Teachers - Series 1-4 (12 disc) DVD Boxset £29.99 or less with code + 5% Quidco!

Teachers - Series 1-4 (12 disc) DVD Boxset £29.99 or less with code + 5% Quidco!

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Set in the fictional Summerdown Comprehensive in Bristol, Teachers is the hugely successful comedy drama following the chaotic lives of a group of perpetually juvenile teachers, whose specialist subjects include beer-drinking, kebab-eating and ineptness with members of the opposite sex. Set as much out of the classroom as in it, this is a contemporary light-hearted series where the staff find their lives just as problematic after school. They are the teachers no parent would want teaching their kids, specialising in immaturity rather than the traditional subjects. They have their own cliques, gossips and bullies and their own idea of a practical joke. Follow them making friends, breaking friends, trying to figure out the opposite sex, fighting in the playground... and dealing with lippy pupils. This box set includes all the episodes from series 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Raquel Cassidy, Tamzin Malleson, Gillian Bevan, Daniel Bliss, Adrian Bower Directed by: Barnaby Southcombe


Series 1 & 2 were excellent. Season 3 was worth watching while season 4 isn't, in my opinion.

Worth paying £30 for seasons 1&2 alone, though, they really were fantastically written and the acting is great, too. Not to mention the soundtrack...

loved the first few series but went off it towards the end

i loved all 4 seasons. i'll admit it was wierd not having turk or brian is the last season but the new lot and ping made up for it, that and the fact that you would always see 2 people who looked like kurt and brian walking past in the background in nearly every episode

i agree series 1-2 were excellent, it went a bit downhill after that but still a good price

I agree with others. Series 1-3 were excellent. In fact, my favoutite was series 3 when Brian and Kurt really came into their own. Series 4 was utter drivel. It struck me that they had run out of jokes and were relying too much on bad language and shock value.

Just about worth the price for the first 3 series though.

I already have the first three series, & thought the fourth was plain crap. Won't bother with this, even if it means I won't have the whole set.

Heat & rep given, it's an amazing deal & the price is easily worth it for the first three series.

I have only seen series 3 & 4, currently watching series 1 on TROUBLE every week night at 10pm.

Needs to come down to £15.99 for the lot or cheaper for me to buy.

Considering I have purchased the 6 DVD box set of Dirty Harry for £9.99 and the 6 DVD box set of Rocky Anthology for £13.99 in the past from HMV's offer of the week.

I got the series 1-3 box set for £22 from Play and wished I'd stopped there. That was a bargain. Later paid £12.50 for series 4 on its own.
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