Team America - World Police (DVD) @ Choices £1.99

Team America - World Police (DVD) @ Choices £1.99

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Outrageous satirical comedy from the creators of 'South Park', with puppets. In the 'War on Terror' Team America is the United States' first line of defence, an elite unit of counter-terrorist operatives whose adventures take them all over the world - frequently destroying most of it as they go. When the team learn that evil Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il is planning to destroy the world, they recruit a Broadway star to go undercover in his hideout. On the way, the team manage to wipe out lots of real-estate as well as take on bleeding-heart, liberal Hollywood celebrities like Sean Penn and film-maker Michael Moore.

Voices of:Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Kristen Miller, Masasa, Darran Norris, Phil Hendrie, Maurice LaMarche, Chelsea Magritte, Jeremy Shada, Fred Tatasciore

Director:Trey Parker
Product Details

Product Title:Team America - World Police (DVD)
Product Code:671490
Release Date:23/05/2005
Length (minutes):98
No of Discs:1
Year Produced:2004
Studio:Paramount Home Entertainment
Special Features

interactive menus
bonus footage
deleted scenes


**** yeah!


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Matt Damon
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hah, ace. Ordered.

Jesus, this is a nice limo....
Yes, it is. Now suck my c0c|

Watched this for the first time last night even though i've had the dvd for years. Really funny film! Loved it

Amazed the UK version cut the sex scene down. Worth a look if you can find it.

Never seen the uncut version, heard it's hilarious.

Good price, wrong retailer.

I'm rone ree....

Great p*ss take film !!!

Durka durka.

Hilarious .!!!!!

And the famous quote "....... or should i call you - Akmid"

For £1.99, this is one hell of a good movie ........ buy !!!!!

quote " ........ or i'll put a Jehad on you!"

lol ......
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