Teacher's Highland Cream Whisky 1L for £10 @ Tesco

Teacher's Highland Cream Whisky 1L for £10 @ Tesco

Found 24th Oct 2009
First post so let me know if I've made any mistakes
Just found this deal in my local Tesco Metro
Teachers 700ml currently on special 2 for £20 not bad
But the 1L bottles were selling for £10, seems like a deal to me
Unsure if it's nationwide or available online but there are still a few bottles in the Tunbridge Wells branch


Not here, bargain though if your store has it.

£18+ in my tesco's, looks very much store specific

Well spotted. Thankyou and welcome to HUKD.
Just picked up 5 bottles in Newton Aycliffe and it was priced at £10 on the shelf right next to the 2 for £20 promo on the 70cl bottles.
This is an "Extra" branch but wether that makes any difference to the availability or not I do not know.
That's me and my Bro in law happy.:thumbsup:

It isn't avaliable on my online shop. I shall pop into a local metro shop today and see.
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