TEAC NS-X1 Wireless Docking Sstem with AirPlay £79.98 @ PC World

TEAC NS-X1 Wireless Docking Sstem with AirPlay £79.98 @ PC World

Found 21st Jul 2012
Picked up one these yesterday, well-overpriced when released a few months ago, but an absolute bargain at this price.

Got average reviews, but remember these were based on the original £230 price

Setup was pretty easy, works a treat and sound quality is fine.


Overall, our key grumble with the TEAC is its high price. For only £50 more, you can bag the Ruark Audio R2i which, while not as flexible, sounds considerably better.

That said, if you can find the NS-X1 for less than £200, it’s well worth your consideration."


Been this price for a few weeks, its getting replaced next month with a new model.

You wont find this spec for anywhere close to this price tho


Bose is a much better until than this


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Ray Davies

Bose is a much better until than thisCold

show me a Bose with this spec for this sort of money and I'll agree this is cold.


Jesus what a deal!

i bought one. nice looking piece of kit. versatile. oled display is very crisp. i can use my android phone to send songs from my pc to the speaker, but unfortunately not managed to be able to send songs from pc using pc. android operation can be a bit slow, but then it's 3rd party apps. using the speaker as a music server to pick up songs from phone or pc works well, but then controls are slower as you have to navigate through the menu. it does come with a rather nice looking remote control with good pickup- i can bounce the signal of walls so doesn't have to be line of sight. one negative is you do seem to just get an £80 sound quality, at least on a low volume- i was hoping for a bit more clarity from an (apparent) £250 unit. when i get a chance to up the volume a bit im hoping the sound will be clearer. you get a little cap to go over the dock, which is a nice touch as i dont use anything apple.

would i buy having experienced it? if i only had £80 to spend, then probably. if the sound improves with higher volume, then definitely.

it's also worth considering this by Aego for £49:
no wi-fi, much less versatile, but so much simpler. what hi fi award. Aego are a respectable brand.

Bought one of these in June this year for £80. More than happy at what it does at the price. Airplay functionality works very well. Using the Internet radio a lot as well (never had done it before). But (sigh) I was looking recently to adding a second for another room and notice now that the retailers have it back at the £230 level (ouch!). Did I get a bargain or what?
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