both your player and CDs against water, sand and knocks.

Nobody likes packing hefty speakers when going away for a having flat panel speakers incorporated into your CD case is a superb idea. The wallets even hold up to 12 CDs, ideal for travellers who want music in the hotel room - they can even be used in your MP3 /MP4 player, laptop or Minidisc by simply plugging them in.

So, this is the perfect accessory for all music-lovers. It may look like an ordinary (if somewhat oversized) CD case, but built into its panel is a speaker that can be hooked up to your music players so you and your friends can enjoy your tunes on the beach, in your hotel room, or whereever else you fancy.

Technical Specifications:
- Frequency response: 275Hz - 20kHz
- Output: 3W
- Power Supply: DC 3.0V (2x LR6/AA batteries)
- Cord Length: 180mm
- CD Storage: 12 discs
- Weight: 300g


And you also get discount delivery down to 99p so its almost free:-D

Don't need yet another of these wallets, good though they are! Got some stuff to order, but have been waiting for the next 99p shipping weekend with SVP... don't suppose anyone knows when the next one will be? Might just get the stuff from Scan instead with the free shipping there. :?
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