TDK Universal Bluetooth Wireless Speaker TW212 £10 @ Amazon

TDK Universal Bluetooth Wireless Speaker TW212 £10 @ Amazon

Found 28th Nov 2014
This BASIC little Bluetooth speaker is down to just £10. Maplin also have this at the same price.

- Featuring A2DP supported Bluetooth wireless technology for high quality audio streaming
- Simplified pairing technology makes it easy to use with any - Wireless Bluetooth Audio
- Full stereo audio produces room-filling sound in a conveniently compact design
- Built with the flexibility to connect and listen to music from any device that has a headphone jack.
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thank you op i bought 2 for xmas thank you very much
THINK you may need to get in quick, just 4 left after I had bought one and then went on to see how much 30 to Italy would be it said only 5 available and when changed to 5 it then said 4 only left.
Thanks OP!

Still showing as available at £10 on Sat 10am. (The number I got from it refusing to accept order for 30, offered 5, then just 4 after having gone through the checkout screens. Best to just try buying

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There's a brand name you don't hear much these days. I loved my C90's.

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Thanks op just ordered 2 for presents. It just said "in stock" for me not however many left. Heat added
Feedback: Got mine today - via postman - and has universal power supply (ie small transformer with 4 or 5 different slide-in plug terminals). Paired immediately (once read instructions) and once paired shows as "TW212 speaker". Once listened to more than a few mins will post more. Still showing at £10 on

Listened to a few BBC Radio iPlayer programmes through it now - have to say it's satisfactory but not great (though sound source isn't hi-fi).
I'd say 3* and at £10 okay value - and at least it prompted me to get a Bluetooth speaker.

It does turn itself off if unused for some period (haven't read the manual yet).
Ergonomically the three "-/power/+" buttons on the top are silly as all in one block and needlessly difficult distinguish the middle power just by feel in the dark.

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