Team GB Baseball cap blue and white available Co-op £1.25 instore only

Team GB Baseball cap blue and white available Co-op £1.25 instore only

Found 9th Sep 2012
Saw these in my local Co-op in Glasgow, they had the blue and the white caps available for £1.25. They also had Team GB T-shirts in blue reduced to £2.50 and kids Team GB t-shirts in red for £2.50 as well i think (definitely not more than £2.50).

It may be a little late in the day as I'm sat watching the Paralympics closing ceremony, but good price for a nice quality cap.

Hope it's useful for someone.

Instore only.
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i paid abt £12 for this cap in the olympic park last week. said not going to spend a fortune on the larger items as i know i will be knarked when i see them at knocked down prices elsewhere later. but didn't think the difference would be this startling for the cap, tho.

oh well, it is very good quality

tshirt is good for the gym..
Prob 'cos it doesn't say 'Team Scotland' so doesn't sell north of the border!
Been this price for a month already and posted several times as well

Only have white left in my store but i did buy 7 blue abouth a month.
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haha, I paid £14 at the Hyde Park thingy, great hat, bargain at £1.25 so very HOT from me
Which Co-op in Glasgow?

smilinguk - it was in the Gorbals co-op in the same aisle as the magazines at the very end next to the checkout. I'll pop in if I get a chance, see what's left and post.
Just checked (Sat pm) and there's still stock in the Glasgow Gorbals store. White baseball caps left (not blue). Red team GB kids t-shirts for £2.00 and blue team GB bags for £2.00.
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